Long Mynd Results – and Shropshire Combined Results

The sun shined on us for the Long Mynd race, which was a pleasant change from the clag, sleet and snow the day before.

The new route was entertaining, and more than a few of us took a few sub-optimal lines. But if that is the price for cutting down on erosion, then so be it.

17th Tim Budd 2:00:42
27th Chris Jackson 2:05:20
28th Caity Rice 2:05:28 (2nd lady)
67th Tim Culshaw 2:18:22
78th John Hewitt 2:23:10
113th Charlie Eaton 2:35:14
128th Lindsay Palmer 2:38:23
129th Zoe Barton 2:38:28
130th Tom Skelton 2:38:38
207th Alison Holt 3:07:15

Overall Shropshire Weekend results (Titterstone clee x3 + Long Mynd x1)
2nd Tim Budd 3:07:09
5th Chris Jackson 3:16:17
6th Caity Rice 3:16:40 (1st Lady)
15th John Hewitt 3:37:10
19th Tom Skelton 3:52:56
20th Charlie Eaton 3:55:26
22nd Zoe Barton 3:59:17
27th Lindsay Palmer 4:08:38
37th Alison Holt 4:54:27


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