The “it’s Spring! I’m sure it’s Spring” issue (keep telling yourself that)

They let me out of one country and, surprisingly, back into this one. I’d love to say that I’m still jetlagged and not sure what time zone I’m in, hence why this report is a little late. The reality is, I must blame Matt Huxford for taking me out on a short run yesterday, which ended up (23 muddy and snowy miles later) with me in pieces, frozen hands and nigh on hypothermic with him chortling in the background.


Ah – look at that lovely Spring weather in the Peak district. Well done to Mary for wearing Pink so that we know which one she is!

Others seemed to have reveled in the chilly spring weather. Indeed, Hope Winter fell race had a hardy trio of Glossopdalers battling through the elements. This short, 5 nautical mile fell race boasts 986 cubits of ascent. Not too bad, you might say to yourself, but considering the amount of white precipitation that was going on as the intrepid 150 or so competitors stomped around the course, I bet they felt every bit of it.
Pam Beckett was first Glossopdaler home in 48th place in 61:20. Pam and John Hewitt were back and forth up the climbs and down the descents, but John “2 hats” Hewitt found that even he was overheating on the final descent, losing out to Pam by 28 seconds in the end – John coming in 55th in 61:48. Mary Jeal battled against the elements, the snow, the mud, the sleet, other people, small animals, marshals, traffic, tree roots and the occasional yeti to finish in 110th in 72:37

It would appear that since the first draft of this report that Lawrence Fennelly did the whole thing in rather masterful camoflage – (or with a mudpack on, depending on who you talk to), and that he stumbled in (strongly) in about 73 minutes.

Across the way on the roads the Trafford 10k was going on in, er, Trafford. Despite the delightful conditions there were 5 souls from our end of the district slapping the tarmac in earnest. According to reports, there was also a pony which joined in the race for a decent length, and looked decidedly put out when its freedom was curtailed. I daresay anyone in that position would be a little dismayed, especially if you were on for a PB.

Kirsty Johnson was looking in fine form for the first part of the race, but decided to pull out mid-way through for reasons undisclosed – I suspect it was because the pony she was chasing was taken off the course, and Kirsty decided there wasn’t much point in carrying on after that. David Chrystie-Lowe led Matt Crompton from the off, and despite some determined chasing down and ignoring of various live-stock Matt managed to close in on David.
They ran shoulder to shoulder for about 50km of this 10km race locked in a battle of wills that crackled and fizzed like John Hewitt’s knees. It was only in the final 300 metres that David dredged the depths of his soul to come up with a devastating burst of speed leaving Matt trailing in his wake. David was 422nd (and 6th V55) in 42:38 and Matt was a mere 13 seconds behind – 433rd in 42:51.
Tony Hiller was not far behind and was witness to some of this struggle, but was concentrating on his own V65 race. He came in, bang on 500th in 46:17 and was 4th V65. Duncan Johnson made a terrific return to the race scene after some time away, completing the trawl around Trafford in 1:01:58 to come in 745th.

Away with the fairies, no, sorry, away with the Sun (both of them seem pretty imaginary to maltame at the moment) – in Malta, Claire Campbell maintained her extraordinary record of being 1st Glossopdale home in every race she has run this year. Claire finished the Malta Half marathon in a watch time of 1:56. We have no idea on actual time or position. So I’m going to go out on a limb and say she finished in 1:56 and won the whole race. I may be wrong though.

Arch-lamp-post botherers in chiefs Alice Willson and Tim Culshaw had a lovely time on the latest MDOC night street league and won first


Go lamppost bothering, and you too could win a solar powered owl!

Mixed Pair. Alice was rather excited to be awarded a solarpowered owl for an undisclosed reason. Perhaps because of the fact she would be the most excited to receive it…


Glossopdale was very well represented at Glossop parkrun this weekend as nigh on a quarter of the runners were from the club, as well as 6 in the first 10. A special mention should go to Young Oliver Taylor who did his first parkrun of the year this weekend, opting for the not entirely easy Glossop stage for his debut. He was paced around to a rather classy 26mins by Guy “parkruin” Riddell.

The Barlows (taking a break from the mud) ,were out in force on tarmac this week for the Alexandra junior parkrun, Wyatt ran a stormer, getting an all time Junior parkrun PB,while Naomi enjoyed the firmess of not-mud under her feet!

There were of course other people out and about this weekend, Emma Peters and Joe Travis were out and about and wanted to remind us what a lovely time they are having up north. Hopefully this photo will remind us of the true hardship of living up there….


Its Grim up North.

Meanwhile back in the Peak district, as already mentioned, the weather took a turn for the better as the Glossopdale bus stop appreciation society decided to tour the bus stops around the Edale Skyline route.


John S, Ben, Sue and Zoe waiting for the Edale Skyline Bus

Righty ho. I can just about feel my fingers again now, and my legs aren’t collapsing underneath me so it must be time to go to work.

Thanks muchly to Steve Pepper for doing some fantastic write ups while I’ve been away, I like them more than mine, but he won’t be persuaded to take over the responsibility. (clever bloke), so unless anyone else wants to make stuff up, you’re stuck with me for the time being.


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