Early March Round Up

The big news of this week was SNOW! which sadly forced the organisers of the High Peak Marathon to cancel the race. This was greatly disappointing for our ladies team who had been training very hard. The wintery conditions meant that running on the hills over the weekend was reduced to thigh and waist deep drift bashing.

Shelf Benches catching the last sun of the day

Shelf Benches catching the last sun of the day


Running on Kinder (Matt C’s photo)

Parkrun -a good spread of runs around the country this week – Woodbank (Nick Ham), South Manchester (Andy Burnett and Ian Oates), Hull (Joe Travis), Newcastle (Emma Peters), Southwark (Philip Pearce).

Congratulations Kirsty Johnson on finishing 1st Lady in Ron Hill Acrington 10k in 41:42. (full results)

Anglesey Half Marathon – Chris Jackson finished 17th overall in a new pb of 1.21.43. Also running for Glossop was Simon Haworth finishing in 01:39:46. (full results)

Ian Roberts Fell Race – John Hewitt has been spotted on the race photos (and finished in 34th place). No results as yet – should be here when published.

A final snowy photo from John Stephenson….

2016-03-05 11.42.18

Matt C….who appears to have found a grough on Kinder!



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