The “what did I miss?” weekend report

Goodness me. A lot seems to have happened in the last week or so. I realised that I didn’t put up the whole Gravy pud results last week, so have amended that this week. The weather appears to have stayed relatively warm, so recces of various winter races have been taking place in earnest. Trigger and HPM should be good ones to be route finding at the moment as it really is decent on the tops at the mo.

This weekend we had a couple of runners over at the Tatton Yule Yomp. Matt Crompton


Matt and Wendy at Tatton

yomped (romped?) around to get 55th in 45:20 and Wendy Trelease had a great run to come in 112th in 49:16. 1063 ran, so thats a pretty decent result from both concerned.

Mary Jeal was also out and about at the Litton Christmas Cracker over in, um, Litton. She was chasing around in the pack and came a very creditable 104th in 1:14:34. 206 ran.

Tim Culshaw and Alice Willson found out the final results of the Rab Mini Mountain Series and ended up as runners up in the Mixed competition, bagging some well earned Rab vouchers. Well done guys!

The southern contingent was out and about with Claire Campbell finishing the Chilly Hilly 10m race on the Isle of Wight in 1:50. Fantastic running – and a good end to the year. Great to see people enjoying themselves on the hills outside of the Peak District – less mud, but just as steep in many places.


Claire on the IOW at the Hilly 10

We had a fair few lovely people over doing the XC at Tandle Hill – I haven’t seen any results yet, so can’t put them up.

Our own lovely Steve Pepper organised the Shittern Santa Saunter from the Howard Town Brewery this weekend. As an inaugeral race it was very well attended by the GDH massif. Whether the primary attraction was to support Steve, to enjoy a run around the bog, or enjoy the post race beer and chilli is up to each individual runner to decide. It was a well run and enjoyed race – a cold and boggy AS. Thanks indeed to all the GDH runners who helped marshal/flag/cook/serve etc.

I’d love to tell you all about the battles on the hill, the bog monsters and all that kind of stuff – but I was too busy updating the results spreadsheet. Sorry.

Results looked like this:
4th Caity Rice 43:50 (first lady)
5th Rob Webster 44:19
8th Chris Jackson 47:19
10th John Hewitt 48:59
14th Paul Skuse 49:57 (first V40)
15th Jamie Helmer 50:20
21st Ian Oates 54:06
28th Nick Ham 56:52
29th Darren Clarke 57:04
30th Guy Riddell 57:27
36th Zoe Barton 1:00:56 (first F40)
37th John Stephenson 1:01:00 (first V60)
38th Clive Smith 1:01:35
43rd Andy Burnett 1:07:48 (very hungover)

GDH also won the Team prize – which had to include at least one lady.

Special Mention to Rich White, who I’m sure would have been challenging for the lead had he not turned up 4mins after the race set off and ended up as an impromptu Tail runner with Tim C.


Shittern Santa Saunter. Before it got boggy.

Here are the Gravy Pud full results from last week:
13th Rob Webster 40:40
16th Jamie Helmer 40:40
19th Caity Rice 41:14
21st Ben Naylor 41:28
22nd Steve Crossman 41:36
26th Chris Jackson 42:29
32nd John Hewitt 43:47
35th Neil McGraw 44:29
59th Joe Travis 48:50
69th Guy Riddell 48:41
71st Tim Culshaw 48:50
77th Matt Crompton 48:57
80th Steve Pepper 49:26
87th Ian Oates 49:56
104th Darren Clark 52:20
109th Zoe Barton 53:18
110th Mary Jeal 53:26
113th Dez Mitchell 53:40
115th Clive Smith 53:46
119th Jude Stansfield 54:28
126th Wendy Trelease 54:50
153rd John Stephenson 58:41
164th Emma Peters 1:00:27
179th Lindsay Palmer 1:03:15
183rd Malc Brown 1:06:15
195th Marie Williamson 1:10:15

Right – not to be forgotten is the fact that it is the Christmas Party this weekend coming on the 18th. There will be a run in the morning from the Turning Circle at Shepley Street – Old Glossop at 10:15. Fancy dress is encouraged. The party itself will be at 2pm at the Scout Hut in Old Glossop. We will be continuing to do a bring and share for the buffet, savoury and sweet most welcome. We are hoping to organise some beer that will be for sale at cost (or rounded up to the nearest £1/50p). Please bring any other liquid refreshment you wish to consume/contribute

There is also an extra Winter Solstice “run” on Wednesday 21st. It will start at 7pm at the leisure centre. There will be a run, followed by a stop somewhere on the hill. Bring a warm top if you’re coming, in the past few years the Solstice runs have gravitated more and more towards the Stop where “fuel” will be consumed, rather than the run itself. Feel free to bring Fuel.

Park run took place as well this week, here’s yer local results, and the consolidated report Sorry I don’t have enough time to mention people and make stuff up this week. Work calls.


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