Coniston Fell Race 3 May 2014

Written by Caity and edited by Zoe:

Report: No fog. Tim was first Glossopdaler, 59th place overall which is impressive because the men’s field was very tough indeed. I (Caity) was next in, top 100 I think so pleased. Good run by Rich White next home. Good runs also by John H, Carl Bedson, Zoe and Beryl. Thanks to Chris for supporting and driving all the way even though he couldn’t run because of blisters.

The results for the ladies were thoroughly bejiggered and the presentation became a bit of a farce ‘no she was third…no, Astrid was next..’ and I think the Championship standings are going to take a while to untangle. Vic Wilkinson (Bingley) broke the long standing ladies record by 3 minutes. Caity finished a fantastic third and earned a lot of player of the Fantasy Fellrunning league lots of points I reckon.

Chris and Lynne’s support on the first ascent, and Carl by the gate to the final road, was highly appreciated and the photo comes courtesy of the now almost-blister-free Mr Jackson.


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