The “wow, Im tired, I hope no-one notices how much I made up this week” Weekend report.

This week has seen markedly improved weather. I think. Let me recall back…. um. Yes, I


Classic Spring running. Thanks Becky S for the photo

think it has. There appears to be less snow on the tops, though the underfoot squidge hasn’t really dried out in any appreciable way.

A fair few things were going on this week in terms of racing and reccying – there appears to be a concerted effort to wear a GDH groove into the new (improved?) Edale Skyline race route, which will be nice to follow on the day, thanks to all those concerned.

Intercounties XC

Down in Loughborough, the Intercounties XC was taking place. Only one of our number got an invite, and so it was Kirsty Johnson who wore a county vest in the XC again this year. The course was a new one, and by all accounts, the athletes were not spared the mud. Which is nice – because without mud, it doesn’t really count. The places were hard fought for, and while Kirsty enjoyed an excellent run, I have no idea what place she came in, seeing as the results are not out yet. Still – being picked for the county is no small thing, just getting to race against all the other insanely fast people out there must have been a real buzz.


Across the way, over in Poynton, 3 intrepid souls went on a Duathlon quest. Running, Cycling, Running. Which, to me is a kind of a Duathahalfalon or a dual sport triathlon, or a chimerathon, or, something like that. Anyway, Alice Willson, Tim Culshaw and John


Alice, the bike whisperer.

Stephenson took their bikes over Poynton way for a bit of a speedy pootle about the town, John led from the off, putting Tim to shame in the opening 5k run, but his lead was cut short during transition as John’s penchent for a cuppa at any stage of a race took over – standing by his bike for a good few minutes while tea was brewing in the samover. Tim was slow to take advantage of this, mainly because Alice had sabotaged his bike, nicking the pedals and hiding them in his picnic basket. Alice got a clean break on the bike leg, putting both men to the sword. She made the fatal error of having a GnT break on her final transition, allowing Tim to come through transition having had to whittle a pair of pedals out of a handy eucalytus tree for the bike leg. Tim stormed though the final 5k with Alice staggering behind, and John made a spirited, though ultimately doomed attempt to cathc them up while still dunking biscuits in his tea.

Final times looked like this:
Tim C 1:28:31
Alice Willson 1:37:16
John S 1:49:14

Howarth Hobble

Nick Ham was out and about for his 500th Howarth Hobble this weekend. It was a race which was very well attended as I think it had something to do with the UK Ultra race selections. Nick, no stranger to selection events, may or may not have been the fastest man in a tutu – it depends if he wore it or not this time. I still haven’t seen the full results. What I am sure about is that there will be an excellent selection of photos that he took on the way around, though I don’t have a link to point you at right now.

Spen 20

bren 20

…mental age of 20 to enter… Steve and Andy

The Spen 20 was run this weekend. 20 what? I asked myself. 20 elephants? 20 roads? 20 pounds? 20 stories? 20 hills? 20 alibis? No – you have to have a mental age of below 20 to enter. It’s a road event to test your mettle – or metal – depending on your music tastes. Steve Crossman and Andy Burnett made the foray into enemy territory and came back with a tan. Yes, the sun shone over that way, and unfortunately, it was only sunbeams that were given as prizes to those over V50, which was a bit of a shame. Nevertheless, Steve (using it as a bit of a pre-marathon leg loosener) had a great turn of speed and flounced around the hilly 20 miles in a thoroughly decent time. Andy followed suite (Clubs, I think it was), and produced a Royal Flush as he chased Steve all the way around, stopping only to put a bet on himself. The results are not out yet, however, as and when I know what they are, you will know too. Or at least – you will if you visit this page again.

Brough Law Fell Race

Up North somewhere – Joe travis and Emma Peters flew the flag at the Brough Law Fell race. It is somewhere in Northumberland, and, by all accounts is a bit of a hilly one. It looks like a *proper* fell race- ie. it’s 3 quid to enter and has more than 1000ft of ascent over 5 miles. Again – no idea how things went, but by the looks of Strava, Emma was the one to take the early lead, with a bit of a pushmepullyou battle up the first significant climb. Joe managed to break away early on the descent and managed to hold off Emma’s valiant charge for the line. As and when results come out, or someone gives me a more accurate (ie. truthful) account, that’s how it stands.

Grindleford Gallop

2 Family Swan race vests got an airing this weekend – Els galloped around Grindleford Gallop 28 mins faster than last year – which is fabulous news, and on Sunday Morning Caitlin completed her 1st xc in the U11 girls race at East Cheshire harriers. Josie was in attendance at both events, providing well needed support, tea, biscuits, flapjacks, cakes, moral compass and general excellent. Mr. Swan was no-where to be seen as I believe he is off gallivanting around somewhere. Tcha. Honestly. Has he no shame?

Other stuff

Yes – other stuff – parkrun for one – I know that Mary Jeal had an excellent run at Marple this week, shaving off yet more (time) to get a thumping good PB. Excellent work there! At Glossop, Dan Stinton came in 4th with a new PB, and I notice that GDH’s came in both first (Rob Webster, the pocket rocket) and last (Guy Riddell – the ever faithful tail runner). Other people did other parkruns in other places, but I have no idea if they managed PBs or not as I haven’t been informed by the big information hole in the sky.


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