The weekend time stood still. Clock Change weekend report.

A weekend of 2 halves… misty and windy on the tops on Sat. and glorious on Sunday. I hope everyone enjoyed the Snake being closed on the week just gone – its pretty much the only time cyclists actually get to *enjoy* the road rather than just endure it.

Not a whole lot of road news this week, but some more boggy stuff. I haven’t really got the brainpower for making stuff up, so you’re going to have to deal with the truth this week. If I’ve forgotten something, I apologise, but my computer is running a bit slow, and I’m not redoing it now. Final GNB results will be posted as and when I find out what they are…..

Grin and bear it

The final “non-nav” counter in the fell series happened today. In a turn up for the books, ace runner Chris Webb showed himself to be a serious contender for navigator of the month by missing out on the final checkpoint of the race. Luckily he realised, and ran back a couple of miles to get it, thus finishing the course and coming in as first Glossopdaler in 12th place. He *was* about 3rd before the navigational mishap…. but at least he went back and got the final checkpoint rather than cutting and running for


Boys ready for the bog monster

home. The hopes of the rest of GDH have been raised that he *might* actually be beatable on the Peak Raid in a couple of weeks time. Paul Skuse and Will Mather were beating seven shades of bog out of each other on the hill. I have no idea who finally came out on top, and who was the one left staggering off the hill in a stagnant mess. I suspect I shall find out soon enough. *(ah yes… facebook tells me that it was Skusey who ended up covered in bog… despite him being the one offering lifts)*. BOTH of them, however were put to the sword by Andy “wily” Fox, the V60 with attitude who took no prisoners and ran himself into some serious champs points. Ian Oates was mooching along (hungover, I would imagine), apparently unhappy with his choice in race pack, and was getting touchy-feely with all other competitors in order to “see which was the best one”. No harrassment cases were brought forward during the race, and I presume he finished at some point, though I haven’t seen his Strava record yet, so the jury is out. John Stephenson aced his way around the course, missing no checkpoints, making no unforced errors, and generally being a gentleman about the whole thing. Jolly good show from the elder gen.

Snowdon Marathon

Ah, I remember when this marathon was just another quiet marathon, when you didn’t have to stay up til silly’o’clock in the morning needing to click on the right button to ensure entry… it still filled up in those heady days of, um, 2 years ago… I suppose Glossopdale are such trend setters that whichever marathon we decide to do ends up just being another mass gravy train. This year, from the results, the sole GDHer who enjoyed the rather fabulous circuit around Snowdon was Craig Leith. He bided his time on the first hill, taking it somewhat easy up Pen y Pass, where he passed in some 245th place. From there he unleashed his spectacular downhill style, hitting the halfway point in 177th, having gained a load of places on the rough stuff. In the final sector, involving the uphill struggle from Wanfawr and the rather amusing fell section he succeeded in gaining 7 more places, finishing in 170th in a rather spritely 3:32:41. 10th V50 (and a chip time of 3:28) Which, on a flat course, probably equates to somewhere around a 2:10:15… right?


Just one brave soul of the Glossopdale Massive headed along to the OMM this year. Step forward one Andy Oliver. Hardcore and softly spoken, with glinting eyes and hamstrings that can crack a walnut he and his non-glossopian partner (Dave) went off to the Langdales to do battle with the organisers.. well the course. According to Andy it was the best nights sleep he has ever had at the OMM, soft, fluffy beds, and a warm shower as well. In Andy’s words….

My buddy Dave and I got timed out at a control half way round day 1 of the ‘A’ class. After getting timed out we decided there was little point carrying on to have a cold wet night in a tiny tent and made our way back to the event centre and drove back to Glossop for warm showers and cosy beds.
Looking at the OMM website, only 10 teams from 70 or so which started completed day 1. The weather was harsh, strong winds, rain and thick clag to low levels. I would like to pick a point with the OMMs description that teams exercised “sound mountain judgement” in deciding when not to continue.  We didn’t. When we were timed out (at 2.30pm?), we decided to make a day of it with our route back to hand in the dibber and find our car, electing to hike up Pike of Blisco and enjoy a fun route back to the event centre in the Langdale valley.
As a point of order with the OMM, it does seem to be a bit excessive having time outs on EVERY CP, especially if they aren’t taking the controls in until Sunday evening… but that’s a rant for another day…. See Andy for details.

Jedburgh 3 Peaks Ultra

Nick Ham was at it again -what’s this? 213 Ultras and counting now? He finished this one in 106th place in 7:55:06. He’s well on the way for his grand slam of 2017, just needing to finish the White Rose Ultra. Flipping heck, the man is a machine. A running, picture taking, stat laden machine!


2 new PBs at Glossop Parkrun this weekend, and not forgetting a stonking 50th for young


Wyatt – ready for his 50th!

gun Wyatt Barlow – thats 50 Parkruns. Excellent effort there! The spooky edition of parkrun saw people running around in halloween costumes and discarding them as soon as it got too hot. Young hotshot Esme Brack knocked another 15 seconds off her best, taking her time to 21:16, within spitting distance of a 72% age grading. Emma Peters put her foot down again this week, crushing her own Glossop parkrun PB with a superb 22:53.

She has also requested that I publish this: emma








Oh. No, not *that*.


Let the record state that I’m now declaring war on Jeroen’s times and my 2018 goal is to beat him in a head to head”

So there you have it. Jeroen, you’d best get your shoes on.

I should also mention that another PB was got, with a 1st place, no less by young Paul Peters as well over in Lancaster parkrun. Good running indeed.

Consolidated report is here.

Other stuff

Right – in other news, Zoe is trying to organise a weekend away down in Shropshire for the Titterstone Clee and Long Mynd fell race weekend – Have a butchers on Facebook and drop her a line if you’re interested.

2018 races – there is now a page dedicated to the updat of what is going on for next years champs- fell, road and junior as well. If you haven’t seen it, get over to here.

And if you are a younger, faster, stronger runner…. this is Steve’s message:

The GDH Junior Challenge

One of the highlights of this running year for me has been the rise of the Padawans, often seen at Parkrun knocking out great runs with big smiles. They have also been sighted on the local fells, mixing it up on the trails and embracing the mud of X-Country, so a few of us thought, lets embrace and support this youthful energy and thus the Junior Challenge was born.

First race of the year will be Stride Through the Woods in April followed by Lantern Pike, Charlesworth & Chisworth (cake involved), Plum Fayre and Shine a Light (more cake). There will be a visit to a X-Country race in November, you can run Marple Junior Parkrun at anytime for a counter and we would like you to do an Adventure Parkrun as well. This can be a Parkrun on holiday, it could be your first ever senior Parkrun, or a special event, let Tim know you are claiming your Adventure Parkrun and write us a short story to go with it.

The ‘rules’ are simple, grab your shoes, get yourself a vest and start practicing your race face. There are eight races to enter and there will a special limited edition GDH buff for any runner that completes 4, 6 or all 8 races. Make sure you let Tim know you’ve been racing so you can get a shout out in the newsletter.

So Caitlin, Josie, Adam, Wyatt, Naomi, Amy, Oliver, Merlin, Martha, Mason, and the rest of the Padawans, the challenge is there, are you?





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