The ‘this madness ends now’ issue

16864377_10202843696688911_3537225177298516141_nEvening all, some great runs out there this week and I hope I have managed to get some of that down in this weeks report. Tim will be back with his random units of measurement next week and in honour of that I may have made a few things up this week. Any complaints will be fielded by a Mr Tom P.

Race Reports

Now I consider myself new to this running game, and much of the stuff you GDH do sounds plain crazy even after a year. But I feel a line has been crossed and a new level of madness has been reached by newbie Pete N or Eric to his friends. Today he ran the Beetham Tower Race in town which entails running up 46 floors, and he came fifth as well raising yet more dough for charity, good stones sir.

Darn sarf, Claire C and her trusty four legged companion hit the canocross at Brutal 10k Temple Valley in Winchester where she continued her cracking race record finishing first GDH again and lots of fun was reported.

Strava informs that Jenny R ran in something called the Northumberland Coastal Half, no ideas on times, places or other such stuff but it looks really nice on the beach.

Nick H is assumed to have done Something Long no details yet.

Sharn Whaites has decided to run all month in a Ron Hill Styleeeee and has only two days left as part of a planned return to the racing scene, hope to see you out soon.

Championships Update

Right ho, when I said we should have more local races to get more people out I didn’t know I’d have to write the reports!

This morning was the Stockport Trail Half Marathon and battles raged throughout the field, I feel first word should go to the first timers, Laurie B and Emma P both smashed targets and Joe T is subject to a fancy bears leak for a cracking result of third GDH home!

Elsewhere Steve C came back first v50 and push ups Tony H first v65, Jamie H, Steve C and Joe T also grabbed 2nd mens team prize. As for the ladies prize they continued their winning form with a raft of options for who counted, Caity came in first lady, Zoe B (seriously, wow), Eleanor, and Becky S added to the cracking result, not to mention Wendy T and Cheryl S close behind.

Also out for some fun were Dave C-L putting his recent form to excellent use, carrot power saw Guy home with a 7 min pb, Matt C struggled without Adam to pace him, Dave J was cruelly dropped by his pacemaker, Lawrence F got in under 1:50, John S did well on flat ground, Malcolm showed the benefits of the Thursday time trails and Dan E bagged himself around 18 points. Even Coach J managed a prize without actually entering, you might need to ask him more about that. And mentions in dispatches for ‘friend of the club’ Mandy B who credits her 11 min pb to a certain Coach J.

Parkrun Corner

Bad news for the yoof as Ezme B let mum Jo B sneak home five seconds clear at Lyme Park, and at Glossop David C-L struck back for parents by besting Emma and Rosa C-L, though the ladies were 2nd/3rd in cat so well done. Also in Manor Park it was the Mr & Mrs show with Carl and Beryl B, Becky and Darren A, and Claire and Ian O all out in force as well as John S, Steve C, David M and Daniel O.

Manchester way saw Andy B heading to Heaton and down Stretford Shaun B matched his pb with 18:21. Finally the grassy fields of Marple saw Rob W first back with Andrew F and Mary J also putting in good cat runs.

Yoof Section

Shhh the padawan are sleeping this week, beware their running wrath next week.

Coming Up Next Week

Recover from the weekend and prepare for the future with Coach J down on North Road, corner Park Crescent. Meet at 18h45 and bring your hill running face.

Darren C has 99 problems but route finding up Cock Hill ain’t one, join our leading expert in micro navigation everyday this week if you fancy seeing our local trig in all its glory.

Steve C and Andy B will be up to more interesting doings early doors in Bankswood Park, many have tried to keep up, few have kept their breakfast down.

Edale Skyline recce, next weekend, might actually happen as someone sensible and not me has put hands up to organise. Check out fb for up to date information .

Don’t forget the Social Run on Thursday, meet at the Leisure Centre at 19h00. No one is down to lead so far so if you fancy organising a nice route, approx 10km with a nice mix of terrain then shout up. If on the other hand you want to go a wandering in the fells then that option exists, same time, same place, just bring your explorer socks.

From the Kitchen

Charlie C made some mean, hill defeating Flapjacks and Alison H got some one pot action on the go with a Cassoulet.


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