Look up, look up! tis the Draconids! weekend report

Yes, this weekend is apparently the long awaited arrival of the Draco meteor shower. Looking out of my window there appear to be small amounts of blue sky right now, so theoretically, if you’re really really lucky, they might still be there later on this evening. Then again, it might be really clear.

But this is Glossop.

London marathon places have been announced this week. The lucky ones received their rejection notices and gleefully pranced around the room realising they don’t have the drudgery of all those winter miles to do… while the ones with the numbers have been cursing their luck at having to travel ALL the way down south. Nevermind peoples, the club champs race is going to be the Rocknroll marathon. Get yer Rock on.

Oh – and before I forget, this weekend coming has been designated as the club champs XC. I believe it’s at Heaton park. Not much time to get your mud/speed on.

Glossop Jog

Josie and Caitlin Swan ran in irrepressible style to clock up an impressive 14 laps of the Glossop jog. They may have started the first lap as 2/3rd overall, but on the second lap they overhauled the poor lad that set out waaaay too fast and carried on to an imperious display of running masterdom. The promise of cash from their fathers pocket may have had something else to do with their need for speed and eventual tally of laps. The Sheldons were also out in force, sporting the GDH colours and knocking out a serious number of laps as well – though I don’t know the final score I’m afraid.


Chris Webb came 59th in what were pretty tough conditions. The registration tents were blown away, it was uncertain if the full course was going to be run and you were advised to bring your own pencil to fill out an entry form. Yes. THAT’S how serious it was. At 9:30 the decision was taken to run the full route in all it’s delightful fog wrapped glory. Chris decided to give everyone else a sporting chance by pretending to be a bit ill and going on what is generally known as a “navigational wander” in the middle of the race. And again a bit later. Having decided that he had spent enough time wandering around the environs of Stickleback tarn for long enough, he blasted out a couple of fast miles before sitting down and having a cup of tea and a biscuit (that’s how he rolls) before sauntering in to the final few miles in a thoroughly respectable 59th place. Always a race I have wanted to do, but never one I have got around to doing… maybe next year I’ll join Chris on his tea party.

Lakes in a Day

Emma Rettig decided to do a bit of a recce for one of next years championship races – the Lakes in a Day. A classic in the making linear route, scything north to south through the Lakes. In her own words… “Blimey that was hard! Conditions were horrific but it’s a cracker of an event. Highly recommend if anyone is considering entering as part of next years Champs”. So there you go. Fairly normal recommendations from a fell runner. “That was horrendous – you should DEFINITELY do it”. I understand that a number of pub stops were involved in this recce so as to grade them all for future events. If you want to know the finer watering holes in time for next years Champs race. drop Emma a line, she probably remembers the first 15 pubs, but I suspect her memory fades somewhat after that, and her handwritten notes probably became illegible after 12.

Chester Marathon

Ah, the Road Champs story of the week, with only the elite going for the points. The long (ok, really, not so long) journey West evidently put off the vast majority of the club (we are all, evidently, quite happy smashing out 26.2 miles of a weekend). The weather was probably fairly benign, or as benign as Chester gets, and I believe none of our runners had any welsh roots and so did not run the risk of being longbowed within the city limits. (or is that after nightfall? whatever). So the list of GDH runners looked thusly:
Shaun “stealthy” Boatright – 3:09:22,
Will “I’m just training for an ultra” Mather – 3:16:43,
Rich “hah! I’ve done a marathon faster than Crompton!” Martin 3:36:27
Paul “I’m doing this for the points” Skuse 4:00:10,
Nick “what do you mean finished in only 26 miles?” Ham 4:15:00
Alison “booyah! 30 points” Holt 4:39:22


Will looking nice and fresh at the end of the marathon

Rochdale half


Holy hell look at that vest! Cover your eyes – it’s Mr.Hillier

As is customary, or has become customary in these events, Tony “1st v70” Hiller led home the V70 parade at this delightful mooch around Rochdale. He was indeed 1st V70 in 1:43:59. Only a short time after him, Jo Brack broke through the finish line as 4th FV50 in 1:57:29. I am under the impression that Charmayne Brierley was a smidgeon (that’s a type of duck) behind, but ducked under the hour in 1:59:06.


No PB’s this week. Though Caitlin Swan was a mere 10 seconds off, despite slimy conditions in Manor Park. Consolidated report is here.


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