Well – at least I remembered my Mum’s birthday- Weekend report.

Well we appear to have had a relatively productive early March now that the ridiculous amount of snow has blown away and/or melted. An active weekend was had by a load of you, either racing, reccying or training for various bits and pieces and things. Now theen, where shall I start?

Edale trailrace Skyline

Matt Hux and Greg Wasinski were out battling in the first of the English Champs races. Edale Skyline, run in the opposite direction to usual, but with just as much paving slab as normal. Hux was going to send me a race report about it, but hasn’t yet. I suspect the slab


Skyline start – Thanks Lucy W for the photo

pounding has given him the shakes – either that or he is panicking about his tax return again and procrastinating massively… that being said – he is probably writing an essay right now. The main gist was given over by his whatsapp message to me. “****ing hated it”. Greg had a similar, if slightly less foul-mouthed sentiment. (because he is a gent). Matt ended up in 134th in 3:32 and Greg, after a fair amount of good natured cursing, and a huge amount of really not good natured cramp, ended up in 331st in 4:33.

Haworth Hobble

Nick Ham, Elanor Swan and Ali Holt were off in Haworth, giving the Hobble a bit of a bash. Nick is (forgive the expression) an old hand at this one, while Elano

ali and el

Audacious Gals

r and Ali were putting their hard fought fitness for the cancelled HPM to good use. Nick was running on a bit of a wonky knee, having left one of his good ones at the dry cleaners, and hobbled his way around in 8:02. Despite having a stonking start, he was overtaken by the Audacious gals at Stoodley Pike, and they did rather more than hobble (or should that be less than? If you hobble more then you go slower…? I don’t know). Anyhow, by the dubious lack of use of the feed stations – ie. sailing through them without availing themselves of either food, OR whisky… a tactic very much frowned on by John Hewitt) they got in to the finish faster than Nick, and then exited stage left pursued by a Bear, unfortunately missing Nick’s sprint and lunge for the line, which, I guess, lasted for about 3 miles….

Intercounties XC

Kirsty Sharp was off enjoying mud, mud and more mud at the intercounties Cross country. It being XC, the main thing to note is that the website still has last years details on it, and the location for this year. So it was at Prestwold hall in Loughborough. And Kirsty had a great time, as can be seen by the below photo. I believe you can pay an awful lot for a mudbath at Prestwold hall – but this one was probably a lot healthier. kirsty

Red Hot Toddy 10k

Lawrence Fennelly… Ah, it’s been a while since I had to remember how to spell his surname… Did the Red Hot Toddy 10k this weekend. I suspect all runners were given a shot of something vastly alcoholic at some point during the race, whether it was at the beginning or at the end, I have no idea… in his own words:Finished 81st out of 247 in 50.47. The profile is more like a fell race – if fell races had the occasional car zooming past at 60 mph! Really lovely race apart from that”. So if you like your fell races on tarmac with added objective danger, this is the one for you!

Irwell Valley 20miler

Wendy Trelease was off in Irwell, heading into the valley for a 20miler. I seriously have


Wendy… pre? post? She looks calm and composed either way

no idea where she finds these events. I’ve never heard of them til she’s done them… maybe it is all a secret ploy to go and snag all the CR’s and not let any other GDHers near them. As it is, she was 1st Glossopdale home, probably with a pocket full of Course Records and a big smile on her face. This one is billed as a perfect pre-marathon training event. She ended up 149th in 3:09 – and is building up nicely to London….


Well will you lookee at that. Only a couple of weeks after his sister started setting blistering times around Glossop Parkrun, Ben Crutchley has started his campaign, nailing a PB by pretty much a minute! Superb effort there. Consolidated results are here.

Other Stuff

If you’re interested in John S’s weekend trip to Dufton and High Cup Nick, there is a poll on facebook as to which date suits people best. Get yer vote in early.

I was babbling on about a practice Mountain Marathon type thing, starting in Glossop and heading to Hope, staying on a campsite with a Pub, and then coming back the next day. (with the option to carry all/none of the MM gear, or to do a single day). The idea was to do it on April 14/15. Let me know if you’re interested.



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