Late August Report

The ticker-tape is ticking and reports are pouring in from throughout the region. The Blue and Orange vests have been in action in a few different places putting in some sterling performances.

Pendleton Fell Race – the annual AS classic put on by Clayton-le-Moors was attended by

lawrence photoshop

Lawrence at Pendleton

Chris and Lawrence. From the photos they looked like they had a pretty decent run  for their money. Chris was 17th in 42:01, and Lawrence was 91st in 55:57.

Crowden Horseshoe – yes, Bank holiday weekend is the time of the year when Des plants his markers out across the half-flags/half-bog that is Black hill. This year it was a GDH Fell Champs Counter and now we’re in the back half of the year there are still some places being squabbled over. John Hewitt was back in fine form as the first Harrier back in 11th place (but not quite getting V50), followed by Jamie Helmer, the Poacher, Joe Travis, Jude – who was also 1st F45, John Stephenson in 68th and Steve Pepper in 72nd (and 2nd GDH without a name beginning with J) and Emma Peters in 76th. (I’m not totally certain about that order as I haven’t been officially informed – if you know, let me know and I’ll get them in a better order.  Chris Jackson made a very fine sweeper having blasted around Pendleton not 24 hours before.


John Hewitt at Crowden, finally taking receipt of the Bombed Out trophy that he “won” at the end of last year.

Nick Ham was out in the hills of France/Switzerland/Italy for the UTMB and was climbing up the ranks when he was unfortunately timed out at a Courmayeur about halfway around. Jasmin Paris, wearing her spiritual Glossopdale vest (as opposed to her actual Carnethy one) had a stonking first go at the UTMB, coming in 6th Lady and 51st overall in 28:34:35. Mind boggling.

Challenging for the furthest flung result this week was Lizzie Leason who came second overall and first in her age catagory in the Hennigsdorf 10.8k. (if I have managed to interpret the results correctly).

Parkrun corner- A nice turnout at Glossop Park run this morning, with Dan Oldham doing his first run at the Glossop event amongst 22 others who (whether they knew it or not) were celebrating the fact that ITV had stopped broadcasting for a while during the “I am Team GB” event. Maybe they should do that more often?
Rich White and John Hewitt were out at their local in Stretford – John evidently warming up for the Crowden Horseshoe. Matt and Adam Crompton were storming around Penrhyn in deepest, darkest Wales. Adam qualified for his 10-t-shirt and secured at Team GB medal too.


Lizzie Leason, 2nd lady in Hennigsdorf

Despite Nick and Jasmin’s sterling efforts at being the furthest flung GDHers this weekend, Sikobe, Isabel and Helen went 1 or 2 miles further (in distance traveled rather than run) and popped up at Melbourne Park run, almost certainly registering local PB’s.

As ever, if I’ve missed anyone/ anything out, or if I’ve got a result woefully incorrect, drop me or Lynne a line.


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