Remember, remember the 5th of November, snowmen, ultras and mud. weekend report

Snow on the tops – that was the forecast for the weekend, and while none of us believed it, Ant and Dec, sorry, Jules got up on Bleaklow early on Sunday to suss out the white snowstuff. It wasn’t exactly a huge dump of snow, more of a sprinkling, but it was there for a short amount of time til the sun came out. (yes. the Sun. Came out. A rare occasion this side of November 1st, but there we go. Stuff has still been happening in terms of racing – no let up on that front. I notice there is quite an increase on the Strava group as well, in terms of hill reps, speed reps, long runs and who knows what. You all seem to be training for something – or, just getting out and doing stuff, which is great to see. If you aren’t getting out and running for fear of, I don’t know, bogs, roads, fatigue, whatever, get on the facebook group and ask/cajole/bully someone to get out for a run with you.

White Rose Ultras

The various distances were run by a few of our number. The nice thing about ultras (of any distance) is that you can pretty much just consider them to be picnics on-the-go. Not only that, but once you finish, it is perfectly acceptable to eat ALL the rest of the food you prepared but didn’t get around to eating. Free calories. It has to be said that the various Harriers absolutely excelled themselves. In the 60 miler, Will Mather went through some interesting and dark places on the way to his rather spectacular 6th place overall. In his  12hr 25min stint on the road he didn’t once stop in a pub, but rather intelligently took his own well stocked minibar with him. Jason Hart was chasing behind, but was never quite able to catch up with the mobile bar, and had to dip into a couple of cocktail bars on the way around. It wasn’t the bar stops so much as having to change into a Dinner jacket ans shoes every time that really slowed him down. Nevertheless, he rallied towards the end after a particularly fine Long island iced tea and pulled out a 10th overall in 13hr 05. (ish)
In the 30 miler our sole (soul?) female competitor, Elanor Swan held her own, singing her way through various Diana Ross hits for the entire way around. Her magnificent vocal skills, along with a strong pair of legs and excessive amounts of Haribo came in an excellent 5th lady. Also in the 30, and trying to outdo Elanor in the singing stakes, our 3 tenors, Nick Ham, Mark Davenport and Guy Riddell pounded out the classics. (they are still arguing over who gets to be Pavarotti – more cake at the end).
I’m afraid I don’t really know how they did, but they are all accounted for. Additional thanks should also go to Dan Stinton who was doling out food at the end (in a semi-official volunteer capacity). No news as to his vocal ability has been received.

Mary Jeal

Rather than do separate sections for the races, I thought I’d just do a Mary Jeal section this week. Thanks for sending in the information, Mary, I have embellished it as necessary… On Saturday I did the Langley 7 yesterday. It was a lovely run out, with some


no- not a photo of Mary this weekend, but one typical of her between pub-stops

delightful views of the local drinking establishments. We visited about 6 of them in total, but I was good and only stuck to doubles. As it was, I came in 1st FV55 and105th in all in 55:09. To be honest, it wasn’t really enough of a workout for me, so after a lager shandy I cycled home – its only about 40 miles if you take a scenic detour. I still wasn’t all that tired, so when I woke up this morning I decided to wander over to Cop Hill for the fell race there. I decided to give everyone else a fighting chance and get some marathon training in as well. So I ran over there with a rucksack on and then did the fell race giving everyone a good 20 minute headstart. (well, to be honest, the brews in the pub needed sampling pre and post race, it would be rude not to). So I set out on my way and eventually came in 1st FV55, 77th overall in 59:10. From there I thought I might go and see the seaside, so pootled across to Wales on my bike before ambling home via some of the Tour de Yorkshire route. Ah, its nice to have a rest weekend. Speak to you soon!

New York Marathon

Lins Palmer has made the trip across the pond to the USA to take part in an international linsdrinking contest against her sisters. Having downed a load of Manhattans leaving them asleep under the table, she then went to pick up her NY marathon number and is *right now as I type* running the marathon. She is past 15k (in 1:33) and is quite happily dipping into various shops and bars on the way around, picking up souvenirs, cocktails, a bit of shopping all the while also getting in some sightseeing. I’ll have to update this later…. or maybe I’ll just put it in next weeks report.

Shepherds skyline

Our lovely Matt Huxford was out in action at Shepherds skyline on Saturday. A race that starts in a pub…. and finishes in one as well…. coincidence, or just good planning? The fact he didn’t tell anyone else he was going to do it means that he pretty much wanted to get another race under his belt with “1st GDH” emblazoned across the website. Well – there you go Hux – you got it this time! His strava route for the race looks astonishingly like he didn’t actually get lost ANYWHERE in the entire race, which is certainly something worth remarking on. He then went out and got tanked. Ah – such style.

Sorry – no photo…. you really don’t need to see that.

Dovedale Dash

1st GDH home at Dovedale dash was Sarah Leah. Looks like it was a fairly muddy one with neither pubstops, nor indeed any impromptu singing contests. I believe there was a bit of a dance off in the middle of the River, there were a few people with some rather entertaining Wolf costumes, and, potentially even a well lit, one might almost call it, a Flash lit dance as well. The results are as muddy as the waters across the stream, but from what I understand, everyone had a ball.

Peak Raid- Totley

It was only me that went across to the Peak Raid in Totley this weekend. Lets just say it was a combination of inaccuracy and overambition that got the better of me. I ended with 340 points…. but was 10 mins late which lost me 170 of them. Still, 30k across bogs, turks heads and generally horrendous terrain meant that I had a lovely excuse for an afternoon nap.


No glossop park run this week because of fireworks night and bonfires and general festivities, which means that everyone went off to do some tourism. PBs were got in other places, and all kinds of excitement happened. Read all about it here

Other stuff

There are still lots of opportunities to sign up to lead out a run on Thursdays. Go to the doodle poll to sign up. The route doesn’t have to be imaginative. I shall prove that by leading out this weeks pub run. I’m going to lead a trail-y road-y run starting at 7pm from the Leisure Centre. The Nominated pub is the Prince of Wales- we WILL be back there by 830.

Boggart hole XC is next weekend, Heaton park is the weekend after – as is the final race in the Fell Champs series – Old Glossop Peak Raid. Get your entries in!

That’s about it really. I’m off to finish my nap.


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