well… you did indeed get off your backsides.. weekend report


GDH. Definitely Anarchic.

It would seem that everyone decided to get up and do something this weekend. It might have been the weather, it might have been the title of last weeks weekend report, it might be that this week simply had more races lined up, but I’d like to think that it was a call to arms from yours truely. Well, there has been more activity that I can shake a stick at this time around. Thanks to various people for sending in stuff that they’ve done. This week is similar to every week in that all the information has basically been trawled from facebook, strava and the dark recesses of my brain. If you don’t want stuff being made up about you, let me know what actually happened – it’s a lot easier to copy/paste than it is to make something up.


The final SELCC meet was this weekend. Hotly anticipated by all, especially by Matt Crompton, who still has all the numbers of the people that signed up for the series, but still didn’t get around to running any of them. I have absolutely no idea how the race went, apart from the fact Jo Brack ran in the sunshine (No idea if anyone else did, or what constitutes “shine”, but that is what it says on Strava). Our man on the street, Chris Jackson was able to provide us with some detail about the end of the series – (though not the race itself). Overall, from the whole series, it would seem that there have been some pretty significant performances….
Caitlin Swan was 3rd U11
Ezme Brack was 1st U17, cementing her status as person most likely to overtake *you* this year.
Kirsty Sharp was 1st Open Ladies. Which I presume means Ladies of any age, as opposed to any other connotation. Jo Brack, not to be out done by her daughter took the 3rd overall prize in FV50.
It wasn’t ALL about the girls though (but it has to be said, they really raked in the majority of the prizes… Stevie Knowles – whose long, luscious locks look magnificent atop a blue and orange vest was 1st V45 for the series, while David Chrystie-Lowe blasted around the final course to scrape a joint 3rd V60 for the series. Superb effort to all you guys.

Wildest Peaks Trail run

Lucy Wasinski carried on her penchent for trail races this weekend, entering the Dark and White Wildest Peaks race. 25 and a bit km of delightful trails, lovely views and a bit of drizzle. I understand that long suffering Greg stood in as a marshal, trying to convince Illy the spaniel that getting muddy and tired really *is* fun. Illy, it seems had other ideas. That aside, Lucy joyously smashed around the course in no more than 2:19, enjoying every minute of it. She might even have stopped to pet Illy (but not Greg… no petting in the race please) and rocked over the line as 1st female- 17th overall. I’m not keeping a record, but I reckon she must be in first place for the series already? hmmmm. Watch this space.

Nostell night run

Liam Amos continued his fashion for running Night races. Here’s a question. Has anyone seen Liam by daylight? I’m not casting aspersions or anything, but… well.. he runs at night, wears a black cape, has very well developed canines, an aversion to garlic and Steaks… sorry, Stakes…. I’m merely pointing it out. Anyhow. I see from Strava that he got around the run, but as is ever the case, no-one knows who finished where, (or at least, no-one has told me), but I reckon that Liam got around the course in a supernaturally fast time and might have used echo-location to navigate rather than a torch…

New Chew

The first of the GDH fell champs races went on this weekend as well. A nav course around Chew, put on by Saddleworth runners. It was kept to the Short score course, so 3.5 hours was the cut off – and the area was flipping massive. I spent an awful lot of time making my way through fields of Turks Heads – I know that Tom Young also went in the same direction as me for a while, so was almost certainly afflicted by the same issue. If you haven’t had the “pleasure” of running across what could only be described as the most horrendous terrain known to man or beast in these parts, we can gladly point you in the right direction. After running across that nonsense, nothing else will ever seem like anything but flat again. Catherine Young ran a bit of a blinder, despite twice being psyched out by John Stephenson and his “oh…. you’re going *that* way. Interesting” comments – in fact. she did so well that she not only beat John, but also came in 1st Lady for the day. John Stephenson may have been a little over ambitious in his point tally, coming in a fair few minutes late – losing points in the process – but not quite as overambitious as Joe Travis and Emma Peters. We were sitting inside when they came storming into the finish… it seemed like Emma was dry retching with effort for at least 5 mins before managing to give Joe a hug, and staggered indoors. I think that the “magically growing hill of Chew” will live large in their minds in future events. That being said, I suspect I might get an email at any point now telling me that Emma just ran the fastest 5km of her life on the way back in – though how long it will take for her to forgive Joe for falling on top of her whilst she had already fallen over – pinning her in a bog, is anyone’s guess. Lynne Taylor and Lucy Wasinski had a fabulous mooch across the top, concentrating on not getting lost, picking up points on the way and not being late back. Greg Wasinski took Illy out again, and tried to convince her that being tired and muddy is fun. Again. She was not impressed. Again. Poor pooch looked pooped by the end. Greg was very happy to be pretty much first back and had first dibs on the food. Rachel Walton had a fabulous time out on the hill, bashing around various checkpoints, falling in bogs and generally relishing not having a child to be responsible for. She had so much fun that she forgot the time and ended up being late as well… but still came in with points!

