The ‘which idiot put two champs races on the same day’ issue

Well Tim B has run off to the South of France to drink wine, eat cheese, and smoke small cigarettes, which leaves me in charge of this show. Blame him for the following nonsense.

Race Reports

First off we have William ‘the ghost’ Mather, who claims never to have run in his life yet suspiciously there are no records of him before 2015 and he does look similar to a banned Russian athlete, one for WADA me thinks. Enough libel, he managed a cracking time of 35:12 at Tideswell Fell Race a very friendly looking 7km race on Friday night, which put him roughly in the top third on a ‘training’ run.

Oop North this weekend saw the Darren Holloway Memorial Race (Buttermere Horseshoe) and Harriers Chris W and Kasia were duly dispatched from the valley in search of glory/bog. At 36km and 2500m of ascent mere survival would be enough for most but Chris returned under 5hrs with 20min PB, in 17th place whilst Kasia bested the great Ms Dodds, so massive well done to both.

Darn Sarf Claire ‘1st GDH’ Campbell was at it again at the Brading 10km with a hair-raising time of 55:02 for 3rd in Cat. Well done agent Campbell.

Over at Tatton Park we had the Race for Life 10km and braving the deer were Laurie and Wyatt. Jnr had his bid for glory ruined by mums duff watch but when you’re running for a good cause who cares how fast you go. Good to see you both out and running again.

As ever Nick ‘the shark’ Ham was continuing his experiment in never stopping moving by knocking out a cheeky 50 miler in south Wales at the imaginably titled South Wales 50, no times yet but hear only three runners were lost to dragon attack this year so thats good.


Championships Report

Big show downs this Sunday with legions of GDH heading out of the valley to descend on Sheffield and Kinder. Most of what follows is true, some is damn lies.

Round Sheffield Run

With a mix of trail, road and punji spikes the ever popular RSR attracted a mass of runners each with bitter scores to settle even before champs points were added to the mix. Rising above the name calling and fisticuffs Kirsty J and Lizzie L both put in stunning runs to finish 1st and 3rd respectively, some good local road teams out as well. They were joined in the big hand club by Rebecca S as 11th v40 continuing some great recent form.

Results are not user friendly so bare with this as there will be mistakes;

22nd Jamie ‘The nav’ Helmer – 1h15:43

33rd Steve ‘Strava’ Crossman – 1h17:44

37th Paul ‘Slowing up’ Skuse – 1h18:17

58th Joe ‘Sleepy’ Travis – 1h21:34

116th Charlie ‘Where are the hills’ Eaton – 1h27:19

118th Dave ‘Machine’ Chrystie-Lowe – 1h27:26

177th Guy ‘Bit short this’ Riddell – 1h30:50

185th Ian ‘Why cant I use me bike’ Oates – 1h31:38

225th Obi ‘Mr 200’ Sikobe – 1h34:02

276th Lawrence ‘The Baron’ Fennelly – 1h35:56

292th Jeroen ‘Coach’ Peters – 1h37:16

378th Andy ‘Legs’ Burnett – 1h40:43

417th Emma ‘Here for the Pizza’ Peters – 1h42:51

000th John ‘Haile G’ Stephenson – 1h45:13

556th Rachel ‘Never again’ Walton – 1h48:17

585th Vicki ‘dumb’ Hamilton and Mark ‘dumber’ Davenport – 1h49:14

621st Joanne ‘The Ninja’ Brack – 1h50:46

826th Rachel ‘The Shadow’ Higgenbottom – 1h57:53

1079th Dan ‘Not at Parkrun anymore’ Ellingworth – 2h07:47

1085th Sarah ‘Avoiding the Obvious’ Leah – 2h07:59

1184th Mandy ‘Laser’ Beames – 2h12:12

1305th Malc ‘The Boss’ Brown – 02h17:33

1495th Mel ‘The Indestructible’ Riddell – 02h28:07

Some good runs there but if that many of you run together again you can write your own report and duff nicknames.


Kinder Trog

Well you Sheffield lot certainly mist out here, the clag was down, the running was good and the support from Al, Andrea, Julien, Brea, John H and others was top notch. On the boys front William ‘You aint seen me right’ Mather took the points in 2:32, Matt ‘exploiter of weakness’ was next back in 2:39, followed by Steven ‘Ive hurt my leg you know’ Pepper 2:43, Jason ‘Expecting more Cake’ Hart in 2:44 and Pete ‘Team Hat Kudos’ Davies 3:22.

The ladies (and the rest of GDH) were lead home by Jill ‘Tardis’ Wood and her really small bag, time unknown but 3rd lady so awesome work. Next back was Zoe ‘I used to fast you know’ Barton in 2:47, followed by Jude ‘Streamlined’ Stansfield with 2:55, Mary ‘Cant be bothered’ Jeal taking v50(really?) wine with 2:57 and the troublesome pairing of Cheryl ’To me’ Stutt and Lynne ‘To you’ Taylor this years Bombed out Trophy winners with 3:59.


Parkrun Corner

After all that all I can say is that Parkrun happened and many folk attended. Time to mention Obi passing 200 runs, some going that, and Josie Swan passing 50 with another PB, congrats youth. Adam C also graced Marple with a strong run so all in all an impressive week for the Padowens.



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