I did more climbing this week than running. Yes. I’m ashamed… Weekend report

Well then, what a week. I’ve been a bit out of it all and was considering handing the reins over to Steve Pepper for a bit of a break, but realised that I inflicted him on you all only a couple of weeks ago. So I got down to some detective work and looked through my inbox, facebook, strava, reddit, the dark web, and all the other places where you find juicy gossip about Glossopdale and spun a delightful tale of derring do and flights of fancy. Then my computer crashed, so this’ll have to do instead….

We love Manchester 10k

The We/I/You/They Love Manchester 10k was on this weekend. A bit of a warm one for this flat as you like course. Kirsty was having none of Rich White‘s delusions of grandeur this time, and firmly put him in his place by having a stonking PB run over the distance. Rich may or may not have got lost (again), I have no real information about that, but he came in 79th overall. Tony Hillier once again impressed upon the world that he is one of the faster V70’s out there, but was inexplicably down on the race list as a Hyde Strider. Liam Amos is going from strength to strength, coming in at a Sub50, comfortably ahead of the pacer and pacee Oates Crew. Dan Ellingworth sneaked in under the hour, while Paul Drury mooched in just over the hour. Mandy Beames had a lovely run around in 1:04, and was followed closely by Laurie Barlow, in 1:11.

All times are Gun, not Chip.

32nd Kirsty “the magic” Johnson 38:27 (4th Female)
79th Rich “where? no, actually… where?” White 41:48
185 Tony “1st V70” Hillier 45:22 (1st V70) (down as Hyde Striders?)
323 Liam “beating my Dad” Amos 48:23
791 Ian “the pacer” Oates 56:57
792 Claire “the pacee” Oates 56:57
932 Dan “sub hour” Ellingworth 59:44 1031 Paul “nearly sub hour” Drury 1:00:33
1285 Mandy “where’s my barcode?” Beames 1:04:37
1568 Laurie “where’s my pacer?” Barlow 1:11:37

Sale Sizzler

Tony Hillier once more proving that he takes no prisoners at any distance, smashing around the Sale 5k in a scarcely believable 22:02, I won’t give any prizes out for guessing what position he came – 1st V70. He might as well change his name by deed poll.

Pennine 39


Kasia – mud/tanlines and all. Picture by Nick Ham – so if he uploaded it, he must have finished…. right?

Kasia O and Nick Ham were out and about on the Pennine Way this weekend on the Pennine 39. Called the 39 because it is 58km long. Which, at a guess is 39 miles. Incidentally, there were 39 people entered as well, though I suspect that might just be coincidence. Kasia was pretty much leading the Ladies race (without realising it) until about 3 miles from the finish. However, I suspect that was a mere trifling incident on a race that goes through High Cup Nick, which really is a sight to behold. Kasia eventually came in 9th, and 2nd lady in 7:35… and has said that it has warmed her up nicely for the Spine. No idea how Nick went on… I suspect he’ll be in touch when all his photos have uploaded.

Ronde Dels Cims

Chris Webb made his way over to Andorra for another attempt at this monstrous race – 170km with a quite frankly ridiculous 13500m of ascent – most of it above 2000m. He had a great start, getting some good pace on. At home we were trying to work out how the dot-tracking thing worked for half the night (hampered slightly by not understanding spanish, and possibly excessive amounts of recovery alcohol). Despite a super-human effort, with his legs feeling fine, Chris ended up in not such a good way as he came about the half-way point. Unable to eat, or, indeed, keep anything down, he decided to call it a day at about 91km, (having ascended/descended 7200m as well!). A superb effort, showing good presence of mind and intelligent decision making despite race pressures.

Skuse’s Nav thing

A few people have been out and about on Cockhill and the local environs as our very own Paul Skuse has put out a short nav course. It is 5 legs long, you’ll need a map, a compass, and some rudimentary nav skills. It has been reported that no-one that has tried it has become lost and hypothermic on the moor (yet), so please do get up there and try it. (The course. Not getting hypothermic). Even Caity did it and didn’t get lost, therefore ANYONE can do it. (Her words, not mine). So drop Skusey a line on Facebook and get the first grid-ref. Thanks for setting it up Paul– I look to do it as soon as this hip starts working again!

Peak Forest

A quartet of GDH racers trotted across the Peaty Peak to Peak Forest for the local fell

Peak forest

The Awesome Foursome

race. Paul and Cheryl Stitt, Mary Jeal and Wendy Trelease worked on their short, fast racing speed at this glorious dash about the countryside in one of the more picturesque corners of that bit of the Peak. (not quite dark…. not quite white). Despite not having any results forthcoming, there were a few nice pictures, so we can have one of them instead.


There has been a bit of an informal Friday-Triathlon amusement organised by the rather marvellous Andrew Reuben (as he is known on FB). As far as I can make out it is fairly informal, involves (as you might expect) some splashing around in Glossopdale Pool, a local ride, and then a run around the Parkrun 5k route. (I think…. apologies if I have that wrong). If you want to join in the fun, drop Andrew a line on Facebook, it’s great that we have people organising bits and pieces like this through the club.

Park Run

PBs for Tom JacksonEsme Brack and Oliver Taylor at the Glossop parkrun this weekend. With these warmer temperatures and drier ground conditions these guys are really flying. Could it be that some runners actually fare better in the heat than the cold? Heaven forbid. We should also mention young Mason Rea, who this week reached his 10th Milestone in parkrun…. not only did he run them all, he only went and volunteered at ALL of them as well. What a pro!

Coming up

Yup – this week there is a Road Champs race in Hadfield on Wednesday, and a Fell Champs race in Charlesworth/Chisworth on Saturday. Roll up and get your champs points here! Don’t forget your GDH vest…. no vest no points in Champs races. If someone could take photos of the results as well, as I won’t be at either of the races….. I might even get the results up on the website at somepoint soon as well.

Also… Calling people for the Hodgeson Brothers Mountain Relay, AND ALSO for the FRA relays. So far I have had 7 people express interest in the Hodgeson Brothers (we need a team of 8), and 2 people in the FRA’s. Which isn’t many really. Anyone else want a go in a relay team? It’s not scary…. really! It’s a bit like a race, but with more socialising and Tea.
Send me a message, I need to get some entry forms in. Hodgeson Brothers is on Sunday 1st of October, is in the Lake District and coincides with the Patterdale Weekend away, and the FRA’s are in North Wales again – that’s not even 2 hours away, and are on Sunday the 15th October.


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