My word. Its 2017 – report

So a few things happened in the intervening period between then and now. I don’t have a boat load of race reports – but I do know that our Most Improved Runner of 2016 has been hard at the racing over the festive period. parkrun was on the receiving end of royalty. Well, parkrun royalty, anyway. A few parkrun PBs got broken, a lot of festive food was eaten, and alcohol was partaken of, new resolutions were made, and at least one of us has decided that attempting to run up Cockhill 365 times this year is a good challenge to go at.

That’s what beer does to you kids. Stay away from it.

Mary Jeal– the aforementioned most improved runner was out at Daleside Auld Lang Syne Fell race at the end of 2016. She came in just over the hour at 68:17. Conditions were good, apparently, and although she at one point was fighting for the lead, Mary decided to stop for a couple of pints and a whisky in order to get in the spirit of the thing, and let the “fast” boys get on with winning it. (I might have made that up entirely).

A few of our number were out a couple of days prior at the Adlington Winter warmer. Sue Clapham was the First GDH back, and, indeed, first F50 in 45:38. She was challenged by a rather svelte looking Matt Crompton, who made a spirited attempt to overtake Sue in the last 2km but was thwarted in equal measure by the crowds around him taking all the good lines, and the other crowds around him trying to get his autograph. He came in at 46:03. Nick Ham was belting along very well indeed, but couldn’t get past the Crompton fan club, finishing in 51:39. Chris Clapham followed on, striding around in a very creditable 1:07:21.

The Glossop Winter 10k Handicap has been going on as well. Ably organised by the John Stephenson the Everliving (look up some 80’s cartoons if you don’t get the reference). The recent outing was won by Chris Jackson  – though that may have been through judicious use of previous timing anomalies. The other runners all had belting runs though – especially well done to Mary Jeal (she seems to be popping up more and more lately), Steve Crossman, Caity, David C-L, Dez, Guy and Lawrence.

As previously mentioned Paul Sinton-Hewitt – the bloke that started it all – made an appearance at Glossop parkrun. Much amusement was had. Much Star-struckness was, um, star-strucked, and much coffee was imbibed. As ever, there is a mass of stuff that happened in parkrun, but I don’t have time to dissect it all. If you wish to, the consolidated club link is here

This week is in fact a Pub Run week. I’ve been a bit slack in organising it, or even at mentioning it – so here is your mention. Im going to be running from the Peels in Hadfield on Thursday at 7pm. I will be doing a hugely inspired run along the track and back again before going back to the Pub to sup on a well earned recovery beverage. If anyone wants to join me, you are most welcome. We can split into slower/faster groups. The fast ones will probably get to the Woodhead road, the not so fast may not want to.

Club Subs are also due- see the post from Alison.

Um -thats about it. If you race and want to tell me the result, email me please as I’m not reading facebook mails very often.

daz-on-day-2Welcome to 2017. And if you want to join Darren Clarke in running up Cockhill every day this year, I’m sure he’ll be glad of the company.


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