It’s the middle of Feb. Get off your backside and do something! Weekend report.

well. this and that, it’s snowing again, the weather can’t decide on a season, people have been running here there and everywhere. If you want to see what everyone is doing because you’re in a rut and can’t be bothered to get out look on Strava, someone is always posting up something new there… heck I see that even Ian Oates has been out for a run. Yadda Yadda. Crikey. It’s 1500 words or near enough this week. I need a sit down. Well. Nearly 1500. Just a few more really. What can I talk about? Surely this is going to get me there? Yep. there you go. One Thousand Five Hundred.

Carnethy 5

One of our number made the pil(grim)age up to Carnethy for the Carnethy 5. No, not a 5km, or even a 5 mile race. Fellrunners are a but more hardy than that. The 5 in the title refers to the number of hills in the race. This one is famed for being a bit of a local test-piece, and who better to get up North and follow the footsteps, than the Hux. He acquitted himself in good order, neither getting lost, nor snapping anything, and came in a very creditable 59th – though just missing out on the magic 1 hour time. He finished in 1:01:41.

Stockport trail half race

Some excitement was had on a rather flatter course over in Stockport this weekend, with a load of people running the Stockport trail half. Taking a week off his fell schedule, and packing in the miles before London, Steve Knowles blatted his way around the 21.1k course in a rather splendid 1:22:48, coming in 1st V45 to boot. (and was later spied refulling like a champion with curry and beer – ah, a man after my own heart and training principles). Next over the line was Tony Hillier in 1:46:50, and, would you believe it, 1st V70. He was closely followed by Jason Hart, who was a tad confused by the fact the race wasn’t going on for another 20 hours. Not even 10 minutes later, Wendy McMahon crossed the line, crushing the 2 hour mark, and sneaking in just under the double century.

6th Stevie Knowles 1:22:48 1st V45

108th Tony Hillier 1:46:50 1st V70

136th Jason Hart 1:49:45

192nd Wendy McMahon 1:57:15

It is also notable that currently of this Parish, (but not actually doing the race) Emma Peters –  decided to run a 1/2 marathon in some godforsaken backwater as she couldn’t get to Stockport and knocked 18 mins off her PB (pretty damn amazing). I’m now awaiting a chip time….

Winter half tour of bradwell

How d’you make the Long tour of Bradwell easier? Do the Short tour…. but what if you want to make the Short tour harder, but not by distance…. simple. Stick it in the winter when it is raining, sleeting, snowing, generally blowing a hoolie and everyone would rather be inside with a cup of hot horlicks. No matter what they do in terms of races, if they put it on, people will come, and not only that, they will pay good money to do so.

Spot the Glossopdale Ninja

Spot the Glossopdale Ninja

Mark Davenport, a man now beginning to understand what it means to suffer for your art was there on the start line, as was a man to whom running absurd mileage- just not very often – has become a habit – Juddy Hirst. I understand that they “enjoyed” the course right the way though (the whole course… and not *some* of it, like some of the competitors). Dav’s completed the course in 2:48 dead in 59th place, slaying some demons for not being able to take part in last years summer tour. Judd decided to make a day of it, taking photos, taking in the weather, and actually, it seems, genuinely enjoying it, and cruised in 130th in 3:45:38. Top notch suffering, gents.

Mark Davenport 59th in 2:48:00

Juddy Hirst 130th in 3:45:38

Windy hill

Right – all I know about this is that it is on a hill, and it is Windy. The paths were very icy, and Luke Holme was there flying the colours. Beyond that, um… well, they say pictures are worth a thousand words so feast yer eyes on this one:

Luke holme

What’s that on Lukes left leg? Looks like a tag to me…. Let out on day release? Or just snazzy socks?


Anglezarke Amble

I’m not even going to pretend that I’ve ever heard of this one. If you mentioned it to me yesterday I would have fully assumed you were taking the Michael – or that it was a brand new race that no-one had ever heard of. As it is, Nick Ham has run it 16 times since the turn of the millenium. Not that it gives me any idea of the quality of the course – Nick has run an awful lot of races, good, bad and middling a number of times since the turn of the millienium. Let’s cut him some slack this week and say that it is one of the most charming, delightful and picturesque races you are ever likely to do. A hidden gem of a race that you will almost certainly not have heard of, and one of those races that is so unlikely to turn up on one of those “Red bulls top 10 races you MUST do before/as you die” that it will be a genuinely pleasureable experience. Nice one Nick, keep up the obscure race spotting.

The return of the Thursday evening timetrial

Yes, this week saw the return of the Thursday evening Time trial. The third in the trilogy after A New 5k and the Marathon Strikes back. It was capably organised and compered by Emma Rettig – and there is a short report from her here. Well. I say report. She wrote it on facebook and I copy/pasted it as it seemed like less work for me…..

Thanks to everyone who came out in miserable conditions for last nights 10km time trial. I had one job to do, timing, and I didn’t make a very good fist of it I’m afraid* – although I blame the wild padding of estimated times! There’s nowhere to hide for the rerun in March though…..

Well done everyone on some cracking performances – you’re all speedier than you give yourselves credit for!!

*Full disclosure I dropped my phone (using as stopwatch) and may have stuffed up some of the times, sincere apologies if your time doesn’t look quite right. TTT

The demise of the XC Webbinar (for the moment)

I have to mention that it was the final of the seasons XC based sessions, headed up and run by the formidibly fast and nails Chris Webb. Thanks for putting such thought, time and effort into the sessions and the rather detailed spreadsheets that they generated. I’m sure that classroom time will need another diversion soon, so watch this space for his next running pain related escapade.


Well, thank Heaven for that. MACCL has come to an end, and not a moment too soon. This week it was over in Wythenshawe Park and it was bloody horrible. No wonder no-one turned up for it. Mud like a bad glastonbury, standing water like a division 4 footie pitch, and general Grimness. I didn’t even see Ezme as she was (somewhat intelligently) taking shelter in the car as her Mum ran. Hero of the day has to be David Chrystie-Lowe as he was the one that was out in it the longest. Here’s yer results, and good luck if you’re doing the final SELCC next weekend, I hope the weather is just as elemental for you.

Junior Ladies: 8th Ezme Brack 30:37

Ladies: 136th Jo Brack (10th V50) 47:29

Blokes: 26th Chris Webb 41:34

37th Tim Budd 43:01

213th David Chrystie-Lowe (3rd V60) 50:19


A load of people followed Guys steps up, around the moor and back down again for Glossop parkrun in a re-run of Parkruin. No souls were lost, though a couple were tarnished by the experience. There was also a Road based version, capably led by Matt Crompton over to Stamford for the Parkrun there. Unfortunately they ran into a small problem – it was cancelled. So they ran back. Presumably via somewhere with croissants and pain au chocolat. You’ve gotta replace the calories somehow.


So the main people to mention this week are 2 of the padawans who smashed their PB’s at Glossop this week. Melissa Crutchley just turned 8 and decided to celebrate in style with a massive PB of 30:12. Brother Benjamin was a little further ahead, but didn’t quite manage to pip his PB. On the other hand Naomi Barlow decided that she wasn’t having any more of the whole standing around thing and crushed her previous best time, coming in at 45:15. Watch out old guys and gals. The new generation is coming. Consolidated report is here.

Other Stuff

A load of people were out enjoying the snow this weekend. As I type, it is still falling. If you’re going out – have an excellent time and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


Thanks, as ever to Mark H for the photo



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