Night running

As detailed on the training pages the fell contingent continues to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the dark nights of autumn and winter. But, there’s some of us who are either new to running in the dark, want to build our confidence or just have a really easy and short run on an evening. Depth perception, foot placing and just getting used to running with a head/hand torch can be daunting, so a small group of us ventured out into the dark last night for an easy run (we did about 8km in 1hr15).  No-one was left on their own, we chatted lots and had a good social run. There was seven of us in total, so a good turn out, and we didn’t detract from the regular fell group – I think there was six or seven of them out too.

Our route took us from Glossop Leisure Centre, through Manor Park, to the turning circle in Old Glossop, up the track towards Mossy Lea then a short uphill diversion to the top of Lightside. After a brief pause to admire the twinkling lights of Glossop and beyond, the stars and moon, we dropped back off Lightside, turned left to Mossy Lea farm, and on to join the Snake Pass back down into Glossop. Here’s a photo from the high point of the run:

Glossop by night

Glossop by night (camera phone so not great quality)

It was a great experience to be out at night, enjoying the hills as we do in the daytime but gaining confidence and socialising at the same time. It’s all too easy to get in from work and not have the motivation to get out again. We’re planning to do similar runs on a regular basis so if you’re new to night running or want to build your confidence keep an eye on the News section of the website.

4 thoughts on “Night running

  1. Kate bowden

    This is one of my regular runs, I’ve been thinking of asking to join but worried I won’t keep up! It sounds like I’d be fine. Would I be able to join and what do I need to do? Thanks Kate

    1. outdoortherapies Post author

      Hi Kate,
      The club runs all year – road and fell – location/distance varies. Probably the best one to come along and give it a go with us is on the first Thursday of the month. We meet at a different pub, run from there in several smaller groups doing various distances/terrains. Last week I did the short loop round Mossy Lea, others went up to James Thorn and Shelf Benches, and another group went round Derbyshire level loop on the road. The idea of our monthly pub club runs is to have a variety of groups going out for 45-50 mins, then back to the pub for social banter, food and a drink. If you want to run with us before joining the club you are very welcome – we’ll post on facebook where/when the next club pub run will be as it may be on a slightly different date in January. You’re welcome to join any Tues/Thurs though, meet at leisure centre at 7pm.


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