The one with Diana Rigg and that aussie chap

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Once again Mr Budd has left these shores to play in the Alps and left the weekly totting of up GDH madness to myself, so without much pre-amble (some of us have CPD to do you know!) here’s this weeks fluff as reported to me.

The Spine

Is he a member or is he an ex member or maybe even a not paid fees yet member (that reminds me…) either way he’s a friend of many and has just run/shuffled/wept his way 268 miles up the Pennine Way in winter. Harsharn Gill, I can’t really add more than a bloody well done sir and I strongly advise those not in the know to check out the The Spine on Facebook and soon you’ll see what an amazing achievement this is.

Lambs Longer Leg

More fun in the snow in at a race where just cracking the entry process is victory enough, no times yet but it looks like the Joanne Brack and Charmayne Brierley continued their renowned XC double act, Mary Jeal may have sneaked another category prize, and Darren Clarke showed up. Rumours are that Daz was treated for hyperthermia as he was looking confused and agitated but turns out he was just suffering separation anxiety from his beloved Cock Hill.

Kinder Trial

Also down Hayfield way, Saturday saw the Trial continue its find tradition of getting folk both lost and cold in the name of fun. Two GDH popped over for a day out, John Stephenson bemoaning the speed of the yoof of today whilst using his superior nav skills to beat them anyway, and Ian Oates one of the afore mentioned yoof.

Peak Raid

No results yet so just going to assume that Matt Huxford (Boomed Out winner 2018) got lost somewhere and hasn’t been seen since.

Update – John ‘Homing Pigeon’ Stephenson appears to have been rewarded for his beasting of the yoof on ‘O’ courses by become the series champion V60 in this years Peak Raid. Well done sir, much deserved.

North of the Border

Not an actual race title but an update on one of our Scottish (or close enough) runners Emma Peters. Last week she ran a 5km PB of 21:43 at Newcastle a tough little course (well I found it tough but I was drunk). Great return from a lot of hard work. She has also entered a mixed lamppost bothering and proper hill ‘O’ event, and was mid-ceilidh when we spoke so no results yet. So far she has had a good day on the urban leg (despite the fussy town folk voiding results due to snow) and was looking to further lay down her tough hill lass credentials on Arthurs Seat by stepping up two classes.
A hearty chapeau mate!

Update – From Emma herself

Oh boy. So today was interesting. Set off and things were icy like yesterday but it was going okay. 17 minutes in it started to snow. Another 15 minutes later I couldn’t see much. At one point I stopped to put my jacket on and in the meantime dropped my orienteering dibber (£30 deposit at stake…). Retraced my steps where I managed to find it and hook it back on my finger and set off. Then went to check my map and realised I’d dropped my map when picking up my dibber. Another retracing of steps later and I have my map AND dibber, but no desire to finish. So I set off back (12/20 controls completed). … A few minutes later I decided I didn’t want to give up yet after all so successfully chased after 13, found 14 soon after and (after being pointed in the right direction by a teammate) 15. 16 and 17 followed after a bit of a climb and then I was nearly back. I even met the same teammate again who was retiring from his course so we thought we’d run back together, especially as he knew where my number 18 was. Unfortunately when we got there, the control was already gone as the organisers had started taking the course down. Lots of bum sliding down the ice later and we were back! Only 1 person left on the course and some worried organisers, but I said before I started that I’d be back before 15.00 and with the clock reading 14.59 as I got back I think my timing was impeccable. Officially a DNF I suppose, but I’m chuffed that I got so far in conditions like that!

XC – Leigh Sports Village

From our man in the field, Paul ‘Scoop’ Skuse.

Unbelievably muddy (Big thanks to Chris Webb for getting us used to running on unrunnable tracks). It’s not often I look forward to running on tarmac but that was the only time I could get a spurt on. Steve Knowles ran like a boss. Honestly, it was a classy performance. Matt Crompton had a right old battle with David Chrystie-lowe and Richard Martin. What the results dont show is Rich ran in trail shoes which were as much use as roller skates so extra kudos for staying upright. Chris Jackson is on his way back to form. And Andy Burnett is looking buff! Go on, feel his muscles, he loves it. At the finish line Kirsty was utterly minging, it takes a lot of effort to get that much mud on you. Jo Brack came past the finish line looking immaculate. Not sure who else was there. Huge thanks to Adam and Caitlin for cheering us round. It is really appreciated by all of us.

Coed y Brenin Trail Half Marathon

Over the border and far away, in a Welsh forest the Wasinski’s went to play. It was windy, it was snowy, and Greg got put in his place by Lucy who smoked him on the final hill to claim a fifth lady and a PB. Remember folks, marriage counts for nothing on race day.


Consolidated report is here no PBs reported but well done to Ben Tetler for a first finisher at Stamford Park.

Committee News

You’ll hopefully all seen the news from the AGM but we’ll have a little repeat here, MASSIVE THANKS from all to John Hewitt for his service at the GDH tiller as Chairman. A great spokesperson for the club and always there with a big welcome and support to new members, and teller of many a good story. Big shoes to fill but luckily we have another John (Stephenson version) to step in and he’ll do a cracking job just by being himself.

Also joining top table and entrusted with looking after the greater good (repeat: the greater good) are Jude Stansfield, who’ll be organising the ladies as their new captain, and Minister without Portfolio Matt ‘Malcolm Tucker’ Crompton. Thanks for stepping up, you’ll be grand.

January Mile Challenge

Don’t forget to try your hand at the Mile Challenge down on the trail for the rest of this month, champs points up for grabs and its a counter for the overall champs as well as the road for those of you looking to complete and not just compete.

Its all just a bit of fun but, interesting that Paul Skuse is kicking the rear of both Crossman and Jackson with Oates to scared to even attend. And where is Coach J?

Paul Peters 00:05:19 Kirsty Sharp 00:06:17
Tim budd 00:05:22 Emma C-L 00:06:52
Paul Skuse 00:05:59 Emma Rettig 00:07:37
Steve Crossman 00:06:04 rachel walton 00:07:50
Will Mather 00:06:18 helen thornhill 00:07:56
Rob Sheldon 00:06:30 lynne taylor 00:08:01
David C-L 00:06:35 Laurie Barlow 00:09:50
Luke Holme 00:07:00 Mandy Beames 00:12:23
ian crutchley 00:07:01
Mark Davemport 00:07:12
pete wallroth 00:07:18
Chris Jackson 00:08:15
malc brown 00:08:21
adrian gent 00:09:27
Dan Ellingworth 00:10:05
Jon Haggart 00:11:27



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