So Jura isn’t just a whiskey?

As Tim is enjoying the Scottish Isles I have offered to do the report for this weeks running and what a fantastic week it has been. Beautiful weather, challenging events and blue and orange going strong.

Thank you to the people who have sent me through results and runs then have done.


It came as a shock to me that Jura isn’t just a whiskey but Tim Budd and Matt Huxford (and maybe more I am unaware of) travelled all the way for The Isle of Jura fell race. Both completing the run with a slight bit of a competitive edge brought on by Steven.

A bit of research into the event made me think “Why put yourself through that?” Over 7000ft of elevation across 17 miles in hot weather sounds like an event for a “certain” type of person.

Steven sent his report through of how the race went for him.

“Hubris is a wonderful thing for reminding you of your shortcomings. With fresh epo flooding my system after a weeks trek in nepal and preasure sores from sitting around eating my body weight in rice for another, I started the Jura island race 2018 a little sluggish. The prize for first place is a bottle of Jura, for finishing under 4 hours it’s a whisky glass, my prize for beating Tim Budd? Full on bagging rights! Did it matter to me that he had done a Ramsey round the week before?…nope. Filing Tims ‘oh after doing the Ramsey last weekend I’ll not be going fast’ under B for bullsh*t I managed to keep him in my sights for most of the race, slowly gaining on him like an 80s serial killer. I caught him on pap 2 still feeling fresh-ish and now with the thought of maybe scoring that whisky glass for my troubles… Some say it was the heat, some suggest not enough food or water and some say it was the mental impotance of being in the presence of fell running royalty such as Tim but that’s where the wheels fell off. I’d noticed that I was making good ground on him on the ups, mentally preparing my witty first comment about him being Simon Yates to my Chris Froome but when we reached the final hill, so insignificant that it’s not mentioned in pre race chat the pace dropped and the swearing started. I was gone. Mentally and physically. As gravity dragged me past Tim on the final descent a hearty ‘you’ve got this’ was met with a “no I f*cking havent” and me lying down about 3 minutes later in a nice grassy patch swearing never to come back to this rotten island again. As Tim plodded on past me I decided it was a bit churlish to be such a toddler and got up. The last 5k road section which I so adored for its level ground last year on twisted ankle nearly broke me. If it wasnt for a combined effort of Tim and Lynne dragging me down the road poaring water down my back and generally being nice I would still be out there sitting in a bog swearing at passing seagulls. Needless to say they got a hug at the end and a half hour later pint in hand I decided I probably would be coming back next year.”

=26th – Tim Budd 4:10:59
=26th – Matthew Huxford 4:10:59
81st – Andy Oliver 4:52:53
DNF – Kasia Osipowicz

The Trunce

Glossopdale were out in force for this 4 mile race in the Peak District. Caitlin Rice finishing 64th with a time of 28:44. Neil McGraw completing the race in 40:47 and Neville McGraw in 56:46. Three runners in Blue and Orange posting good times and setting the standards for future Harriers Trunce runners.

Edinburgh Marathon Festival

Alan Byrne joined the marathon runners club by doing the 26 miles in Edinburgh. 4 hours 48 minutes and 48 seconds. As always in Scotland you can never trust the weather and Alan had to start the race in freezing mist and wind but finished in glorious sun. A great effort for his first marathon and for someone who claims is an “old duffer”

Longshaw Trust10

The free 10k run at Longshaw estate was ran by 3 Harriers. The Amos’ completed the 2 lap event around the gorgeous Peak District countryside and I can personally say I didn’t expect the amount of hills (I know how silly that sounds). Liam Amos finished in a time of 1 hour 4 minutes and sulked for the rest of the day for that time. Paul Amos did a very impressive 1 hour 19 minutes, I’m just making sure he never beats me. John Stephenson timed in just after the hour mark and put down the marker for Harriers to reach next month.

Hatfield Broad Oak 10k

Darren Clarke made sure he got his injury excuses in when he sent this race through. He picked up a calf injury at Mount Famine last week which meant he finished this event in 607th place out of over 1,100 runners. With a time of 56:10 once he is back at full fitness what times could this man be capable of?


No Harriers PBs of that I know of. However, Harriers 4 legged friends were out at Manor Park. Joss Rice helped Caitlin finish is a respectable time of 19:15. Alfie Amos dragged Paul round the three laps.

Coach J

Jeroen Peters decided to pick the hottest week possible to up the pace and bring in smaller rest periods but smiles all round from the Harriers who braved Tuesday evenings session.


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