The “resolutions? Nooo…. I didn’t make any of those, therefore I haven’t not broken them” weekend report.

This week a whole lot of exciting things have been happening. Mainly on the trail as a fair few mile challengers have been out. Good to see a groove being worn in the trail down there. So far I haven’t seen any suspicious timings – though I find it suspicious that Jeroen has been out… perhaps it was only on the proviso that Emma let him beat her. As it is, if you haven’t done it yet and want to take part in the cheapest part of the Road champs, you have until midnight on Wednesday to register a time.


Yes. A race. And yes – indeed, a place in Wales. According to wikipedia, Tarrenhendre is a mountain in Snowdonia, North Wales. It is one of the Marilyns in the Cadair Idris group. Lying to the south of Cadair Idris, it and its neighbour Tarren y Gesail form the bulk of the Tarren subgroup. So there you go. Don’t say you didn’t learn something today, even if you can’t pronounce it. Obiwan Sikobe was out in force, lightsabreing his way through the field in deepest darkest wales. The course was a total mudfest, as everywhere is at the moment, and he came in with a fabulous time of 1:13 in nth place. He was apparently the winner of the most impressive faceplant competition, though. Whether it was mud, sheep or cow related, we are left to speculate.


Ah – You see! In Wales you CAN have your number on your shorts!

Lyme park night race

I for one had not heard of this one – well… I’ve heard of Lyme Park, but was unaware there was a night race, so I’m not sure if that makes me more or less aware of the whole thing than Tarrenhendre. A few of us were across there watching the lights and the fire show – which – like much of us – looks a lot better in the dark, before blatting their way around the park, trying not to trip over deer. (stags like to tie tripwires between their horns, which makes night running in Lyme park particularly hazardous). I can’t find any information about timings, or anything like that – only a page that says the event has happened. So. Apparently, Liam Amos and his Dad decided to head there on account of the fact Pete Wallroth and Luke Holme were going to be there. A challenge had been thrown down, and it was accepted like the gauntlet that it was. Sian Griffiths was there, along with Lance and Sally to watch and referee the competition, which would involve not just running around the park at night, but a whole host of tricky and inventive challenges to do with deer husbandry, national trust architecture, rhodedendron pruning and interpretive dance. To cut a long story short, or I will literally write the whole thing out in longhand and will still be here tomorrow morning, they all had a lovely time, no deer were harmed in the course of the competition and they are still deciding who won.


A report from Will Mather – My 7 year old ran his 3rd park run today and the 1st time on his own he never stopped on what is a very hilly 2k and got his PB. So what Will is saying is that his son is basically faster than him. Excellent work from the young lad on the Whaley junior parkrun – a PB of 12:40. Keep up the solid work. Haribo all round! It seems that there were no new PBs at the Glossop version of parkrun this week, but here is a consolidated report for those of you who want to read it. Yes – I know *some* of you do. I can see the link counter.

Other Glossopian constrabulations

I can’t see a whole lot of other stuff that people have done in terms of races, though there are recces galore of various races around the peak district, people getting lost on Bleaklow, people getting lost on Kinder, people getting lost in Glossop, but all having a generally good time. So far, no-one has managed to do a “huxford” and ended up in the wrong count(r)y, though I will quite happily fund a prize for anyone who manages to do so. (there is no lower limit to the amount of money I am willing to spend).

In other news, I am sure you have all seen that Teenager with Altitude entries are open, which is a GDH fell champs race this year. It is potentially the last year it will be run – or at least the last time it will be run by the current organiser. Steve unfortunately passed away due to MND earlier in the year, and Wynn will no longer be doing organising duties. It is a beast of a race, but thoroughly enjoyable. Well worth the tenner that it costs.

Old County Tops is now open, it is the 30th anniversary, so get your entries in. I hear that Hux is looking for a partner, so hone your compasses and send him a message. I can vouch for his gentlemanly running ethic and ability to consume 2 types of sandwich at the same time.


Oh – And subs are due. If you haven’t paid and you want to be a member. Pay.

Oh – and it would appear that this Thursday is a Pubrun. Which means I am organising it. Um. Right. Theoretically it might not be raining. I don’t really believe that. I have no idea where we are going to go, but a headtorch, grippy shoes, a waterproof and a sense of humour will be a must. We go at the pace of the slowest person, so take that into account. There will, of course, be a speedier fell group out, and I suspect there will be some traffic dodgers about as well. I’ll decide on the pub we will be patronising during the week. Any preferences?

In March I’ll either organise another Street-O, but in Hadfield, or we can run from Glossop to Broadbottom, sup beer in the Harewood, and then take the train back.


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