Harriers Shropshire Weekend

Continuing a long(?) tradition of travelling down to the wilds of Shropshire and the land of no phone signal every February, a jolly batch of Harriers headed south to run the entertaining double of Titterstone Clee and Long Mynd Valleys. A lung burner on one day, followed by rest and recuperation in a pub, and chased with a leg burner the next day.

There were some excellent performances throughout the field, including a double-with-travel-to-and-from-Liverpool-Everton-Derby by Tim Culshaw, a superb blast on Titterstone Clee by Steve “the Dark” Knight, some good blood letting was done by Chris Jackson on the Mynd, and, of course excellent beer quaffage, and champion Tea drinkage by all manner of people.

The full results can be found here for Titterstone Clee, here for Long Mynd, and here for the Combined

The Glossopdale results are as follows:

Titterstone Clee
1 Lloyd Taggart 18:26 Manx Fell runners
6 Tim Budd 20:45
8 Steve Knight 21:12
10 Alasdair Cowell 21:47
11 Chris Jackson 21:49
14 Caity Rice 24:17
16 Tim Culshaw 23:38
19 Zoe Barton 25:04
20 John Hewitt 25:21
21 Tom Skelton 26:01
32 Alice Willson 28:36

Long Mynd Valleys (club championship counter)

1 Lloyd Taggart 1:39:24 Manx Fellrunners
14 Tim Budd 1:55:52
30 Tim Culshaw 2:05:21
33 Chris Jackson 2:06:18
40 Steve Knight 2:09:29
44 Caity Rice 2:09:49
58 Alasdair Cowell 2:15:42
78 Neil McGraw 2:24:38
79 John Hewitt 2:24:47
110 Zoe Barton 2:33:57
136 Alice Willson 2:48:36

1 Lloyd Taggart 2:34:42
4 Tim Budd 2:58:07
8 Chris Jackson 3:11:45
9 Steve Knight 3:13:05
10 Tim Culshaw 3:16:15
11 Caity Rice 3:19:31
12 Alasdair Cowell 3:21:03
14 John Hewitt 3:40:50
15 Zoe Barton 3:49:09
19 Alice Willson 4:14:14

Titterston Clee The start of the Clee Long Mynd recce


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