Tour de France… what am I doing writing this stuff? I could be watching G in a yellow jersey!

What happened this week? I have no idea really as I’m still somewhat invalided(ed) by a mystery hip problem… such is life. Still, I am able to sit around and faff about on facebook, so I can keep up with all the exciting stuff that happens, and collate it all here.

Where to start?


Classic June scenery on a Bleaklow run. Thanks to Mark Harrison for the photo (though I nicked it without his knowledge)

Heptonstall Fell Race

Well… the shorter, punchier version – according to Matt “The” Huxford. Considering he’s done both of them this year (and I’ve never done either) I shall bow to his knowledge. Matt channeled his inner Claire Campbell and turned out to be first (and indeed last) Glossopdaler back. He spent some time emulating our gloriously naughty Conservative leader by running through some fields of wheat, or was that Gladiator? As is normally the case. I have no idea about timings or, indeed placings, suffice to say that he had a lovely day out, ending with tea and cakes in the tent surrounded by the WI of Heptonstall. What a gent.

Hope Wakes Fell Race

Over the hill in Hope, the annual Wakes Fell race took place. A small cadre of the Harriers headed over into the other Valley to see what was what. All apparently went well, despite half the field being directed the wrong way by one of the marshals. (a minor issue considering the slightly rubbish weather. Still, these things happen, and I guess the guys at the front of the race should really have known the course better. All’s well that ends well though, and everyone got back to the finish without much more ado. Dark Peak were out in massive force… they tend to over that side of the hill, and probably cleared out the prizes. It would seem that the Glossopdale elite, consisting of Paul “Im finally accepting that I’m actually quite fast over short distances” Skuse and Becky “top of the table” Smith managed to be in the pack that did the full course rather than messed around on the “shortened course” and had a great time with Paul completing in 61:51 and Becky in 65:46. I can’t see any other GDH names on the list, so if you were there, let me know, coz you aren’t down as GDH.

Parkrun corner

It would seem there are a couple of people who deserve some shoutouts this weekend,


Guy and Amy showing us what it’s all about. Beating people that are older than you…. no, hang on, that’s not right.

even though they weren’t running at Glossop. (well, Glossop parkrun *was* cancelled because of the fayre… such is life). David Chrystie-Lowe and Lawrence Fennelly were both over at Platt Fields and absolutely blasted around the pan flat course, both in personal PBs for parkrun in general. Frank Fielding was also out and about “nibbling” at the age grade record over in Stamford park as well. Just goes to show what kind of strength you build up on a wet, claggy, hilly, circuitous route such as Glossop and what you end up being able to unleash on a flat, dry non-bendy course. Consolidated club report is here


People went. People ran. (John? Paul? Cheryl? Zoe?) No-one tells me anything.

Glossopdale Adventure Weekend

The inaugural Glossopdale Adventure Weekend kicked off on Friday – the idea being to have an adventure – to push yourself outside of your normal comfort zone and see where it takes you. 8 people turned up to the pub on Friday, each of them with an idea of what they were going to do. A number of other people pitched in while not being able to get to said drinking hole. I have some idea of how some guys went, but not others. Needless to say, we will be congregating at the pub again this evening to provide closure to the weekend. I have a Brownie baking in the oven (as in chocolate treat, not a smaller version of a Guide, or even a larger version of a pixie) and I will distribute it to those with stories, photos and knackered legs. The winner might even get TWO pieces.

Other News

I got an email yesterday from the organisers of the Hodgeson Brothers Mountain Relay. Entries are now open and I need to get a team in – closing date is the beginning of August. It’s a 4 leg relay in the Lakes, starting and finishing in Patterdale, each leg is run by a pair of runners. Lindsay is organising a weekend away on the same weekend, so there will be an inordinate amount of club support there as well. The race is on Sunday 1st October. If you would like to be in the team, please let me know as soon as you can so that I can let the organisers know. There are only 80 teams in the event, and the only way to get into the event is if you had a team run it the year before…. there is quite a waiting list – and we don’t want to lose our annual place. If you want in, email me!

Other news 2

As you may or may not know, Caity Rice, of this Parish, has been selected to run in an England Vest at Snowdon this year. An excellent result for such hard work and dedication.

I’m sure I have missed stuff, so please let me know if I have. I’ll provide a separate report later about the adventure weekend. And maybe another report after that as to just how scrumptious the Chocolate brownie is. Was. mmmmm.



I knew there would be a few things that I missed…

Claire Campbell ran the inaugural Bembridge 5 miler on the Isle of Wight. Lovely… by the sea, but, one would imagine, far from flat. There are, as yet, no official results, but Claire assures me that she was first GDH past the line.

John Stephenson has sent in this synopsis of the Thurlstone Fell race:

GDH official and honorary runners were Caity, Jasmin Paris, Zoe, Cheryl Stitt, Lindsay Palmer, Alex McVey, John S, Rich White, Paul Stitt. Bad sign I’m not sure who else when it only yesterday! John Hewitt was present and called the start of the race.
Caity was First Lady, Glossopdale won the ladies team prize, the men ran too.

Thanks muchly for that John.


Thanks to Alan S for the pic- the happy official and guest GDH runners at Thurlstone.


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