“That’s not a storm, its just a very naughty boy” weekend report

So much happened last week that I totally missed a few things out. Totally my fault for forgetting about it, but there you go – it’s all down there at the bottom of the page, so if you want to start down there, and then come back up here for this weeks news, feel free.

This weekend was characterised by a lovely weather system called Storm Brian. 80mph winds, rain, um,.. and thats about it. A number of people have indeed been out and about, and from strava I can see that some winter training has started. (to be honest, with 200 members, you’d expect there to be a *bit* of winter training going on). But if I started talking about everyones individual weekend amusements we’d be here all night, and I certainly haven’t got the patience or the words for that, so let us focus on the official races that went on this weekend, despite a minor atmospheric disturbance.

Scarborough 10k

Stevie K

A bit of a contraversial one this. I know that Mr. Knowles is indeed Pennine, but he is on our list for XC, so technically when he does a road race he is a Glossopdale harrier. Steve forwent the Man-bun and just stuck his hair up in a pony tail for the flat, but bloody windy course. He didn’t stop off for any snack stops, or even any fish and chips on the way around, which explains his rather swift 37:15 time. He was 26th overall, out of about 2000 runners, so clearly needs to take a bit of time to realise that any pub on a race route needs to be visited as a matter of course. Pints or doubles only. He’ll learn. Good running Stevie.

Holmfirth 10k

Ah, so it was a weekend of 10k’s then was it? Just over the hill, and starting from Nora Batty’s house, the Holmfirth 10k is a little undulating, but nothing too traumatic. You wind past Compo’s and turn back past Cleggy’s and manage to finish just over at (well, depending on the season) Seymours old place. Am I talking nonsense? You’ll have to do it next year to find out. Esme Brack certainly knows the route, bashing it out in a quite frankly speedy time of 45:31, coming in 3rd lady and 1st in her age category. Jo Brack took a slightly easier run at it, but still came through in 50:23, coming 2nd in her category, and snapping at her heels was Charmayne Brierley in 53:44 – I believe, a PB. (if it isn’t, blame Jeroen, he was the one that told me).

Peak Raid 1 – Hayfield

A few of us were getting our nav on in the Peak Raid event as prep for the impending club counter Nav event from Old Glossop. The charge was led by John “north star” Stephenson whose main navigational trick for the day was deciding whether it was “fashionable” to get all, or not quite all of the checkpoints. Andy “the” Fox was back from Cyprus sporting a somewhat out of place tan against everyone elses British translucency. He cleared the course, and when I left the event centre was quite happily sitting pretty at the top of the V60 leader board. Matt “I didnt youtube how to do a compass bearing last night, honest guv” Huxford was on fine form. Using his newfound navigational abilities he spent approximately 20 mins of his time faffing with his map and compass, and STILL managed to miss one of the control points. He can do a bearing though. Ask him next time you see him. I was there as well, and had a bit of an amusing time trying to find a checkpoint in a place where it blatently wasn’t, but then got my act together and wandered around. There will be a blog at some point. Considering the result were being done as we were there I’d imagine they’ll be online within 24 hours…


Considering the way the course is getting wetter, slippier and generally muddier, it should be no surprise that there were no PB’s at Glossop parkrun this weekend. It was, however, the 100th Glossop parkrun, so much merriment was had. Maybe I should mention Ian Oates had a massive hangover. But that isn’t really all that different to every week. Consolidated report is here. Next week is apparently Halloween Parkrun, so bring your fancy dress and pootle around dressed as whatever you find scary. Ghosts. Witches. Zombies. Donald Trump. Brexit. The EU. That feeling you get when you suddenly realise that something is about to go horribly wrong and it was because you pressed the “do not touch” button … etc.


Right. That’s pretty much it from this week. It’s pretty lucky I didn’t write some stuff in about last week or this would indeed be a sorry state of affairs… so now enjoy last weeks addendum…

Manchester half team result

Yes, that’s right. I missed off the team result from last weeks Manchester half. Shocker. As pennance I have done the same amount of burpees as the place of our team. Glossopdale came 28th of 64, with the scoring runners being David Chrystie-lowe, David Boundy and Tony Hillier, total 4:52:21. Ah, I feel like the world is back on an even keel now, I was getting concerned that I was getting to the end of a report and not being able to write about Mr. Hillier.

Rotherham round

Nick Ham did the Rotherham round for the nth time last week, luckily he provided me with a copy/paste quote, so I don’t have to think of any witticisms this time…  “Dead chuffed to complete Round Rotherham 50 today and not get a PW despite the heat and a 6-day-old marathon in the legs. It must have been the warmest ever, and so dry as well. It’s mid October, for crying out loud, I drank litres and never ‘went’ all day, and finished with a dust tan! It was like being abroad or UK summertime. I think last Sunday’s Chester Marathon slowed me more than the heat. I had to walk so much on heavy legs in the final 20 miles.”  So not only did he do an ultra, having done a marathon the week before, it also became apparent that the Round Rotherham was only his 212th Ultramarathon since 1996. Crikey.

The Emma Peters corner

Ah, Emma. She has been plugging away at her 5k time for ages, seemingly stuck at the same time forever. Yet last week, all the training paid off, it came together for a storming new PB of 22:30. She emailed me the result, full of excitement, and in the hullabaloo of last week I basically thought it was “just another parkrun time to put on the spreadsheet later in the week” and neglected to put it in the report. My bad. So, without further ado, I would like to note that Emma Peters ran an AMAZING 5k PB last week of 22:30. (I really hope she hasn’t bettered it this week, or I’ll be in proper trouble). As an extra bonus have this lovely picture of the lady herself. Well done Emma!


The ever lovely and pouting Emma. I have no idea where this photo came from, but lets just say that’s what families are for.

Other stuff that you should probably be aware of….

Next weekend is the Grin’n’bear it race – the second last race in the Fell side of the champs. Note the course has CHANGED from previous years so look at the changes before you go and get lost on the hill. It’d be really embarrassing if you have to get picked up by Woodhead Mountain Rescue.

You can still enter online for the final Nav race event of the Fell champs. It’s going from Old Glossop and its on Nov 19th.

The races in next years champs have been published, the dates for most of them have been published as well, so get them in your diary.

Steve Pepper will want me to tell you about the Santa Shittern Saunter as well, he organises it. Its at a brewery. There is chilli and beer afterward. Its a proper fell race. Do it. (December 10th). Heck, Claire Campbell is coming up from the Isle of Wight to do it. That’s commitment. Us lot round here have NO excuse!

Um. That’s about it really.

Except… well, as of last week there are 200+ of us in the club out there somewhere. I have no idea who you all are, but if you all went and raced one weekend this report would be massive. There’s a challenge. Get out there and do something. Make my life harder.


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