“Sunburn and sausages*” weekend report**.

This weekend saw a turn for the summer. Yes, clear blue skies during the day, amazing amounts of stars at night, sunburn for those silly enough to go out without SPF on, and general running aplenty.  If the weather continues like this, we’ll have a hosepipe ban within a week and the Daily Express screaming “DROUGHT!” after 10 days. It seemed that there were a goodly amount of GDHers mooching around the various bits of Bleaklow and Kinder, taking advantage of the sun. Those that raced this weekend had varying degrees of success, but I suspect all of them enjoyed themselves (at least for *some* of the time), and learned great things from their experiences.

To be totally honest, facts are thin on the ground this week, and having been in South Wales since Friday, I’m simply guessing what the weather was like up here. Ah- post truth race reports. That’s what you’re here for, isn’t it? Well pull up a chair, pour a glass of grape or malt based recovery beverage and peruse the stories of those that challenged for glory on this weekend of weekends.

Rivington 10k

A rather sprightly Pete Wallroth was out and about in Rivington this weekend. The 10k is one of those races that kind of goes on for about 10,000m, but takes in so many different road surfaces and gradients that it feels like 5 races in one. You might as well call it the Paris-Roubaix of the 10k world. Well, only in that it took place on the same weekend this year, beyond that I suppose the analogy falls down. Anyhow. Pete set out rivingtonon a rather ambitious 28min schedule for this non-flat, non-track based 10k, but soon readjusted his plan after the first 2k when he realised that to keep up that pace maybe foolhardy considering the offroad nature of the run. He gamely fought on for another kilometre before realising there was a handy pub at the side of the road. Pete felt he had earned a bit of a refreshment stop and slipped in for a quick half before carrying on, again at great pace. The pubs kept coming, and having been in one drinking hole Pete thought it unfair not to visit the others. Thus his average pace was considerably lowered and he ended up with a slightly slower than 29min pace 10k. Still, he got a medal, and even better got met by his kids at the end. Brilliant.

Paris Marathon

Wendy Trelease was across the water for the Paris Marathon this weekend. She set off, posting some astoundingly accurate 5k splits, nailing them one after the other. Her metronomic pace can only be attributed to listening to a compilation album of 80’s rave music, of which she claims not to be fond. Things were going well, except for the minor inconvenience of a man dressed as a croissant careening off the side of a bridge into the Seine. However, the unseasonably warm weather continued to build on that side of the Channel, even as it did here. In her own words:

Thanks for all the support guys. Much appreciated. Had to admit defeat at mile 20. Mixture of heat and lack of salt. Got cramp in both legs which I couldn’t shake off despite stopping several times to stretch. Decided to call it a day rather than walk/hobble the last 6 miles. Was so incredibly hot. Maybe next time I should train in jumpers and a woolly hat or move to a hotter climate!

So unfinished business there then… we look forward to seeing her bashing up and down the trail in a puffer jacket at some point soon.

Lakes 42

Nick Ham was off ultra-ing his way around the country, one race at a time. This weekend was the Lakes 42- According to Nick it was a Frosty start but got hot as the day wore on, not a cloud in sight, breathtaking views to the horizon in all directions, conditions amazingly dry. It felt like a summer heatwave by late pm finish back in Askham. He finished in some ridiculous time I am sure, but have no data on that. Needless to say, he probably has another one planned for next weekend, so I look forward to hearing about that one too!


Radcliffe AC 10k

Paul Drury and David Chrystie-Lowe were off at the Radcliffe AC 10k this weekend. A slightly undulating and not entirely on road route, the heat certainly added a little spice to the mix as well. The main information I have is from Strava and the Fly-by thing, so I can safely say that David flew around with wings on his feet to a course PB of 44:24. Pretty impressive, all things considered. Paul was a little more stately in his progression around the course, running like the/ with the/ with wind (delete as appropriate) to come into the finish (according to strava) at 9 seconds past the hour…. not entirely sure if the official time was sub 60 or not, but there we go. Good effort from both of em.


Across the road at Glossop Parkrun there were a few PBs to note- David Chrystie-Lowe actually started his weekend with a bit of a bang with 20:47, Esme Brack continued her vein of good form with a 23:58, Dez Mitchell, building on his Thursday offroad form came in at 22:55 and Laurie Barlow laid some of last weeks demons to rest with a rather spectacular 28:54.

Consolidated club report is here.

*containing some, or indeed no sausages.

**containing some, or even less truth.



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