Marathon Weekend and Park Run Ladders

Sue Clapham ran an excellent 3.22 to finish 3rd in her age-group at the BMW FRANKFURT MARATHON

Caity Rice had a superb run at the tough SNOWDONIA MARATHON to finish 5th Lady and 98th overall in 3.20.03. Chris Jackson in his first attempt at the distance ran a very creditable 3.31.50 and finished 193rd.


At the ORIGINAL MOUNTAIN MARATHON (OMM) event held in the Cheviots from Alwinton, Tim Culshaw and partner Tom Brookes finished a superb 5th in the A Class with a time of 12.02.33 for the two days. Andy Oliver and partner Dave Meads did well in the Long Score class ending up 22nd over the weekend.


Ben Tetler continued his good form with 7th place in 40.03 at the TANDLE HILL TRAIL RACE organised by Cannonball Events of Todmorden.


Andy Fox placed 68th in 41.20 at the  GREAT WHERNSIDE FELL RACE

Tim Culshaw and Alice Willson were 7th, Charlie Eaton 11th and Zoe Barton and Tom Skelton 22nd in the MDOC NIGHT STREET LEAGUE (Event 1- Didsbury)


Park Run Ladder (as at 27th October)

Park Run Ladder Platt Fields
Steve Knight 17.59
Ben Tetler 18.19
Danny Oldham 18.31
Neil McGraw 18.53
Ryan Costello 19.14
Caitlin Rice 19.14
Sikobe Litaba 19.28
Tom Skelton 19.45
Kirsty Johnson 19.54
Oli Radford 20.34
Dez Mitchell 21.01
Andy Burnett 21.34
Ian Oates 21.42
Clive Smith 22.00
Nev McGraw 22.06
John Stephenson 22.53
Daniel Oates 23.58
Malc Brown 26.56
Charlotte Oates 27.10
Claire Oates 27.34

Age-Graded Ladder (as at 27th October)

Park Run Ladder Platt Fields
2014 Age Graded Time %
Nev McGraw 22.06 78.05
Caitlin Rice 19.14 76.95
Sikobe Litaba 19.28 75.17
Danny Oldham 18.31 74.80
Kirsty Johnson 19.54 74.37
Steve Knight 17.59 74.24
Neil McGraw 18.53 72.82
Ben Tetler 18.19 72.43
John Stephenson 23.08 68.32
Andy Burnett 21.34 67.31
Ryan Costello 19.14 67.07
Dez Mitchell 21.01 66.93
Ian Oates 21.42 66.90
Tom Skelton 19.45 66.08
Clive Smith 22.00 64.47
Oli Radford 20.34 63.15
Daniel Oates 23.58 62.03
Claire Oates 27.34 57.07
Charlotte Oates 27.10 57.06
Malc Brown 26.56 54.76



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