Weekend round up (14/15-2-2015)

A busy weekend, what with a well attended XC, and a few races around the country.

At the Manchester XC the GDH cohort seem to have had a fantastic time, it was the last one of the series (I think), and there is the added complication of people’s overall series finishing positions, which I have no idea about, so I’ll concentrate on today’s results, and when I get the series results explained to me, I’ll post them up separately).
Women 20-34
9th Kirsty Johnson 32:28 (16th overall)

Women 34-39
4th Zoe Barton 33:04 (and only 1 second off being 3rd!) (25th overall)

Women 45-49
15th Alison Holt 42:41 (138th overall)

Men 40-45
42nd Dan Oldham 43:41 (252nd overall)

Men 45-49
35th Sikobe Litaba 39:44 (189th overall)

Men 55-59
15th John Stephenson 46:00 (217th overall)

Our sole representative at Windy Hill fell race appears to have done well, but all I have is a result to go by…. so I have no idea how much he enjoyed it.
1st Ben Mounsey Calder Valley 54:22
34th Ben Tetler 1:09:09

Carnethy 5
The intrepid lot that trekked way up north to see Jasmin and Konrad (and run around 5 little hills in Carnethy) had a great time. The official race report and photos are already up here
1st Andrew Douglas (inverclyde AC) 49:23
64th Chris Jackson 1:00:54 (44th bloke)
73rd Caity Rice 1:01:27 (5th lady)
85th Tim Culshaw 1:02:44 (51st bloke)
172nd John Hewitt 1:10:12 (25th MV50)
294th Alice Willson 1:19:21 (38th lady)

Moel y Ci
A couple of us went to the depths of Wales for the First short counter of the WFRA north wales champs. Results are here
1st Math Roberts 35:53
6th Tim Budd 39:49 (3rd bloke non-vet)
23rd Alasdair Cowell 42:57 (8th MV40)
Race report is here.

Tony Jackson got a sneaky race in at Parbold Hillrace, coming 244th overall, and 16th of 29 in his catagory.

A few Park runners were also about, with Carl, Beryl, Dan E and Jon M at Marple, and Steve “the Dark” Knight putting in a sub 20 at Lyme park.

Neil McGraw had a stonker on Sunday getting to within 4 mins of his Dads half Marathon PB, with a 1:24:28. (apologies, I haven’t a clue where it was…), Paul Stitt was also out and about Half marathoning, but I haven’t seen his time yet.

Late update from Andy Burnett: Lancaster Race Series РValentines Day 10k 14th Feb, new PB in 43:03. 18th out of 92 and 3rd MV45

Good work all, I hope you enjoyed your respective runs, I’m sure that the non-racing contingents had a great time on Bleaklow/Kinder/wherever on Sunday. Twas a decent day to be out.


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