Ok, you might *think* it’s cold now…. weekend report

Right then… a whole load of stuff happened this week, and Im pretty sure there are other things that happened that I havent got the faintest clue about – sorry if I missed you, let me know and you might get in next week. Actual facts this week as well…. I know. I had to have a sit down as well.

High Cup Nick

Ah – High Cup Nick. A crazy place. The most amazing landscape, superb views, generally pretty decent weather. None of which were taken in by anyone doing any racing there… It’s and eyeballs out race with very little to slow you down, apart from lungs falling apart and legs dropping off. A superb little race, with an unfortunate amount of people entering it… nigh on 400 this year I think. A couple of our number braved the crowds and the biting wind, and had a stonking day out. Despite the stacked field, Chris Webb (deciding to take the more scenic option than Parliament hill XC) topped out in 23rd place in about 1:10, while John Stephenson got his medium distance legs out for a spin in the hills and placed pretty well. No confirmed places yet because I have been out and haven’t had time to bother to look at the website. Thanks to not quite Harrier yet Alice Swift for the photos.

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South Pennine 24

An LDWA event for the hale and hardy. Who else would be at a race which is more than 20 miles long? That’s right – Nick Ham – in his words… “The 3rd South Pennine 24 today: one word – awesome. Running conditions were best yet for this event with the ground nicely frozen and sunlit views to die for. I won’t mention the only bog I found on the descent to Crowden“. I also happen to know that Pete Wallroth and Luke Holme enjoyed the SP24, getting some miles in their legs for some long distance stuff later in the year. As to whether they also found that bog – I have no idea. Let’s just pretend they did, and they managed to get out of it…. which is a point… has anyone seen them since?nicH

Malta Marathon

The Siberian freeze might be coming, but one of us doesn’t really give two hoots. Claire Campbell is currently over in Malta enjoying the sun and the scenery and has just done the Malta Half marathon in 1.53 something – apparently official results take ages, but that is as close-a reckoning as we’re going to get. Just in case you were wondering, as you were being blown sideways across Bleaklow in -15 windchill, in Malta it is Sunny and 17 degrees. Thanks for that Claire. I’ll have a margerita please.

Hope Winter Fell Race

Paul Skuse was over in Hope today, having got over the dilemma of doing either the Hope Winter, or Hoppits Hobbit – or some such race. I don’t need to worry what the other one was, because he went to Hope. Anyway – from him….. Did Hope winter today with  Mary Jeal -where was everyone? It was perfect racing weather. Sorry, Ive no idea about results but got beasted about 3/4 up win hill when the gradient just ramped up. Lost far too many places all the way to the top but then clawed a few back on the descents and the flat wooded sections but not enough to get get back in the mix. And as expected I wore far too warm a top for such a perfect day. I saw Mary come in with a smile on her face and wearing more layers than me so that’s something. If you like a fast start followed immediately by a fairly relentless, mostly runnable climb, this is a race worth considering.

Oulton Park 10k/ half

Jonathan Haggart was out at Oulton Park doing the 10 and said…. Finished the Oulton Park 10k and it’s Escher-like set up (obvious ups, where are the downs?) in a gun time of 1:10:40. Awaiting chip but happy with that in any case. … so someone else obsessed with chips…. I really don’t get it. Apparently Will Mather was doing the Half as well, though there has been no report of his finishing as of yet. jon
*Just in*… from our man on the ground – Will Mather...I ran the Oulton park half marathon today it was a little too long at 13.4mile but after nearly falling asleep 30mins before the start i still got a PB 1:31:46. 6 laps of the track trying to be a racing car. Pete Nicholson ran it too but don’t know of his time but I’m sure he didn’t spin out and crash and finished in a great time. He wasn’t just a *bit* quicker either…. 10 mins. I don’t call that shaving time off… more like lopping it off with an axe….

Standish Hall 10k

Ben Falla, better known across Glossopian circles for his cycling expertise dived into the deep end this weekend with his first race, the Standish Hall 10k. He came in 46th overall in 47:42… and appeared a lot more psyched about the pie that you got at the finish. Yup…. That’s a proper race. Run hard. Eat Pie.

Wrexham Village Bakery Half

There is a Half marathon associated with a Bakery? Why did someone not tell me? Were there almond covered Croissants at the aid stations? Did everyone who finish get a loaf? So many questions…. there are 2 people that might be able to answer these questions…. Wendy Trelease was there, and has evidently done it before… on her Strava she said this isn’t a PB… but still, 1:46:33 with, or indeed without Croissants is still pretty damn good! The every young David Chrystie-Lowe was also over there, using some of his XC gained speed and stamina, and DID manage to secure a PB of 1:33:52. Nice work both of you. Now where are my baked goods?

Huddersfield 10k

Yes, there was a visitor to Yorkshire this Sunday as well, as Jo Brack went to Huddersfield. No. She isn’t getting a mention because she went across the border, she is getting a mention as she ran the 10k over there. Strava reckons she came in a smigeon (that’s a type of duck) under 52 mins – 51:59 to be precise, though we shall wait with bated breath to see what the chips say about that.


A couple of decent runs at Glossop parkrun this week, Immy Trinder is working her way up the stats with a 19:55 PB, Alan Byrne also done good this weekend with a PB at 25:21, whilst Naomi Barlow did much the same, with a PB at 44:55. Consolidated report is here.

Other Stuff

Ah. Right. This Thursday it is the first Thursday of the month- yup, it is March already… Which means it is a Pub Run. I was thinking, hey, let’s run over to Broadbottom, have a beer there and then catch the train back… but it looks like being an Amber snow warning (worse than yellow snow, apparently), so there might not necessarily be trains to get us back. So maybe we’ll do something a little different. I haven’t decided yet, but rest assured ,a pub will be involved. You don’t have to drink alcohol, but it is always nice to see people for a social, so come out anyway. Depending on weather/whim/etc I’ll put up the pub we’re going to on the facebook page at some point closer to the time.

Good luck to the Audacious gals and the John Hewitt Appreciation Society at the High Peak Marathon next weekend. Should be a good one, looking at the forecast! And if you havent seen on FB, we’re now looking for volunteers for Herod Farm Fell race. We need marshals and registration people etc…. there are 200 people in the club and if we can’t get enough people to volunteer to help out on a 5 mile fell race, we’re doing something wrong.


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