This year’s race came with a harsh wind and snow/ice underfoot. Well done to all the runners and supporters who were spread about the course also braving the chilling temperatures.

Full results can be found on the Marsden to Edale website.


Winner: Simon Harding (Macclesfield Harriers) 3:25:16

8th and First Lady: Jasmin Paris (Carnethy) 3:52:28

9th Mark Ollerenshaw 3:55:28

18th Chris Jackson 4:05:46

20th Caity Rice 4:05:59 (2nd Lady)

72nd Neil McGraw 5:00:26

73rd Alasdair Cowell 5:00:27

79th Tim Culshaw 5:01:30

81st Dave Hogg 5:01:30

82nd Sue Clapham 5:02:17 (2nd LV40)

91st Tom Young 5:11:23

101st John Hewitt 5:15:34

103rd Jude Stansfield 5:16:04 (4th LV40)

110th Lindsay Palmer 5:17:45 (5th LV40)

156th John Stephenson 6:03:08

162nd Adele Metcalf 6:04:00

163rd Alison Holt 6:04:00

1st Lady’s team: Caitlin Rice, Jude Stansfield, Sue Clapham


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