Bank holid… oh, no, wait, it’s June Weekend report

Quite the week in which May turned to June, the flowers came out, people came back from Jura, others headed to the LAMM, a champs race was run and all kinds of other excitement happened across the board. Did you know that at this time of year we don’t actually have a night time here in Glossop… it counts as astronomical twighlight, but not actual night. Hah. So there you go. Any other news? No, I don’t think so, but I’ve posted a couple of dates for the diary up on the facebook page – most important one being Tuesday 20th June, which will be this years Summer Solstice run. I suspect we’ll be heading over to Shelf Benches to sup from hipflasks and enjoy the solstice, but there will be more info forthcoming.

First up –

D-Day 10k in Portsmouth

A quick report from daaaan saaarf – Claire Campbell sailed across the ocean (well, caught a ferry across the Solent… admittedly the former sounds a little more romantic) for the somewhat flat and road-bound D-Day 10k. Celebrating D-Day, or as close as you can to co-incide with weekends, it goes around the Docklands and general Navy type stuff. Claire ran fantastically to be the First Glossopdale home again, with a 52.19 chip time, placing 161st of 313. Great to have the Blue and Orange flying somewhere south of the Valley.

Harrock Hill

So this one got missed last week in the somewhat hurried press release. It was Matt Crompton who was first GDH home in the Harrock Hill Fell Race in, well, I guess, Harrock, over in Lancashire. Matt fought hard for his 61st place (out of 197) in 44.49. As ever, I have no idea quite where that is, but by all means, it sounded like it was a lovely place to be.

Hebden Bridge Fell race

Ah – Hebden Bridge – I know where this one is. According to some, the largest city in the world. (based on it being an inverted city with the CBT in fact being on the outskirts, comprising of Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, and the suburbs consisting of, well, the centre… Hebden Bridge)- but I digress. Lawrence Fennelly was over in the leafy central suburb of the Hebs for this rather “fun” race. And if by “fun”, you mean “uphill”, then this one has it in spades. Lawrence pootled around, enjoying a pint at each of the pubs on the route, (with chaser) and still managed to come out with a 63:55 finish time. To be fair, I have no idea how many pubs that is, what Lawrences tipple of choice is, or indeed, if there are actually any drinking holes en route around the race. That being said, it sounded like he had a great time, nevertheless, especially as he was 55th of 75, and 1st V55 over the line!

Wincle Trout

Another in the Glossopdale Fell Champs passed by this weekend. The infamous Wincle


Steve Pepper showing us how to recover after a fell race

Trout (which I’ve been trying to enter for about 5 years without success). Entries opened in February, and closed within 4 days for this cracker of a race which changes start positions every year. This year, somewhat appropriately, it was the hardest year, with a considerably downhill start, which, in turn, meant a considerable uphill finish. I haven’t updated the tables yet, but I suspect that there are a few close run points now in both the mens and the ladies tables. Somewhat excitingly, Steve Pepper was able to close down and beat his nemesis(es) or is that nemesisi? nemesod? nemesii? whatever – Darren Clarke AND Matt Crompton, bringing himself into considerable contention. Cheryl Stitt was not at this race to contest her current lead in the competition, so I suspect that Mary Jeal or Becky Smith may well have sneaked up a little way on her in the points classification. I shall update the table in due course. Suffice to say it was a delightful day out, the fete was brilliant, and we all came home with a fresh Trout. What more can you want from a fell race?!
5th Tim Budd 38:45
20th Steve Crossman 43:43 (2nd V50)
29th Matt Huxford 45:18
57th Steve Pepper 48:51
73rd Darren Clarke 50:06
110th Matt Crompton 52:36
128th Mary Jeal 53:52
131st Becky Smith 53:58
138th Heather Jansevska 54:22
188th Rachel Walton 59:31
189th Jo Brack 59:32
223rd Lynne Taylor 1:01:50

WormstonesChunal Fell race

Well, it was going to be Wormstones fell race, til it got changed on Friday to be Chunal. I


Skusey, looking for a lost ball in the long grass.

have no idea about results, but we do know that Paul “I hate short races” Skuse sprinted off down the first field like it was a race to the bottom of the hill. Unfortunately for him, it then went up the hill. And down. And across, and up and …. etc. anyhow. I’m sure he raced it like he normally races short races… with complete disregard for life, limb and anyone else around him. Ezme Brack was also there, keeping the end up for the Juniors, and getting some decent hills in her legs. There was also a fair amount of exciting suffering going on as a squall came in about halfway through the race, demanding a fair bit of residual hardness of mind and body to not just turn around and go home. Good effort by all. Results in Due course.


