My poor bleeding fingers get a bit of a rest – weekend report.

Ah – well after last week’s epic report, I’m glad to say that you guys are giving my bloody stumps of fingers a bit of a rest. Thankyou. Some people have been out running, others have been racing, I’ve probably forgotten people, and others haven’t posted to facebook yet. Thanks to Paul, Helen and Jo for sending through their respective reports, I have doctored and adulterated them so that they are barely recognisable…. but there we go,

Roses Race

Paul Peters has been pootling around some 5k’s recently. To be honest he admits that he hasn’t really been putting his back into it really. This week was a bit of a thing between Lancaster and York Universities… there is a bit of a history between the 2 counties, just in case you didn’t realise. Let’s just say they had a bit of a punch up about whether red roses or white roses are better, and it didn’t end so well for inter-county peace for quite a while…. Anyhow, enough of the history “lesson”- long story short… well, a 5k isn’t *really* a long story, Paul decided that he’d proper go for it this time and took the race by the horns from the off. He snarled through the race and ended up with a huge PB of 16:26… which just goes to show that he *really* hasn’t been trying recently. He was 8th overall, and the Lancaster team won this time around… and hopefully that will not spur off a long war of tit-for-tat revenge battles that last for the next 5 generations. Amazing time Paul. Hard training is paying off.

Cut and Run

A race down at Portland Basin – organised by Helen Thornhill– was run by Jo Brack this joweek. The route ran along the tow path that took in some of the Stride Through the Woods route. It is a watchless run, so I guess you say what time you reckon you’re going to run, and then try and get as close as you can to it. Basically, I didn’t think this was an ultramarathon, so I am presuming there is another Portland Basin that isn’t on the south coast which looks across to the Isle of Wight. It sounds like Jo had a lovely time anyway, and her efforts were rewarded with a hand painted coasted and a vast amount of cake and flapjack – made by Helen’s fair hand. Always makes a good day out.

Newchurch 9k funrun

I have no information about this apart from the photo. However, knowing Newchurch as claireI do (I don’t), I can say that this was a funrun in name only. It probably had a ridiculous amount of undulation and mud, felt like it was going on forever, and had cake in a proportional ratio to he amount of clay in the mud on the course. Nevertheless, Ryde Harriers probably put on a pretty decent event, and we have a photo to prove that Claire Campbell was enjoying a day out and about on the hills of the Wight.


Well well well. Goodness me, if it isn’t Paul “ultra” Skuse heading up Glossopdale in Glossop parkrun and getting a PB of 18:44 in the process. Not only that, but Immy “morale boost” Trinder was first lady home, also bashing out a PB as well – 19:38. Something must be in the air (or indeed, the water) as Ian “keeping up with the children” Crutchley took a page out of his kids’ book (Dads are allowed to do that, apparently) and launched himself around and into the PB book as well – 21:41. Alan “Byrne them all” followed suit with a 24:46, easing into the weekly PB bracket. Nice work all.


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