The interval betwixt Black Friday and Cyber Monday report

I know that many of you have been sitting at home waiting with bated breath for this weeks installment in the life and times of the club. Well, here is the consolidated report of what I can find out about what you all did this weekend, though I am absolutely certain there are other bits and bobs that Ive missed. Ah well… at least I haven’t made anything up this week.

upOh, and by the way, this weeks Thursday social run will be a Pub run. Its going from the Bull in Old Glossop at 7pm. I’m going to be leading a slow and steady fell group – it will be on tracks up to Cock hill. We’ll go up until we’ve gone far enough to work up a thirst for a pint, and then come back down. If anyone wants to lead a road group, theyd be most welcome. Im sure that the speedier fell group will be doing something a little more adventurous, and Im equally sure that we’ll all have a convivial sit down in the pub afterward.

Anyhow, onward with the results and such like.

 Chris Jackson, John Stephenson and Nick Ham wended their way over and past Hayfield to get to the Famous Grouse Fell race on Sunday. The weather was marvellous, so a delightful day for it. The eventual winners were Jack Ross and Holly Martin. I have no idea about actual placings for the Blue and Orange trio, but as and when they get published, rest assured they’ll get put up here.

Ben Naylor was putting his local knowledge to good use in the Rab MMM that ran from Tintwistle this Sunday. Again, the weather was fantabulous, and he came in 16th place with partner Jon Glanfield with 487 points, and 3rd MV40s. Serial Nav racers Tim Culshaw and Alice Willson were also mooching around the hills of Tintwistle and were 99th with 320 points. Had they not lost 60 point for being late the position would have been much advanced – they were 3rd in the Mixed Pairings, and the 60 points would have made no difference to the final result there. Matt Dawson was also out and about on his first race back for quite a while- using it as a test for his nav and timings practice. He has a marvellous blog about it here…. Jasmin Paris, honourary of this paris(h) was also racing and was 8th overall, 1st Lady. Brill!

Chris Jackson and Andy Burnett were over and across at the Cheddleton 10k – its 3 laps of a tough hilly closed road course- so plenty to enjoy there. Chris said it was just a training run, and ran incognito but Andy reckons half the 325 runners knew him! Final times and positions Chris 25/325 in 39min 11sec, Andy 96/325 in 45min 50 sec. Much fun was had by all and they even got a Christmas Pud each!

Paul Drury was at it again – this time over in Barnsley for the Barnsley 10k. The only reason I know this is because of the power of Strava. I’m reckoning he was about 56 mins, but am not going to guess on final position. Again… we’ll wait for the results.

A few of us were treated to a delightful run across the bogs with Jasmin and Konrad who moorswere around on Saturday. We were then treated even more with excellent soup and (mostly vegetarian) stew, and a splendiferous amount of cake and tea. Thanks muchly for inviting everyone along!

There was quite the GDH train at the front of this weeks Glossop Park Run, with the ever elusive Tom Jackson making an appearance at the front of the pack, swiftly followed by another 5 Orange and Blue vests. But Id imagine they weren’t actually wearing vests. Caity and Kirsty also pushed each other to new PB’s even on a squishy course. Full results here and the consolidated results are here

Right, that’ll have to do, my Laptop Battery is running out…


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