this, that and the other – the weekend report to end all weekend reports…until next weekend

After a hectic week with both a road and a fell champs race going on, there were a few people on the facebook group who were asking how the champs worked…. I kind of hoped it was a bit obvious from the explanation on the Road Champs page, the Fell champs page, and the Overall Champs page. If you read those and *still* don’t get it. Come round our house, bring a beer and I’ll explain it with a white board, erasable pens, pictures and added kittens.

Hadfield Dash- Road Champs

Well – Hadfield Dash, once known as the Gravy 6 was a part of the Road/trail champs this year. Yes, in this bit of the country anything that isn’t a bog is basically classed as trail/road even if you have to wear studs for it. It looked like a considerably fast one, with a mass of Blue and Orange belting it around the course. I’d love to give you an in depth view of the course, but I have no idea where it started, went, or ended. Lets just say there was a flat bit, a muddy bit where a lot of the fell runners gained some time on the hardcore roadies, a bit that the roadies considered to be a hill that everyone else thought was pretty flat, and then it all came back to much the same place for beer and medals. Laughs were had, showers were needed and cake was consumed. Brilliant.

2nd Chris “the legs” Jackson 34:41
4th Paul “needs a speed ticket” Skuse 35:28 1st V40
6th Jill “I’m not this good, honest” Wood 35:53 1st FV35
15th David “go faster stripes” Boundy 38:21
16th Matt “I don’t always look this good” Crompton 38:27
18th Richard “the” Marti(a)n 39:06
20th Frank “Blue and orange suits me” Fielding 39:15 1st V65
22nd William “I’m not addicted to racing” Mather 39:39
24th Guy “I’m not addicted to running the same races as Will” Riddell 40:00
27th Wendy “dog tow” Trelease 40:43 1st FV40
38th Pete “the Star-man” Wallroth 42:51
40th Liam “2 races in a week?! This is getting fun” Amos 43:02
41st Rebecca “top of the table” Smith 43:23 1st FV45
42nd Mary “every race. Every week” Jeal 43:34 1st FV55
43rd Nick “every long race. and the short ones” Ham 43:51
47th Tony “1st v70” Hillier 44:23 1st V70
49th Heather “catching up on races I haven’t done yet” Janseveka 44:58
54th John “catching up on sleep” Stephenson 46:07
58th Rachel “Ian is my responsible adult” Walton 46:37
71st Alison “getting back to it” Holt 50:46
73rd Marie “I thought I’d signed up to a marathon” Williamson 51:27
79th Malc “just keeping you all honest” Brown 52:19
80th Melanie “Just keeping Guy honest” Riddell 52:40
97th Mandy “where’s my barcode” Beames 57:36
100th Laurie “faster than the ones on the couch” Barlow 58:20

Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival – Fell Champs

Dr. Pepper decided to put 2 champs on 1 day last month. He saw fit to put 2 in one week again this month, thanks Steve. The minor issue is that I don’t have any results yet… I thought I’d sit down and work out who came where from Els Swan and Mark Davenports fabulous photos, but much to my dismay, I couldn’t recognise everyone – and not because of the quality of the photos. So all I know at the moment is that Jamie Helmer is putting in a bit of an effort to

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

get to the top of the table, coming in as 1st GDH, then there was a bit of a similar run down in the places behind him as Paul Skuse charged in just ahead of Jill Wood, both of them moaning about “tired” legs from the race a few days before. I’m sure they got LOTS of sympathy from the people behind them who also did both races as well…. the poor wilting flowers. As for the rest of the runners I believe I saw a Lesser Spotted Phil Swan in there, maybe even the distinctive plumage of “old man Oates” but I can’t be sure…. as soon as the organiser sends Matt Crompton the results I’ll get them up on the site and the champs table updated. Our Junior runners also excelled themselves, as you can see from the slideshow above, I’d tell you who came where, but… well, you get the picture.

Ingram Trail Half

Ah, the glorious fields and lanes of Ingram. Somewhere up north of us there was a Trail half, which complied with the normal rules of trail half’s – ie. don’t be boring and JUST be a half marathon…. This one apparently came out at about 14 miles or so, and Joe Travis was more than equal to the task, getting around the somewhat undulating course in 2:13. I believe it was then Chip time, followed by Beer time. Is that how it works?

Up the Nab

A few lovely individuals did Up the Nab on Sunday – a small number of them may well have been misguided enough to have done it within 24 hours of doing the Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival race…. Kudos to Rob Sheldon and Frank Fielding. It was a pretty

hilly race – as it tends to be. In one of his first races for the club, Mark Harrison came in with a rather decent 7th overall and 1st MU23, (thanks for putting that on Strava… I wouldnt have known otherwise). The other placings I haven’t been told by anyone, so I’m going off photos and Strava to say that Rob Sheldon, Pete Wallroth, Mary Jeal and Frank Fielding were the others who ran.


We had a runner over at Snowdon this weekend as well – Pete Nicholson was hammering up and down the track as fast as he could – He did rather magnificently in the face of some pretty crappy weather. No results out just yet. Caity Rice – previously of this Fellrunning parish (and still of the Road and social parish) was also running Snowdon, but was this time debuting in a well deserved England vest and finished a somewhat excellent 9th.

Mossley 10k

From my stalking on Strava I have also come across Paul Drury running the Mossley 10k in a shade under the hour – doubling up with the Hyde parkrun from the day before. Good effort Paul.


Well then, Wendy Trelease, not only getting a decent time and a prize at the Hadfield Dash only went and broke her 5k PB at Doncaster this week. No PBs at Glossop parkrun this week… twas a bit damp for that. Consolidated report here


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