All Hallows Eve Eve (Eve) weekend reportage

eryri A number of Glossopdalers made their way to Llanberis for the Marathon Eryri. The weather was a little better than last year (ie. not overflowing the guttering on the Youth Hostel). Ben Wolfarth was first Glossopdale home in 3:32:03 followed by David Boundy in 3:32:10. Steve Pepper bimbled his way in at 4:46:16 telling all and sundry that it was easy and he could do it all again before being forcibly restrained and taken to Nandos. Liz Dowd  and Vicki Hamilton came in, dragging and pushing one another over the line in 4:59:57 and 4:59:59 respectively (sprint finish, I wonder?), and I suspect that much the same thing went on with Marie Williamson and Jayne Morton who crossed the line together in 5:26:36.

Mountain marathon connoisseur Tim Culshaw was showing Caity Rice the ropes in the A-class in this years OMM. Based around Glentrool this time around, it wasn’t as far away as it has been in the past. They were 15th of 24 in the A class at the end of the 1st day, and scythed through the field in Day 2 to end up 10th and 3rd Mixed pair.

Mark Ollerenshaw battled his way across the bogs of the Outer Edge of Bleaklow in the Grin and Bear it race. Run by and in aid of Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team, the race takes in the misty and gloopy delights of the bog monsters on the other side of the hill. Mark trotted around without being trapped/eaten by a bog monster and came in 5th overall.

Dan Ellingworth was over the hill (as it were) in Sheffield for the “Run for all” (and all for Run?!) finishing in 55:31, which considering he was considerably further away on Saturday (see park run bit) is pretty well done.

Park run corner

Glossop hosted a Spooky park run this weekend and despite the slippery nature of the course, still yielded a number of PB’s, not least Jamie Helmer who was 2nd in 18:08, Charlie Eaton equalled his PB – exactly, Wendy Trelease PB’d at 22:58, Esme Brack also PB’d in 24:19.

Lawrence was at Brighouse, Dan was at Hazelhead in Aberdeen, Ryan Costello headed to


Vicki and Liz at the start of Eryri Marathon

East Coast Parkrun, Penrhyn parkrun was assaulted by a force of GDHers in the form of Adam and Matt Crompton and Wyatt and Laurie Barlow. Many others ran at their local locales but I can’t see anything jumping out as being out of the ordinary.


Yes its a welcome return of the Pub Run this week. Thursday – meet up at the Beehive for 7pm, heading off for a run at 7:05pm. I’m going to head up over to pick up the goodie box and back. Slowly, but not too slowly. Lynne is probably going to head up for a short run halfway up Turfpits and back. I’m sure a couple of people will be out for longer fell runs, and there might even be someone to lead out a 5k round the Moorfield 5k route?

The idea being that we all get back to the Beehive for about 8:20 or 8:30 or so, long enough to have a decent run, but early enough to sit and have a quick chat over a beverage and catch up with people that we haven’t seen in a long time.



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