The Autumn Equinox -or thereabouts – report

Ah – I can even update a website from the deepest darkest depths of the Isle of Wight. Yes, the highly imaginative names of the weekly reports continue to astound and astonish. It was not a massively busy weekend for racing, what with everything quietening down before Relay season and then XC season, but there were a fair few Glossopdalers out and about. Somewhat excitingly it was the first anniversary for the Glossop Park run – and a good deal of Glossopians were along for the tea and cake (and run) – it was even a GDH 1,2,3, and first lady!

If you haven’t heard, there is a new Glossop based race being held in December – the Shittern Santa Saunter. Race, chilli, beer and a hot jet wash. Can’t go wrong with that – so keep the 11th of December free.

Chunal Fell Race – a classic midweek race organised by Des – Chris Jackson had a fine run to come in on the podium (such as it is) in 3rd, Steve Crossman also put in a fine run, but I don’t have the results to hand. I’m sure he did fabulously well. I believe Steve (dr.) Pepper put in an appearance as well, though this has neither been confirmed nor denied. Lizzie and Darren were also apparently running, but I have no idea on placings etc.

Chris Jackson was also out at Thieveley Pike  this weekend. Its a short 4.3mile race put on by Clayton-le-Moors club near Burnley. Its a good thing he puts his runs up on strava otherwise I’d have never known he was 7th.

Stretching out on the BM

Tim Budd on the BM race. Thanks to Claire Campbell for the photo

Isle of Wight Fell Series –  Tim Budd and Martin Schmidt (of the GDH London wing) ran the AS and BM races on the Saturday. Tim was 11th in the AS and 17th in the BM. Martin was 95th in the AS and 105th in the BM.
We were joined by Andy Wilkins for the CL on the Sunday, so making an actual proper Bone Fide Glossopdale team! Again, glorious sunshine ruled the day. I have no idea on placings as I had to get home for family duties. I’ll update when the Ryde Harriers website gets the results up.

Laurie Barlow was out and about on the CRUK Tough 10 on Sunday. Despite a parkrun the day before she still came out well with an official time of 1:26:25

Tom n Tim

Tom n Tim ready to do battle in the OMM

Rab Mountain Marathon – Tim Culshaw and serial long distance semi-honorary GDHer Tom Brookes were out and about in the Yorkshire hills doing the Rab Long Score. They had some success on the first day and would have been in 12th, but forfeited all their points after getting rather triumphantly lost, being even behind Roger Ashby in the standings. The second day appears to have been a little more successful as they came back to be 44th overall.

On the far flung scores this week, Phil Pearce was keeping the GDH end up on the other side of the Atlantic, giving the various college teams a run for their money. Apparently it was an impromptu training session turned race, so doesn’t really count, but I’ll leave it in anyway.

Parkrun Corner:

Glossop parkrun celebrated it’s one year anniversary, and Steve (the dark) Knight was first home. There were a plethora of other GDHers running, Dan Oldham was 2nd home with a PB, and Charlie Eaton rounded out the top 3 with Kirsty Johnson coming in 1st Lady. Also getting PBs were Joe Travis and  Jamie Prophet (who got his 2nd PB in 2 weeks). Superb to see Zoe getting back into her stride as well, after taking a short maternity break. The runners were treated to Tea and Cake afterwards, but I’m sure that wasn’t the main driver for such a large amount of people running.

Elsewhere, Paul Drury ran at Heaton, Nick Ham was at Woodbank, Emma Peters stayed “home” in Newcastle, Steve Hoon wended his way to Hanley, Andy Fox and Steve Rea sashayed their way around Marple. Matt and Adam Crompton continued their collection of more locations by hitting up Graves, Dez Mitchell was at Wilmslow, and Ben Tetler and Tom Skelton were at Stretford, kicking up some seriously impressive times.

If anyone has any other photos or results or gossip or whatever, let me know and I’ll put it up.


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