The “the evenings are getting light again!” weekend report

Yes – the clocks have sprung forward, we’ve all had the wonderings as to whether the clocks on our phones, watches, GPS watches, smart meters and cookers and kettles are going to change without intervention, and have backed it all up with a standard alarm clock just in case… and the evenings are lighter again. Which means runs on the hills with fabulous sunsets, long evenings delighting in the feel of short shorts and scratchy heather on the legs, and hill rep sessions so hard you can’t work out if it is indeed a sunset, or if your eyes have stopped working.


This weekend just gone we had a couple of cracking races, and the Spring season is well underway.

Edale Skyline

The Fell champs took a turn for the long this weekend, with the Edale Skyline. A new and improved(?) course taking in somewhere around 26 Sheppeys long and 845 Smoots of ascent – so kind of an AL, but closer to a BL, despite the attempts to get more climb per Sheppey. Anyhow. A decent amount of GDH’ers had entered, but not quite so many were actually on the start line claiming a variety of excuses, or “reasons” as some will call them. The sun shone brightly on us, and current leading light of the fell running circus in this part of the world, Chris Webb managed to hold off the rest of the mob to come in 10th, and 1st Blue and Orange, despite a concerted effort from Ben “the badger” Naylor to push him hard in the first half. Second home was Tim Budd in 20th, never looking behind him the whole way, and so not realising that Ben was a mere minute behind and closing in the dying stages, coming in 3rd in 22nd.


Ben, Chris and Tim. Smiling?!

4th in was the achingly cool Rob Webster, smoothly making his way around in the greatest sunnies known to man, followed closely behind by Al “my first race since the Spine” Cowell. Swearing to never set foot in a competitive event again. Tim “I beat Hux in heptonstall, honest guv” Culshaw was next on the list, in 47th, with Andy “I havent’t raced in 4 years” Oliver stomping down the hill in a not to distant 82nd, having put a decent amount of time in to Steve “the Dark” Knight who spent a fair amount of time in his own dark place around the Southern Edge of Kinder – eventually rocking in at 124th. Our first Lady was next home, Kasia “men wear too many clothes” Osipowicz getting her long distance legs in practice for further challenges this year by being 143rd, and Jenny “I am the Law” Ross followed on in good style (but with, apparently an inordinate number of blisters) in 179th. Cheryl “I’ve not been training really” Stitt kept herself out in front of the fell racing champs by being 3rd GDH lady in 224th, just ahead of Nick “the Ultra” Ham in 229th – and HE was only just ahead of Steve “I shouldn’t have put this race in the

sky glasses

Rob “the dude” Webster

Champs” Pepper who was a marvellous 244th in his first AL fell race. Steve managed to hold on to the end in order to come just in front of “Super” Lins Palmer in 247th  The tit for tat battle between those four will be documented and serialised for the Mail over the next few weeks. Pete “races are the time for Picnics” Davis staunchly held on to his 267th position at the end, earning himself champs points, and still managing to get in a decent meal on the way around. John Stephenson managed to get to Edale Cross before thinking he’d probably save himself for another day, rather than crock himself across the Southern Edge of Kinder, and took the (allegedly) easier route off down Jacobs Ladder, while John Hewitt and Paul Beckett called it a day at Mam Nick and headed home for early Pie and Peas. Whether retirees get champs points is


Kasia on her way up to Mam Tor

moot at the moment and will be in discussion….

Overall results:

10th Chris Webb
20th Tim Budd
22nd Ben Naylor
32nd Rob Webster
36th Al Cowell
47th Tim Culshaw
82nd Andy Oliver
124th Steve Knight
143rd Kasia Osipowicz
179th Jenny Ross
224th Cheryl Stitt
239th Nick Ham
244th Steve Pepper
247th Lins Palmer
267th Pete Davis

Results are here Dark Peak won the mens and womens team prize, but looking at it, unless they had an unattached runner running as DP, I reckon we should have got the ladies, considering we had 4 runners in before they had 3… but there we go. Well done for the moral victory Ladies! I shall buy the team a pint each next time I see you!

Mothers day 10k

Paul (Peters) ran his very first 10K yesterday. The Mother’s day (!) 10K from Lancaster to Morecambe and back. He came 12th out of 119 finishers in a very impressive 39:55.- thanks to Jeroen for the heads up.

Park run

It was a local 100th park run for Emma Peters and Joe Travis this weekend- celebrating in style with cake, a PB each and general sunny jollity. I don’t think it’s all that often we see a PB on a 100th Parkrun, let alone one at Glossop. I believe the sun was a free gift with the cake. So maybe someone can buy more cake and we’ll have better weather? Rachel Walton recorded ANOTHER PB this week, so clearly wasn’t trying prior to having a baby -Mel Riddell also joined the PBers at Glossop this week as well – the dry(er) weather seems to be bringing out some competitiveness (and faster times).

That’s about all I have for you this week folks. Good stuff from all you lot out and about on the hills and not racing. It isn’t everyones cup of tea, but is encouraging to see the photos and experiences from you all.

Get out and run.



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