Pre-Easter Eggstra Edition

Contrary to reports that she had raced at the first Trunce in Yorkshire, the ubiquitous Caity Rice was in fact taking part in the midweek fell-race at MOEL TRYFAN in the Ogwen Valley, North Wales. She had an excellent race to finish 1st Lady, 10th overall, and her time of 20.41 took 28 seconds off the ladies record. Chris Jackson had an excellent race to finish 5th overall in 20.14, looks as though Denbigh and North Wales are trying to poach him as one of their own according to the results! Chris and Caity both recommend these low-key races in Wales; £1.50 entry here and free tee and coffee. More information on the race and link to the results on the Welsh FRA website below:-


Neil McGraw was 1st V40 and 5th overall in 18.40 at the COWN MULTI-TERRAIN 5K race at Whitworth north of Rochdale, On a cold wet and windy night Sikobe ran an excellent time of 20.36 in the atrocious conditions. Well done to the two of them!


Alison, Rachel and Zoe organised an EASTER EGGSTRAVAGANZA egg themed ‘fun’ score orienteering competition from the Beehive in Whitfield. The event was well attended and proved to be very popular. This could well have been the first of similar events to come.


Here are the results from Alison:-

‘Scores from the Easter Eggstravaganza! Well done everyone, glad you enjoyed our course. Very relieved you all got back safe and sound. Here are the results:

1 Charlie 2400 pts 58.14
2 Matt C and Sarah J 2400 pts 58.25 (missed 1st by a bunny’s whisker!)
3 Jeroen 2200 pts 62.03
4 Neil 2000 pts 59.40
5 John S and Becky 1600 pts 53.15
6 Cheryl and Eleanor 1500 pts 59.55
7 Sally 1100 pts 65.50 (v nearly crashed and burned all those points)
8 Lynne and Tim 800 pts 45.18 (walking)
9 Lins and Issy 800 pts 45.57
10 Obi and Helen 800 pts 46.24
11 Jude and Simon 700 pts 52.48

Bunny bonus winners: Jude and Simon – Shirebrook Park; Jeroen – Mossy Lea; Charlie – Herod FP.’

…..and a report from Zoe

Thankfully the weather had turned drier for the Easter Eggstravaganza event and social. Eighteen hunters set off at seven to seek checkpoints and chocolate on a score course in a similar vein to the Street League events offered by MDOC. It was good to see a mix of experienced orienteers, first timers, walkers and family fun hunters. The course was mainly around the streets of Glossop with a couple of checkpoints on the trails near to mossy lea and herod farms, and egg nests with chocolate treats also there to find along the way. After setting off at 7, the runners were timed in and the points collected, and deducted for returning overdue, were tallied. Bonus prizes were given to the first person or team to reach three ‘bunny bonus’ checkpoints. These were won by Charlie, the pair of Jude and Simon, and Jeroen. Top scorers were Charlie, and the pair Matt C and Sarah, though Charlie won out on a slightly faster time. Super result for Matt and Sarah who’d never done this kind of event previously. A nod to Eleanor and Cheryl for best use of the hour limit, with a time of 59minutes 55 seconds.
Everyone enjoyed food and drinks at the Beehive afterwards where we were joined by more members. Jeroen was very chuffed to learn that one of the eggs he’d picked up at an egg stash was actually hard boiled, placed there by the mischievous Ali who had disguised it as a chocolate one.’

On a wet Good Friday morning Neil McGraw and Andy ‘PB’ Burnett competed in the very popular, competitive SALFORD 10K. No PB for Andy on this occasion.but Neil went sub 38 minutes for the first time. Newcomer Mary Jeal was also in the race running as a Denbigh Harrier and dipped under the 50 minute barrier.

117 Neil M 37.54
220 Andy B 42.30
377 Mary J 49.49





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