Tim Budd 280 1st overall
Tom Young 190 3rd overall
Catherine Cleary 135 1st Lady
John Stephenson 107 1st V60(?)
Joe Travis and Emma Peters 81 1st Mixed team(?)
Lynne Taylor 50
Lucy Wasinski 50
Greg Wasinski (and Illy) 35 1st bloke and dog
Rachel Walton 28

all question marks are there, because I’m just taking it from Johns photos, but have no idea if I’m just making stuff up now.

IOW 5k+ a bit

A classic bit of Isle of Wight measuring going on here. A 5k+.. ie. we know it’s more than 5, and it might be less than 9, so let’s just stick “a bit” on the race leaflet and everyone will be happy. Claire Campbell ran it and had a marvellous time. I’m sure the sun shone. the rain stayed away and the locals were kept behind barbed wire – like normal, as she cruised around into 6th position in 28:50 (first FV40). With that in mind I bet she didn’t even visit a single pub on the way around…. barely enough time for a whisky, straight no chaser…

Great North West Half

We have the Great North, South, East and West runs. Well, now it would seem that stephen pagecardinal points aren’t enough and we’re going for the bits inbetween. Props to the person that sets up the “Great West South West Run” when it happens… anyhow. The Great North West Run was up in Blackpool this weekend just gone. Stephen Page ran his debut race as a GDH. By his own admission it was Flat, windy and horrible. Well. It is Blackpool. If it was hilly, still and beautiful it would be um… errr. I can’t really think of anywhere hilly and still. Anyway. Had a magnificent run and may well have come in with a PB, but that hasn’t been corroborated yet, so we wait with bated breath.

Park run

Ian Crutchley is sending out a request. His daughter Melissa got another PB at Glossop Parkrun this week in 29.36 He doesn’t think he is going to be able to keep up with her for too much longer and is asking for a Justin Bieber to come along and run with her. Never heard of him personally, but I’m sure he is a nice bloke.
No-one else PBed at Glossop this week, though a load of people were parkrunning in other places, and I believe Wendy Trelease decided that 5k isn’t far enough and ran to one via Leeds. Or something. Consolidated weekly results

News from Rwanda

Ah yes, I nearly forgot about this one. Tim Culshaw-Willson and Alice Willson-Culshaw our international correspondents of choice were out and about doing a marathon in some ridiculously hot part of the country. Tim is of course training for the High Peak alice and timMarathon – being the Lynch Pin of the John Hewitt Appreciation Society Team, so is getting a load of long distance, cold weather, navigation heavy night running into his training schedule. Ah. No. My mistake. He is doing marathons in the sun, getting heatstroke, being picked up by his wife and then transported back to the start in an ambulance. That’s the one. Nice work Tim. Keeping the British End Up.

other stuff

There were people heading off for Oldham way recces, 4 Inns recces, running around reservoirs, and police bothering in Manchester (all in the name of marathon training). Great to see so many people getting out and training and enjoying themselves. Thanks for the continued pictures that I am blatently nicking off facebook.


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