The social weekend report

So it is with a light heart and a heavy head that I report on one of the high points of the calendar – the Glossopdale Christmas social run and “do”.

Other things also happened, so lets talk about the athletecism of others first – those who put my debauched weekend into perspective are:

Mary Jeal – who even though its coming to the end of the year is still finding the enthusiasm to get out and race. She raced at the Travellers 6 in Denby Dale, getting around the course in 49:42. Not only that, but was first LV55 to boot.

Tom Jackson and Steve Crossman also deserve honourable mentions, after I said “No More!” to writing and re-writing spreadsheets, they went and PB’d at Glossop Park run. Not only that, but Steve decided that his age grading wasn’t good enough previously and came back with a 79.23%. Quite frankly ridiculous. It makes a small, pedantic difference to the Champs table which might end up getting changed, but I suspect the pressing need to get next years Champs sorted might take some priority.

Not only that – but I just noticed that Wendy Trelease and Stephen Rea ALSO PB’d. Goodness me, I’m never going to keep up with this…

Beyond that, I’m not entirely sure what was going on. We had a lovely Christmas social run up to Cockhill trig point (via the Shittern Santa Saunter route), with runners ages ranging from 9 to V70, the pace was varied, and the refreshment at the trig was welcomed by all.

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In the afternoon was the Annual get together, eat and drink far too much and chat with as many people as you can (followed by a small afterparty party in a pub). Much merriment was had, and a few prizes were given out.

Road Champs Winners- Kirsty Johnson and  Neil McGraw
runners up- Vicki Hamilton and Steve Crossman)

Fell Champs Winners – Lindsay Palmer and Chris Jackson
runners up- Jude Stansfield and Carl Bedson)

Overall Champs Winners- Lindsay Palmer and Chris Jackson
runners up- Emma Peters and Neil McGraw)

The Nev McGraw Age Grade Champion- Steve Crossman

Veterans Trophy – Steve Crossman and Linsday Palmer

Prizes were also given to each of the people who finished enough races to complete the Overall Championships- Carl Bedson, John Stephenson,  Joe Travis and Steve Pepper, alongside the winners and runners up.

The most hotly anticipated award of the year, the Bombed Out trophy for organisational and/or navigational “excellence” went to the very talented Richard White for getting lost in a 10k road race. (and just in case he hadn’t got the trophy, made a second bid for it a week ago by turning up late to the Shittern Santa Saunter and ended up being re-tasked from competitor to tail runner).

Achievement of the Year went to Sarah Leah for completing an Ironman distance triathlon having only really trained for 2/3 of it. A fairly impressive effort- and in fact close contender for the Bombed Out trophy as well.

Junior Prizes were also distributed to Esme Brack, Wyatt Barlow, Josie and Caitlin Swan and Adam Crompton.

Food was eaten, drink was drunk, tall tales of derring do were swapped and a grand and merry time was had by all.

Next years Champs list is in process – but if you want to get an early start on proceedings then Hit the Trail is the first Road Champs- its on January 8th – entries are open now – and Lambs Longer Leg (which has a bit of a laborious entry process to say the least) is on January 15th. Get yer entries in and get training.

The rest of the Champs will be put up in due course. (ie. when I have time later today).

As ever, if I’ve missed anything let me know.


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