“It’s hotting up” weekend report

A fair few things going on this week. The weather appears to have actually decided that summer has arrived, the flowers are out, the birds are chirping, people are running on the hills without falling into massive bog monsters (mostly) and there are smiles on the faces of the racers. Mostly, though, everyone is enjoying themselves. Which is kind of the point. Sorry this is a day late, I was a bit later getting back from Buttermere than I expected, and the prospect of the rest of the evening in front of a screen was a bit more than I could face.

Rainow 5

Thanks to Paul Skuse for this race report…. without this it’d just be a list of numbers….

Okay. Whilst most of the talk was about the MadHatter, the Rainow fell race seemed to sneak up on some of us. So at the eleventh hour a very respectable (in size, not character) contingent of GDH descended upon sleepy and affluent Rainow. After the obligatory faffage with kit (I opted for a vest, copying Ian) and team photos, we set off in near perfect running weather. Ben Tetler showed the rest of us a clean pair of heels from the start. I was busy having my usual battle with Chris Jackson but the real action was just behind with Ian and Guy going mano a mano. Side note: Ian was also going up against his nemesis, an unknown and unnamed bloke from some club that Ian just wanted to beat. This bloke was oblivious to Ian’s machinations but it was great when Ian came in at the finish declaring ” I got ‘im!” with an emphatic fist pump. Everyone should have a secret nemesis! Back to the race. We ran up a hill, ran through loads of stiles, banged loads of shins and ankles on said stiles, used some language that at best could be described as colourful, ran on top of the hill and then back down. Ive no idea really as I always race looking down at my feet. This was a tough little race, more trail than fell and quite dry apart from some very greasy grass about half way round. The whole route was pretty much runnable with only one big hands on knees climb. I don’t know the full results but Ben came in first for GDH and I think took 2nd overall. I came in a few minutes later with nothing left to spare. Ian just scraped in ahead of Guy. Luke was over the line soon after (seriously Luke, wear a vest!) with Anthony J coming in next. Then I’m not sure as I was busy drinking and chatting but everyone looked happy so let’s call it a win. Back in the clubhouse there was tea and fancy coffees and a nice selection of cakes baked by the WI. There seemed to be a few minor injuries, rolled ankles, banged shins and general boo-boos. Though not GDH, Alice Swift came in first female after having some issues with her ankle since Herod farm so extra kudos for her.


Further update….

Right –Ben T came in 2nd at 33:31. I managed to grab 12th at 37:11 and took the v40. 54 and 55 went to Ian Crutchley and Guy Riddell with 42:45 and 42:49. Those boys were giving it some welly with some serious bragging rights at stake. Luke Holme was next GDH taking 77th place with a time of 45:29 and a sweatier runner Ive never seen 🙂 Anthony Johnson was 87th at 46:25. Im sure he could have shaved a chunk of time off that if he wasnt wearing a long sleeve under his vest. Ellen Quane got the first GDH lady spot and was 98th overall at 47:18. And it turns out she’s in a rival team at the pub quiz which proves I never move beyond my table, the bar and the toilet. Pete Wallroth took the 104th spot with a time of 48:12. Des Mitchell was 112th with a time of 49:33. Mary Jeal was very close behind coming in at 50:06 and taking the 116th spot. John Stephenson took 133rd with a time of 51:53. Alison Holt came in with a time of 56:05 and claimed the 152 spot. Alabama Breeze brought the team home with her indefatigable smile in the 163rd position in the time of 1:00:16. Well done all.

Howgills 26

There seems to be a pull from the north that the Swans just can’t escape. Els Swan Elsheaded to the Howgills for an apparent yearly migration for the delightfully lumpy 26… I hope all is well and that you are having a great weekend. I have a quick ‘Swan racing’ update for this week’s gdh report assuming it is not too late – it was my turn to race for a change – the howgills 26…not quite a fell race but still quite hilly and properly muddy. Official times not yet confirmed however I was 5:15 ish.
I believe Phil, Caitlin and Josie had a great time mooching about the hills cheering her on as well, though Phil never tells me anything, so I might just start making things up about him instead.


Cressbrook crawl

Mary Jeal, Andy Wilkins and Nick Ham were over in Cressbrook this week, crawling around the delightful area in the White Peak. There aren’t any real results as such, but from the picture I’d say they were pretty happy (at least, before the race). Whether or not the dog was involved in the race, or was merely there as a starter or as moral support, I have no idea. cressbrook


Ah, the Madhatter trail race. It’s, um, a trail race, somewhere around 5 miles long(?) and runs along some trails(?). Looks like it is about as fast (or as slow) as the Buxworth 5, so there may or may not be some bits of hills in there in the middle. As you can tell from my encyclopedic knowledge of the route I have done this race many times in the past. As it is, there were some good showings in the offing, and the solar powered runners seem to be showing their mettle. (metal?)

5th Stevie Knowles 31:24 (1st V45)
20 Steve Page 33:54
80 Simon Toole 40:22
82 Nick Ham 40:56
86 Heather Jansevska 40:39
95 Jo Brack 42:03 (1st FV50)
105 Tony Hillier 43:38 (1st V70)
109 Dan Oldham 43:56
116 Charmayne Brierley 44:40
119 John Pollard 45:05 (1st V60)
136 Malc Brown 47:46

Other stuff

Evening fell runs are continuing apace, and the photos are always better at this time of year. Sunsets make better pics than mist covered night time….

There was a Buttermere recce. A longer distance run around the ladybower cluster, Mark H was out and about in Charnel clough region of Chew, yeah, loads of other stuff. Mainly, perhaps, because Glossop parkrun was cancelled due to a car show…. but then again, it could be because of the weather….

Parkrun consolidated results are here

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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