Duddon. One of them Superlongs up in the Lake District. They used to say these races were reserved for the Hard and the Stupid. Well, no longer, not now that Chris Webb has had a go and come 14th. Apparently it was a decent day out with a fair amount of sun, bog, mud and climb. We should stick this one in the race calendar next year… that’d be fun… right? right? Ok. I’ll shut up now.

Calderdale Way Ultra

The last time I ran this one, it was as a part of a relay team about 5 years ago. None ofjason that faffy nonsense for budding serial Ultra-boy Jason Hart who gave the whole thing a shot. With only 80 people in the race, Jason was always on track for a top 100 finish, which is always gratifying. However, with the heat a number of people dropped out. However, even with feet swelling to the size of rather strangely shaped watermelons, the Hart-meister strove on, finishing in some extraordinary time, and having a great day out in the process finishing a rather grand 15th overall. Nicely done Sir.

Dovestone Diamond

The perennial favourite of the club. Always a challenge, always fast, always on a flipping wednesday so I can never make it. It seemed to be a good challenge, and with a load of people heading over for it, I have to say it looked like great racing. There was a lot of tactical play going on with drafting and sneaking and general attempted thievery of places, but the final tale is told in the results. Excellent running from Ben “the silent killer” Wolfarth who came in 4th place, Chris “the action” Jackson was a little way behind in 10th, leading home the sneaking thieves Steve Crossman, Ben Naylor and Caitlin Rice in 11th, 12th and 13th. Dan “I don’t leave the house for less than a marathon” Stinton kept them in his sights for a while before settling back into a rhythm for 25th. Tony “I don’t care how young you are, you’re old enough to be beaten” Hillier was 76th. Heather “every race there is” Jansevska was 93rd, coming in 2nd V35, closely(ish) followed by John “I’m here for the cake” Stephenson. Amy Butler and Mel Riddell kept close tabs on each other throughout the race, and spent so much time checking the other wasn’t going too fast or too slow that they slipped from the top 10 after the first side of the diamond. However, despite this, they had a fantastic time and I believe there may even be photographic evidence of smiling during a race.

4th Ben Wolfarth 38:44
10th Chris Jackson 41:01
11th Steve Crossman 41:11 (2nd MV50)
12th Ben Naylor 41:16
13th Caitlin Rice 41:18
25th Dan Stinton 44:33
76th Tony Hillier 51:32 (1st MV65)
93rd Heather Jansevska 52:32 (2nd FV35)
107th John Stephenson 54:35 (2nd MV60)
174th Amy Butler 1:05:40
175th Melanie Riddell 1:05:44


The Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon was a flipping long way north this year. So far north it might as well have been in Norway. There were a couple of people from our side up there, Miranda Singleton and Ben Naylor were in the C class and were 35th at the end of day 1, but clawed their way up to 31st on Sunday. Lindsay Palmer and Andy Oliver were in the Score event. They seemed to have a somewhat lackadasical day on the Saturday, waltzing into midcamp in 41st place. On sunday one of them evidently had a bit of a word with the other, and ended up 15th on the second day, giving them an overall placing of 29th. Tim Culshaw-Willson and Alice Willson-Culshaw were battling through the score class as well. Tim was a little concerned that his recent minor injury (ankle/laceration/helicoptor/honeymoon) might cause them to slow up. However, the magical powers of a Red Tractor plaster/bandage meant that they held up well throughout the second day to come 18th overall, and 1st young mixed pair. (We don’t count the older ones).  John Hewitt was also out and about with Mark Vogan (previously of this Parish), though I suspect the outing involved somewhat more whisky chasing than checkpoint chasing and I can’t see them on the score list.


PB machine at Glossop this week was led by Matt Kieras with a 19:36 (sans buggy?!), with Rosa Chrystie-Lowe usurping her Dad for once in the times mentioned in the club report stakes with a 20:41. Rich Martin was the only other GDHer at Glossop to get a PB at 21:36. Consolidated report can be found here.


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