Early/Mid September update


Chris on the Peris Horseshoe

First up this week is a fantastic effort by Chris Jackson. His training has been paying dividends as he stormed around the Peris Horseshoe in 3:51:36… 2nd overall, with what must have been a pretty hard run finish as 3rd was not far behind him at all. Superb effort Chris, great to see that hard work pays off, even in the big hills.

Matt Crompton started off his weekend in style by being the only Glossopdaler to do the 9 Edges. Starting at the dam on Ladybower he ran his way East and South past climbers and mountain bikers and sightsee-ers across the 9 edges of the moors. The results pages don’t give places, but Matt got around in creditable 3:52:51 and was somewhere around halfway up the field. http://www.edalemrt.co.uk/resources/Runners_results_9E_2016.pdf

John Stephenson was out up at the Lake District Mountain Trial, and I believe got around happily this time – putting last years memory of being timed out with a single checkpoint left- to bed. No idea on placings as SI haven’t got them up yet, but will report as and when they get their act together.

Some travellers headed even further north than Glossop this weekend (I had no idea this was even possible), for the Great North Run. Paul Drury got around in a very creditable 2:12:39, Dan Ellingworth was not far behind in 2:21:04 and was evidently being chased all the way by a psyched up David Munday in a decent 2:23:49.

The Snake to Edale Barrel Race was run this weekend. This glorious tradition of getting a team of 8 people to carry a full barrel of beer from one side of Kinder to the other is continuing to amuse. The first problem is getting 8 people together at the same time at the same place, the second is getting them all over a hill without drinking all the beer. Ben and Dom Naylor organised a Team and launched themselves at the task with great abandon, coming in a very creditable 3rd. I suspect they then launched into consuming the beer with equal abandon. The race was won by a team of Dark Peak Ladies, who are evidently very formidable at running and carrying beer. (Ben, I tried to nick a photo of yours from your Strava, but couldn’t, drop us a line with a pic and I’ll stick it up)

Andy Burnett decided to tire himself out prior to the Padfield Plumfayre (trying to give Steve Pepper a fighting chance?) by heading across to the Buxton 5k. I have no idea how he got on officially, but his unofficial (ie. Strava time) was 23:16.

Padfield Plum Fayre: Chris, despite being knackered from Peris came in 4th overall, Caity was 1st Lady in 9th taking the record in the process. Mary Jeal (59th), Rebecca Smith (55th) and Joanne Brack (62nd) won their age categories. Wyatt, Adam and Ezme all competed in the junior races in Glossop colours and did fantastically.


Wyatt storming in on the Junior race

Thanks to the marvels of digital photography, facebook and Laurie, I’ve managed to extract as many results as I can…. By the looks of things we had Jamie Helmer (6th), Neil McGraw (17th), Andy Fox (25th), a battle between Joe Travis (31st), Jason Hart (33rd) and Louis Bailey (35th), then a little behind a truely titanic tussle with Darren Clarke (42nd), Steve Pepper (43rd) and Lawrence Fennely (45th). Andy Burnett (54th) was clearly pacing Rebecca Smith to her Age Cat win, Heather Janners (57th) may well have been following them, and being chased by Mary and Joanne for theirs. Emma Peters (64th) and Neil Shuttleworth (66th) brought up the rearguard action.

Amongst all of that, Glossopdale managed to wrest the Mens and Ladies team prizes from the jaws of the slavering Pennine raiders. What a Sunday morning!

Unfortunately Ants vest didn’t get an airing this weekend, so we hope that it hasn’t been injured.

Park Run corner – A mass of people hit Glossop Park run this saturday, PB’s galore for Paul Peters – who was also the first finisher, Joe Travis and Emma Peters. Although there were a few people who were close to their PB’s an honourable mention has to go out for Jamie Prophet who was a mere second outside of his PB this week and is obviously getting back to form.

The travelling Parkrunners got to old and new places this week, with “ultra” Nick Ham hitting up Woodbank, Kirsty Johnson getting the cream as 1st female finisher at Oldham, Lizzie Leason finishing in similar style at Amager strandpark in Copenhagen, Andy Fox was enjoying a local bash at Marple, Tom Skelton was doing much the same in Stretford, and John Hewitt was attempting to get furthest flung Park runner at Holkham Hall in East Anglia (sorry John, Lizzie won that prize this time around).

As ever, apologies if I’ve missed anyone, or made any mistakes. (or maybe I should say, please let me know if you find the deliberate mistakes….) just let me know and I’ll get it adjusted as soon as I can.



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