Better late than never, right? Weekend club report.

People have been out running marathons and 10ks and round reservoirs and across the hills and all over the place this week. Have a quick read, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to flesh it out with as many expanded truths as normal, but at least you might get an idea of what might have been going on.

Tatton Park 10k

The speed queen herself, Kirsty Sharp is still hanging around the sharp end of 10ks at the moment. Strava reveals that she blasted around the Tatton Park 10k route in some ridiculous time, ending up as 2nd Lady. I believe she decided to miss out on all the sandwich stops and also the roast dinner stop, but then cruised in at 38:09 – 12th place overall.

Rome Marathon

Marie Williamson has been out there globe trotting and sent in a marvellous report via photographing text messages. (Don’t ask). The main gist of it was that she had a fab time in the lead up to the race. Italy is certainly the place to wine and dine pre-race. So much so that I’d probably recommend heading out there before every race that you do, marie Romeanywhere in the world. Marie had 3 targets of increasing importance. To finish in undeer 5 hours, to finish, and, to survive…. It all started off wonderfully with the km markers just whizzing by, the 4:30 pacers and their purple balloons far behind in the distance. Lots of photos were taken of the collesium, tha vatican etc, Then it got hotter. The km markers got further and further apart. Eventually 32km came and went… 10k to the end… then, in Marie’s words… it got tough. Well. If you’re going to run on cobbled streets, yup, I can imagine it would. Sites of historic interest were reduced to sites. Photos stopped being taken. There was a tunnel to pass through, which had a 41km marker in it, which meant that at the end there was a mere 1km to go…. and with a fanfare, a load of gladiators (no, really), and laurel crowns, the race was finished. A superb effort in ridiculously hot circumstances… and apparently getting back to her hotel was an even better story… but you’ll have to ask her about that in person.

Manchester Marathon

Ian Oates, Will Mather and Steven Page were all in Blue and Orange this weekend overMarathon hunks at the Manchester marathon. Ian decided to take a somewhat laidback approach to the whole thing, not entirely caring about his time, and staying true to form by nailing at least 3 pints before a photo was taken of him at the end. Will took it somewhat more seriously, (though not totally, if you think about the drag co-efficient of his shorts) and narrowly missed out on a good for age time. Steven was marked as a Hyde Strider on the results, but the photo I saw of him was in a blue and orange gdh top, and his 3:15 was thoroughly well run.

Ian Oates – 3:55:40 (3 pints)

Will Mather – 3:17:47

Steve Page – 3:15:45

(there were 2 others who ran under the Glossopdale name, but didn’t recognise the names… anyone who has any info on them, drop me a line).

D&W Spring Series Round 3: Roaches/Tittesworth Res

Lucy Wasinski, Greg Wasinski and Pete Wallroth... Carrier Pigeon report from Pete:
Lucy and I headed over for round 3. Lucy accompanied by Greg and dog illy did great on a bloody tough course. I on the other hand started the course with the intention of doing the same roaches route however with extreme baby tiredness, I decided to leave it half way around, have a snooze in a mud hut and claim to have done the short course instead when crossing a finish line that I could find. Neither was accepted as a legitimate reason for having not dibbed correctly at the finish so I DNFd for the first time ever.
What I meant to say is I retired early due to a muscle strain in my leg

Hero Lamb rescuers

Paul Skuse and Mark Harrison stepped into the breach this week, saving a lamb from a cave on their morning run out onto the moor. The lamb is evidently very grateful to Skusey and wonders where he can get calf guards like that as well.



Yes. She is at it again. Mel Crutchley continues to hack hunks of time away from her PB in Glossop, smashing her way around in 28:43 this week. Crikey. Her shoes are going to catch on fire at this rate! Also – Wyatt Barlow recorded his best ever time for any park run anywhere over in Aberystwyth in 27:42. Speedy.

Consolidated club report is here.

Other stuff

Thanks to Mark Davenport for stepping in with the social run. I was meant to lead a pub run, but it all got a bit complicated with life and work and all that stuff. From what I read on Strava, it seemed that everyone there had a decent time out. The Sun was shining, the lambs were skipping, it was almost like it is Spring.

This Sat/Sun is the Not a MM. If you’re interested in doing it, drop me a line. Starting in Glossop on Sat, head over to Hope. Stay there for the night and then come back on the Sunday. You dont have to carry your stuff as I will sherpa it over there for you.

The Chicken run race is also on over at Hayfield on Sat, and Chunal is on Sunday. Zoe has also pointed out there is a bit of a social walk going on over to the Nags head as well – so you have plenty of stuff to choose from.

Also, Pete Wallroth has places on Manchester 10k and Half for his Charity – Mummy’s Star. If you want a place, contact him on


Skusey giving it some on a scramble somewhere in the Dark Peak


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