“The sun is/was shining” Weekend report

The week leading up to the second Bank Holiday of May turned out to be a proper warm one. Most of the runs on Strava mentioned the sun, the heat, the lack of clothing worn, and general reminiscence of the cooler days of Spring… seemingly forgetting the entirety of Spring was spent waiting for the Balmy summer nights and cursing the wind and rain. Ah – the delights of living in Glossop. Well… it is bank holiday monday and we have returned to service as usual with grim greyness and drifting fog, so I trust everyone feels that normality has been restored.

I’m sure there was a midweek race somewhere around the Peak District this week – however, I can’t find mention of it on Strava or Facebook, so it will have to go unrecorded in the annals of history – or at least in this annal, unless someone can get some information to me. I’m not Astinus, you know. (ah… a reference for all you trash fantasy readers out there).

This weekend though, provided us with a positive glut of races and results. In no particular order:

Liverpool Rock’n’Roll running fest

Tony Hillier and Guy Riddell took part in the Rock’n’Roll road series (I don’t quite know


Tony Hillier showing his form

how else to describe it)- trying to bring back the credentials of the British music scene, one race at a time. Tony ran the Half Marathon, listening, I believe, to AC/DC for the first half, followed by some Deep Purple and finishing in a Blaze of Glory with some Bonjovi (see what I did there?). He finished in 1:43:45, showing that music can indeed make you run like a Speed King. Guy was on the longer course- and powered his way through the Marathon in a PB of 3:35:18. His tactic was to listen to some serious drum’n’bass with added Bass drops, which, although went against the whole idea of a Rock’n’Roll marathon, he did finish to the dulcet tones of Elvis and Big Rock Anthem Giants, Europe, so saved face when crossing the finish line. Good running from both of them, even if their musical tastes may be a tad dubious.

The Great Manchester 10k/half

No, the Manchester runs (as they presumably don’t like to be called), were not cancelled this weekend. Nothing gets in the way of a good bit of road closures and tarmac pounding, not even terrorism, and Glossopdale-ites were out in force to show off some colour in the Big Smoke. Well, I say that, but from Strava I see that it was Paul Amos, ably getting out and about, weaving through the crowds with impeccable style high 5-ing and generally having a great time, finishing with aplomb in 2:24. Sightly behind, presumably because of his less “dodging” ability, and more “dodgem” racing style, David Munday came in at 2:33 or thereabouts. Phil Clinton was also out and about, running for MIND. He started off fast and managed to get in the slipstream of a Rhino-costumed marine, and coasted along for a while, before turning on his afterburners and setting forth on a blistering final 5k, to come in at 1:46:03. (ish). Laurie Barlow was in for the 10k, and in her own words she “donned the blue & orange and high-fived my way around the city, enjoying the atmosphere, and finishing in a surprising 1:01:10 given the fact I wasn’t trying” Flipping heck. She’ll be 10k-ing in sub 45 before you know it. Mandy “laser” Beames was also there with a last minute place in the 10k event. She pulled out a fine run, despite a very special type of preparation, which, I am reliably informed, involved a pint of Guinness and Black, and finished in 1:06:55.

James’s Thorn Fell Race

Yes, apostrophe lovers – that spelling is indeed correct. The race up the Thorn which isn’t Shelf Moor went ahead this weekend just gone. A bevvy of Blue and Orange turned up to the race, which starts on the edge of town and goes out in the correct direction (ie. away from civilisation). From the off it was clear that Paul and Cheryl Stitt were going to

James's thorn

A motley crew at the James’s Thorn Fell race

batter all kinds of hell out of each other as marital harmony went out the window in a race to get to the top of the hill before the other. Steve “the dark” Knight  was out and about, getting some hills into his legs in preparation for his as yet un-mentioned, unplanned (and totally fabricated) Bob Graham . Paul Skuse was proving his worth on the climb as well, but was unable to overhaul the “road meister” Steve Crossman, who was racing for the coveted V50 prize. Eleanor Duckworth, fresh from last weeks Marathon efforts, decided she would put in an appearance at a shorter local race, putting in a superb effort on the climb, chasing another Roadie-cum-fellie-for-the-day Kirsty Johnson – putting in her single fell race for the season. It was to be a gripping second half of the race as the downhill hares chased down all the hill-reppers in an attempt to make it all good by the bottom.  By the end of it all, it was a fascinating result, with Steve “I love the fells and swear faithfully never to run on tarmac again” Crossman, picking up 1st V50, Cheryl Stitt picked up 1st V40, and, perhaps more importantly, 1st in the Stitt household award, and Kirsty was 4th Lady in a considerably tough ladies field.

