VLM and Weekend Roundup

Great running by the harriers at the Virgin London Marathon!

Mike Mawby           2.55.30

Sue Clapham          3.20.12. PB

Kirsty Johnson        3.21.50 PB

Alasdair Cowell       3.27.09 supporting Mountain Rescue

Zoe Barton               3.31.08 PB

Caity Rice                  3.43.39  pacer

Rachel Knights         4.38.39

At the Wardle Skyline Andy Fox had a great run to finish 32nd in 56.28. It was reported that several of the elite runners strayed off course and finished down the field.

Great result for Tim Culshaw and Alice Willson who were first mixed pair and 14th overall at Dark and White Rab Snowdonia MM


Marathon Ladder 2014    14th April

Mike Mawby          2.55.30

Ryan Costello        3.02.39

Tim Nudds             3.12.52

Caity Rice                3.15.58

Tim Culshaw          3.16.26

Sue Clapham         3.20.12

Kirsty Johnson       3.21.50

Alice Willson          3.23.42

Alasdair Cowell     3.27.09

Zoe Barton            3.31.08

Ian Oates               3.46.56

Neil McGraw         3.51.17

Ian McGarry          3.53.14

Rachel Walton      4.16.08

Dan Ellingworth   4.38.32

Rachel Knights     4.58.15

Platt Fields Park Run Ladder 2014  14th April

Caity Rice                     19.37

Tom Skelton                20.07

Oli Radford                  20.40

Andy Burnett              21.34

Ian Oates                     22.18

Sikobe                          23.09

Clive Smith                  23.27

John Stephenson        23.32

Malc Brown                 27.20


Nick Ham finished the Calderdale Hike in an excellent 7.58

Chris Jackson 6/59 and 2nd open male at Moel Wnion. Well done Chris!

Richard White 1.41.16 at the Coledale Horseshoe

GDH results at Midweek Champs counter Trunce (2)

Chris Jackson 27.08

Caity Rice        28.42

Neil McGraw   31.30 PB

Oli Radford     32.02 PB

Tony Jackson   40.19

Sarah Leah      43.03



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