Easter Weekend club report – April Fools. Or not. As the case may be.

Easter weekend! Chocolate! Cake! Sugar! Snow! April Fools Day! Yes, it was indeed. I decided to wait until it was Bank Holiday monday before typing this out just in case anything was actually a bit April fools day-esque. It wasn’t, but at least it meant that Sunday evening was quite restful. Hope you all had a decent time out and about, the snow up on tops still looks amazing, though it is a tad chilly when it goes down your socks. So watch out for that….

Not the Oldham Way Ultra

On his way to running 5 Ultras in aid of Mummy’s Star, Guy realised that he was going to have to run the Oldham Way Ultra on a day that wasn’t the actual race. As you’ll know from previous episodes of Weekend reports, the OWU was cancelled/postponed because of the snow, the re-run day is on a day that Guy his combing his beard, and so the decision was made to battle around it this weekend. Roving reporter Dan Stinton was on the scene… 40 miles of scene… Hi Tim, as usual there’s stuff on social media about it, but whilst not officially a race Guy, Allan Parkin and myself ran the Oldham Way Ultra route this weekend, not quite making it in time for Chadderton parkrun but doing a lap of the park anyway! Guy can’t make the rescheduled date for the actual race so was fulfilling his pledge to do 5 ultras this year raising money for Mummy’s Star.

A typical Riddell-early start in damp conditions led to us getting round in a little over ten hours, slowed down by rain, mud and weary legs. We were joined along the way by Will Mather and other members of the GLOATURS to provide much needed supplies and support!
I believe there was a bridge that was out, which necessitated a bit of a river scramble/crossing and a few trees over the route etc. which made it a little more of an adventure than they were expecting. Still – they got around and back in time for easter eggs, tea and medals.

Salford 10k

So I have not a lot of detail on this one apart from what I can see on Strava. Kirsty and David C-L were out and about on the flats of Salford, mixing it up with the city girls and boys. It seems that both of them had a pretty decent run out, with some ridiculously fast splits between them. I understand that although neither of them managed a PB, they were within spitting distance of them. Testament to the hard miles and even harder recovery days that they are putting in at the moment. I’m not going to put up results until I actually see the results page… taking times off Strava is – it seems – a risky business.

Newport to Ryde

Claire Campbell has been out racing on the Isle of Wight. Newport to Ryde is not to be


Claire running properly – avoid the path at all costs.

sniffed at. The island equivalent of going from London to Birmingham –  offroad, which basically means muddy tracks with large amounts of clay. (much the same as onroad, to be fair). Claire wore the colours with pride and came in 93rd – 6th V40 in 1:07:58. To be honest I have no idea on the actual distance, mainly because “distance” is a bit of an elastic concept down there.

Out to Grinah

On Sunday there were a few intrepid folk heading across the moors to Grinah and back. Mark Davenport was my eye on the ground for that one…. What a great day for it, clear skies and not too cold. There was me, skuse, Ant walker, Mark H and Chris Jackson. 2-4 inches of snow on most trods and thigh deep where the ground dropped away made it longer time on our feet that expected. When over to grinah, down into the westend, alport, grains of water, higher shelf, lower shelf and back to the turning circle.


Nick Ham was off doing what Nick Ham does best – running long distances and taking photos. In the days leading up to the Lakes Mountain 42 the organisers basically thought that it might be a bit over the top (as it were) to make people do the entire route, and so shortened it… Nick takes up the story…- The decision to shorten the race was the right one. Conditions on the high ground were testing, to say the least. Good kit and to be wearing it, and sound mountain judgement, were necessary for survival. (Yes, we all survived the day.)

Looks like the correct decision was taken, you’ve got to not only take account of the runners, but also of the marshals who are out there getting cold and wet and hypothermic. Sounds like a good time was had by all. (except maybe the marshals). Photos to follow.


Apparently the gloopy-est and muddiest and grim-est Parkrun in Glossop in living memory this week. However, that didn’t stop young Mel Crutchley from leading her dad around the course in a new PB for her- 29:13. Flipping decent for anyone, let alone a whippersnapper like her… I suspect her brother will be out and about training for his return to the PB tables in the next few weeks? Weekly consolidated report is here. 

Other Stuff

This week is allegedly a pub run. Which means I have to think of something quick. I was vaguely tempted to do a short nav course from Old Glossop. Max time 1 hour with a few points to find in the vicinity, with a return to a pub afterward. Anyone up for that? reply on the facebook page.It won’t be massive, or necessarily well organised, but you will need a map.

Mark Harrisons time trial – Yup – Mark Harrison wants to do a timetrial from the turning circle to Bleaklow head and back. To be put up at some point in the next month or so. He’ll buy anyone a pint who manages to do it in sub hour. I’ll bake cakes for those who manage to do it in an astonishing time for themselves. (hmmm…. I might have to modify that a bit…. I’m astonished it took me 4 hours! who wouldve thought. Cake please.).

Non-racing news – So sitting down with Mark D the other day I realised that the weekly reports were basically just racing reports – which kind of goes against the idea of just getting out there and having fun. So with that in mind, if you’ve done something on the hills or on the roads that is worthy of a chat in a pub, then it is worthy of being put on here. Even better if you have a picture or something. We’re an active club – or at least  – there are individuals who are always getting out and doing stuff. Send me a photo and a couple of sentences. I’m interested in what you get up to, as are/is everyone else.

Last thing – the not really a mountain marathon is going ahead in 2 weekends time. If you’re interested and haven’t been in touch/aren’t on the facebook events page, drop me a line.


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