Weets Fell race

The English Champs. A place where the best in Britain go to run up and down hills in massive packs of fellshoe studs and mud. Weets was chosen as one of the Short races this year. I won’t pretend that I know where it was, because I have no idea. Presumably it was somewhere with a hill, but one of our number worked it out, and Jamie Helmer made his way there for the amusement. Apparently the Ladies race was run in the heat of the morning, with a number of the competitors having to be taken to the local hospital with heatstroke, (no, really, that isn’t made up). The mens race was held a little later on, when the heat of the day had turned to a thunderstorm and torrential rain, and ran their race in slightly different conditions… basically, full on firehose-esque rain. Jamie acquitted himself well, coming in at 48 mins or so, which probably (maybe? I have no idea) put him well within the top 120). Excellent running.

Buxton Half marathon

Wow – a load of stuff was going on this weekend – and Will Mather decided he was going


Will, with is post race Bling

to head for Buxton to try a curry powered Half. I’m uncertain whether it was a Madras, Korma, Passanda or Vindaloo powered run, but he certainly made short work of it. (the race, not the curry). Considering it had about 1500ft of climb in it, I suspect the extra bhaji was needed to propel him to a 1:38:46, which gave him an 82nd place of 315. Excellent effort, and I think we all need his curry recipe. Or the address of the restaurant.

Jura Fell Race

Ah – Jura. The Pips and the Paps call once again. A few of our hardy Perennials headed north for the pilgrimage to the Isle of Whisky, by bike, by car, by boat and by… um… anyway. Considering he cycled over a couple of Islands to get there Matt Huxford put in a superb show of form (until the second pap where he turned his ankle, destroyed a shoe and did in his knee) to come in at somewhere around 4:50. An excellent time for a first go with considerable handicaps (and I don’t mean the size of his shoes). Jenny Ross was also debuting in Jura, enjoying the hills as much more a home away from work in London-town. Her lines were perfect, her nav unfailing and her descents were fearless, and it was with a huge smile that she appeared at the finish line to claim her t-shirt in a shade under 6 hours.  John Hewitt was up there as well, and put his feet through their paces in the bog leading up to and back from CP1, showing that a hospital stay can indeed make you pine for the hills more than most things. Julien was there to provide “support”- which probably means he kept telling bad jokes until John was forced to return from the hill. Tim Culshaw was also up there, but considering the hole in his leg and recent helicopter ride (on his honeymoon, no less), I suspect that he either saw sense, or was made to see sense, and probably didn’t race.

Bamford Sheepdog Trials

One of those amazing little races in our area which is attached to the local Sheepdog trials. No, you don’t race sheepdogs, that would be silly. Nor do you get rounded up by them- (it isn’t a devil -or indeed sheepdog- takes the hindmost kind of race). I am reliably informed from a credible source that Mary Jeal was there, and got around the course without being herded, rounded up or otherwise worried by any animal in 47:35, enjoying the spectacular views of Bamford from a mist wreathed Winhill. We have no idea on placing, and to be fair, the organisers probably don’t either.

Parkrun corner

So not only did Will Mather get a decent time at Buxton, he also PB’d at Glossop parkrun as well. Also of note- Ben Tetler is showing a return to form with a 1st runner home and a PB at Marple. Excellent running. Consolidated Club report is HERE

People are indeed still doing the 3 trigs challenge, with shortest lines, longest lines, quickest times, and most picnic stops and other things being set. Get out there and enjoy yourselves!

Right. That was a bit longer than I expected. If I have missed anyone/anything its because it isn’t on social media and you haven’t told me, so I apologise… but if you want it on the report, let me know. I used to balk at writing 1500 words for essays in school… now it’s just a weekly report. Crikey.


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