Glossopdale Adventure Challenge Weekend

We had an idea a few months ago, and that was the Glossopdale adventure weekend. People turn up at 7pm on friday, either with a plan or an idea for an adventure, they go away, have an adventure, and then turn up again on Sunday evening to share their experiences and amusements over the past 48 hours.

Bearing in mind that not everyone can get to a specific place for a specific time because of work and family commitments, there were a number of adventures which took place, which is fabulous, but I don’t really have any idea about how well they went, apart from a bit of stuff on facebook. I’ve included the ones I know some vague bits about, and those that told me what they were going to do…. so here we go.

I’ve condensed the adventure(ers) into 3 separate sections….

Those who turned up on Friday AND Sunday

1 – Mark Davenport: Definitely the adventurer of the weekend. His plan was to head to Hope via public transport (an adventure in itself) and then make his way back to Glossop via a number of hilltops and trig points, creating his longest run yet – just over marathon distance. Considering that he hit Winhill, Lose hill, Hollins cross, Mam tor, Brown Knoll, Kinder Low, Sandy Heys, 621 AND Cock hill gives him a fairly impressive route profile as well. Amongst the things he learned were food and drink consumption levels and sun lotion levels. Nevertheless, he was back in the pub on Sunday evening sporting some razorsharp tan lines and a cheeky grin, having gone the distance and survived with no ill effects.

2 – Alasdair Cowell: Used the opportunity to head back to Wales to pick his bike up from the Chemsol factory after his epic 3 peaks yacht race last week. While he was over that way, he bashed about on the bike over in Anglesey, bivvyed at a place that I can’t pronounce, let alone spell, and then went for a fairly epic run over the welsh hills on his way home. Not only that, but Al also took some time out to do a rather decent sketch of his view from the bivvy site as he knocked back a rather pleasant beer. Superb. He also brought back some Anglesey Fudge. Always goes down well.

3-  Lynne Taylor and Eleanor Duckworth: Used the opportunity to head on over to Kinder in order to have a bit of a crack at the Kinder Dozen. No mean feat on any day of the year. By all accounts, everything started swimmingly and for at least the first 30 mins, the sunglasses and sun cream proved to be of excellent use. However, pretty soon the clouds came, sunglasses were stowed, and by the time they hit the top, compasses were out and being used with a vengeance. The second ascent saw the rain start to fall and the wind increase, and by the time they hit the fourth ascent it was so grim that retreat was seen as the better part of valour, and an escape route was followed, having completed a “Kinder Third of a Dozen”.

And all this on the same day as Mark got pretty sunburnt. Just goes to show just how ridiculously changeable the weather can be up there.

4 – Me. Still unable to run, and somewhat handicapped by having to work on the Saturday, my adventure mostly consisted of going through some pretty dark places in my own head as I did 10k on a rower and 5k on a ski machine, while perfect running weather was going on outside.


Those who came to the pub on Friday, but not Sunday

1- Tom Young: was a little sheepish about what he was going to do, but it might, perhaps have been going to involve some flying. Having not got his paragliding rig out for a few years, I guess that would be quite an adventure. Unfortunately he was not in the pub on Sunday, so I don’t have a massive amount of detail…. But he did send an apology…. and a picture, and pictures paint a thousand words….IMG-20170702-WA0001

2 – Kasia: Was going to spend the weekend adventuring in Art and promising not to go anywhere or do anything… an adventure indeed for someone with as much enthusiasm for movement and the outdoors as her. I know from strava this didn’t happen as she appears to have gone for a bike ride over to Baslow this weekend…. I presume she came back, but didn’t see her in the Pub.

3 – Catherine Cleary: Was in the pub on friday but was clearly knackered. I suspect the main adventure was going to be trying to stay in bed for as long as possible on Saturday. I wonder if she achieved it and that is why she wasn’t anywhere to be seen on Sunday evening? Has anyone seen Catherine? Did she get up on monday to go to work?

4 – Dave Turnbull: Was going to head to the Roaches to go climbing…. No, not all that adventurous for a climber turned runner…. So I suggested that he head up Chalkstorm which is quite an amusingly blank and holdless route on the Lower tier… I haven’t seen him since…


Those who didn’t come to the pub, but put stuff on facebook….

1- Lawrence: Started with a magnificent bit of art that was put up on facebook, with a plan for a run/swim/run/swim/run/swim/run. All rather exciting and fantastic. The route looked brilliant, and according to Lawrence, was indeed everything he hoped for, and more… in fact, about 15k more. Fairly impressive, and a contender for adventure of the weekend…. If only he’d have been at the pub, some of that lovely goo-ey chocolate brownie would have been his. Excellent effort though!

2 – Mark Harrison: a newcomer to this parish, and yet put out a thumping good adventure, heading off across and down the Ashop and back up the Alport with plenty of bogs and pathless heather bashing…. Someone needs to show that man some trods around that way. That would have definitely have been worth a bit of Brownie as well… shame its all here at home and I’m having to scoff the lot.

Mark H

Sorry…. I can’t make this bigger!

3 – Alison: Decided to take the opportunity to do something she hasn’t done before, and that was to run from her parents house to hers. Usefully, that meant running along the NCN 62, a reasonably pleasant route, made all the more so by Rod cycling with her. An excellent and worthy adventure. Though I haven’t heard from her since, so I *presume* they got home ok….

4 – Guy Riddell, Will Mather and Andy Connell : Guy decided to get out at his usual time of “very early” with a couple of associated derring do-ers from the GDH/Gloaturs divide. A 20 mile run followed but with added amusement in the form of Gin, Bourbon and Cinnamon Jaegermeister at 10 miles. I cant imagine not having a good time on adventure with that group and a pile of alcohol. I wonder if they managed to follow the route that was intended, or if is just degenerated into a “lets go this way, Im sure it’ll go shomewhere in the right direcshion….”


Thanks to all the people that went out and enjoyed themselves on their adventures this weekend. I hope it inspired some people to get out and do stuff they wouldn’t normally have done, as that was the point.

Anyone up for another one? We’re thinking September 22nd to the 25th.


Mmmm. Beer. Brownie. Fudge. Chatting about stuff we’ve done.

Same idea. Different Cake.


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