The Equinox is coming! Run for the hills! Weekend report

So some stuff was happening this weekend. The weather stayed… well, it stayed mixed, as you might imagine. The birds were shining, the sun was singing and all was well with the world. It was also the Glossopdale Adventure Challenge Weekend, which I will put up a bonus post about at a later stardate. For the moment….

Robin Hood Half Marathon

The man known to many (on Strava) as, Jukebox, and in real life as Paul Drury, headed across to the Nether regions of Nottingham for a flat(ish) half marathon. He managed to evade the Sheriff, gaol and the merry men, and came back with (one would imagine) a goody bag full of treats, a silver blanket and a snazzy medal. The 21 and a bit km took him 2:13:46 – or at least, that is what the Chips say. I’m still struggling to get my head around chip times. I reckon someone is carping on about nonsense. They really need to know their plaice. Sorry. Those puns are cod-awful.

Natterjack 10k race

Tony Hillier was off out of the shire again this week for the amphibious Natterjack 10k. How many toads were involved in the race is not recounted anywhere on the web. I can only presume that none were harmed in the set up and subsequent running of the 10k. At present I can only see the 2016 results, but I don’t think it would be too much to presume that Tony was somewhere in the top 2 of his age group?

Sheffield 10k

Mandy “laser” Beames shot across the Snake Pass this weekend to enjoy the Steel City’s finest 10k course. The route took the participants through some of the finest housing estates and crumbling mid-80’s architecture that one can care to see. She took off at the start with a blistering pace, only to be curtailed in the first 400yards when it became apparent that it didn’t matter WHAT position you came in, there was still going to be cutlery and a kiss from Sean Bean for every finisher. She had a Chippy time of 1:12:47, which corresponded with 2 forks and a spoon and a snog from the Sheffield hunk himself.

Giants Causeway Half

Liam and Paul Amos trekked their way up and over to the Giants Causeway for a rather delightful Half marathon. They’ve been planning this one for ages and have been psyching themselves up with longer and longer training runs. I’m happy to say that they both got there (bonus…. it doesnt ALWAYS happen as far as GDH is concerned), ran the race, AND thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well! Liam came in in 108th in 2:16:46, while Paul was 408th in 3:18:44. Fantastic running by the Dad’n’Son team.

Equinox 2017

From Strava, it looks like Phil Swan has been off down doing the Equinox 24 race again… which may or may not mean that the rest of the family were down there as well. (I suspect if does). Details are scant, but he appears to still be dragging the beer barrel around from last week. The rather sketchy report does not mention if the barrel is indeed full, or if he simply dragged it to the race, surviving on beer alone for the week before running around the course

Ian Roberts Fell Race

The ever delightful Mary Jeal was out for a family gathering at the Ian Roberts fellrace Ian robertsthis week. Her efforts did not go un-noticed, as she raced around the course, complete with big tussocks, plenty of bogs, sliding down banks, wading through streams and face plants in 1:15:47 coming in a rather excellent (and almost becoming commonplace) 1st FV50. Thanks for the message with the report, Mary!

Parkrun corner

It was indeed the 2nd anniversary of the Glossop Parkrun this weekend. To celebrate there was large amounts of Cake at the end. Everyone in GDH appeared to have their eyes firmly glued on the food at the end, and although there were no PB’s in the run, I believe there may have been PB’s amongst the amount of post-run cake-age.

Extra Notes on last week – Kasia finished the Glencoe Skyline in 11h 52min, and was 16th lady out of 27 (6 got timed out at the checkpoint 11) and she thought that chasing down the first few were frankly out of her remit. I say, this year… maybe… roll on next year!

Thanks to Phil Swan for noting that Dom “tarzan” Naylor was also involved in the Edale Beer Barrel race. Considering that there isn’t currently an iceage, I would imagine it would have been normal “shirts off” attire.




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