Kinder Trial Results

There were a few of us out at Kinder Trial today. Quite a different feel to the navigation of the event from the last couple of Trials – with 16 Checkpoints, a lot of route choice, and a decent amount of ascent/decent.

Tom Brunt came in first in a quite unreal time of 2:03:31

GDH results:

16 Tim Budd 2:38:45
26 Anthony Walker 2:46:05
36 John Hewitt 2:56:18
37 Carl Bedson 2:56:18
39 Dave Hogg 2:57:09
62 Lindsay Palmer 3:20:20
69 Nick Ham 3:24:35
77 Ian Oates 3:29:58
82 Sue Clapham 3:39:03
Retired, Lynne Taylor

Tea and Cake was excellent, as ever. Thanks to Beryl and Carl for volunteering to help Pennine out with the refreshments at the end.


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