The weekend the LOW pressure took revenge Weekend report.

A few bits and bobs going on this week. The main thing that happened this weekend was a massive low pressure that pretty much carved its way up the country sending huge amounts of rain onto pretty much everyone. No snow though. Which was a bit of a disappointment, even though it is apparently July. I’m a bit knackered, so apologise for all the stuff I have inevitably missed. Huge thanks to Mary Jeal and Zoe for sending me results and the like this week. Jeez. Not running is proper tedious.


A few of out number were off across at Bamford in the middle of the week. I’m almost certain that I wrote about Bamford a couple of weeks ago. Ah well. They have a lovely hill over that way – you run to the top of it via a particularly steep and vicious gradient and then pound back down it again for the follow up. There is a nightmare sprint start as well, if memory serves… and a somewhat scary John Hewitt to chase you to the end. Though that might not occur every year. Or to Everyone. It is just quite seriously etched upon my psyche. Anyway, the ever marvellous Mary Jeal was out and racing in to finish in 120th in 43:54 – and first FV50-  swiftly followed by racing-pal-in-chief Heather Jansevska (whose name I have to check how to spell EVERY week) in 128th in 44:13.

Black Knight Charge

One of those Middle of the Week Trail races with a whole lot of flat out speed, and a bit of a kick in the tail at the end. And the middle. Well, not a tail in the middle, a kick in the middle. Oh and the start. Or am I thinking of another one? Anyhow, a lovely 6 miler… yep, its coming back to me now… I was thinking of another race, this one is flat. Except for the hilly bits. 3 of our number cruised the trails this time around, with club honours (if that’s what we’re calling them) go to Paul Maskell in 44th (3rd V45), Rob Sheldon in 48th and Tony Hillier in 74th – once more, 1st V70. The table looked a bit like this:

44th Paul Maskell 47:33

48th Rob Sheldon 48:05

74th Tony Hillier 50:57

Holme Moss

Thanks to Zoe for her delightful race report from the Summer Wine side of the hill…

Five harriers turned up on a warm sunny morning for the Holme Moss race. They were rewarded with many an up and a down, bogs, rushing streams to cross, a little rain, and very well manned checkpoints. And bogs. Paul Skuse was first back, followed by the dynamic duo of Zoe and Alice. The pair were ridiculed for their laid back pace and chatting but proved that slow and steady wins the race. Next in was Jason Hart who had suffered with cramps in the aforementioned bogs, but finished strongly nonetheless, then an injury – hampered Tim Culshaw.


The race line up towards Laddow Rocks



Tim providing Alice with a “helping hand” into a bog

It was fantastic to have supporters along the way – the Chairman at the start and finish line, Jude and Simon out on the hills and Julien and Andrea at Crowden.

Old Crown Round

Despite having 5 people (that I know of) signed up to this rather fantabulous running/walking/beer drinking event, only 3 ended up doing it. I am, somewhat nobly injured and had to bow out whilst Steven Pepper basically wimped out at the last moment and should be chastised for his mental and physical weakness. The three lucky runners to go and enjoy a Massive Low Front on the Lake District hills were Lynne Taylor, Al Cowell and El Duckworth. Through the biblical amounts of rain, torrents of water and head high bracken they went, in the honest and just quest for beer on the summits. Lynne had to take a hard decision after 3 tops and bailed down the other side of Blencathra enabling Al and El (Kal el?) to march on to glory and an extra 2 beers on the final tops. All that was left was for me to negotiate some seriously Isle of Wight-esque narrow country lanes in someone elses car in order to pick up Lynne, and we all returned to the pub for Beer and medals more beer.


The intrepid trio. Pre Biblical rain.

Scott Snowdonia Trail Half Marathon

A duo of challengers headed across for the Scott Snowdonia Trail Half this weekend. I suspect the weather was just as horrendous as it was in the Lakes. Marie Williamson and Jayne Moreton acquitted themselves in spectacular fashion, dispensing with the miles of trail and mud with ease. Jayne came across the line in 3:50:54, with Marie not far behind in 3:51:04.

Park run

There was another Parkruin run by Guy this week, which saw some 6 keen runners set off at 6:30 for a bimble across Cock hill, Wainstones and then Park run. Well, 3 of them did parkrun, the rest stood and ate cake. Steve Crossman led the way, with Guy Riddell and John S bringing up the latter places. Though the most impressive thing is they got Steve Crossman off the road for 10 miles. No new PBs at Glossop Park run this week – and the consolidated report is here


Aha – the lesser spotted hill going Crossman seems to be confusing John S.


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