Dammit. It’s still summer. (*now with added Kinder Trog!*)

Thanks to all you lot who sent in stuff for the thing. I’m most grateful not least because my brain is fogged from being up for far too long. Thanks to the 3?4? people who sent me stuff about the RSR – I think Ive incorporated as much of it as I can. Apologies if I haven’t. Sorry if Ive missed anyone – I’m heading to bed.

Thanks so much to all you lot that came out for the Club Solstice run on Thursday – twas a good time out. solstics

Beacon Solstice run

A quick report from Amanda Kale– fresh in by paper aeroplane… I travelled down to Loughborough tonight for Beacon Solstice run, booked it last June when it was a little more local to me. 5 miles and hilly, well organised race with canicross setting out 10 minutes ahead. I ran with a friend from my other running club, well walked up and ran down. We did it in about 52 mins, 5 mins faster than I did it last year. Was really hot but much cooler running through the woods.
Great medal and a bottle of beer!

Pennine Barrier

Jason Hart crawled his way to a bonfire to smoke signal this to me….. Will Mather and I did the Pennine Barrier 50 today, 50 miles with 8900ft of hills, basically it was 25 miles along the Pennine way from Malham Cove, then the Yorkshire three peaks thrown in to hurt your legs even more. Will did really well, he came 28th with a time of 10.50..I came 56th in a time of 11:50. Will says he doesn’t like hills any more now he’s run a proper ultra, he particularly hated Ingleborough, the hill told him was the easiest (lies). Very tough under foot, lots of horrible jagged limestone scabs to stumble over on the descents off the three peaks, and it was hot as well.pennine barrier

Brading 10k

Aha – Claire Campbell has been at it again down on the Isle of Wight – they’ve got a micro-climate there, you know. According to her: roasting hot 10k road races still aren’t my thing. Just under 52mins I think, but I frankly lost interest at about 2m in… (but that is Brading for you… In the end the time looked like this : 51.54 chip 14/62 ladies and 2nd FV40. Flipping decent. Nice running Claire.

Round Sheffield Run

Esme was given the task of sending me some lowdown on the Round Sheffield Run (evidently drew the short straw….) It came to me with some unprintable rude rhymes about Paul Skuse, but I suspect that was because he was the one who rigged the straws…

Hi Tim, a little report about the Round Sheffield Run today. A mini bus full of us set off bright and early this morning for the RSR. It’s a great event, really well organised with lots of friendly marshals en route. The course is run in timed stages of various legnths with walking rest breaks inbetween each. Lots of uphills, downs, fast trail sections and a big road hill near the end. So we set off in different time waves and made our way safely round approx 20k of Sheffield’s lovely parks and trails. We then sat around in deck chairs and on hay bales topping up our tans and drinking our free pints of beer! Not sure of anyone’s times at the moment but everyone did superbly well of course. Especially Paul Skuse who came 2nd V40 and won a great prize…well done Paul! Big thanks to Dan Ellingworth for driving us safely there and back today. It was a good GDH turnout with quite a few others making their way over too. (Just checked the website, results not on yet). Thanks, Jo & Ezme


I don’t have a full list of people who did it, but a couple of people, evidently proud of results have sent them to me/posted them up on social media – Paul Peters 1.15.04 (top 10 finish I think but not sure which position, also first harrier home)- and had a number of high placings on some downhill segments as well. Paul Skuse is going from speed to speed and with a somewhat speedy 1.15.49 ended up as 2nd V40.  Joe Travis was so pooped after his 1.27.02 he spent the rest of the afternoon napping, and Emma Peters may well have been first female harrier home in 1.37.22. Malc Brown looks like he had a stormer with a 1:56:06 – an 8min PB on last year. Nice running y’all. Actually – I do have a list – but it is probably a non-complete list of people running-  as it is compiled from the memory of someone who was there….. David C-L, Rosa C-L, Emma C-L, Jo Brack, Ezme Brack, Mandy Beames, Charmayme Brierley, Mel Riddell, Alison Holt, Becky Ashworth, Rebecca Smith, Andy Burnett, Emma Rettig, Malc Brown, Dez Mitchell, David Munday, Susan Moore, Emma Peters, Paul Peters, Joe Travis, Phil (not sure which Phil)…Apologies if you got missed out, but my spies on the ground either didn’t see you, or, more likely, didn’t remember seeing you…

Race for Life 10k

 Laurie and Wyatt Barlow were off down at Tatton park this weekend doing the Race for Life 10k. All I know is that it was hot. (yes, I know, you all could have guessed that) and also that it was at Tatton Park. Beyond that, um… well, use your imagination.

Wilmslow half

Tony Hillier was at Wilmslow half this weekend – paced himself well for a bit, and then paced himself not quite so well towards the end. Still, a first V70 in 1:45:30 ish is still a pretty decent thing to come home with.

South Wales 50

Also (maybe) known as the Gower 50? Anyway, Nick Ham was off pootling around the 50 miler with great aplomb. From the race tracking website it looks like he finished, but really the only other info I seem to be able to glean from it is that he averaged 5mph through the whole thing. Which when you think about it, is a pretty damn decent pace. Nice one Nick.

Kinder Trog

Thanks massively to John Stephenson who sent this in well within time – but my lack of ability in checking my emails meant it slipped through my net…

Not sure if anyone else will tell you about the Trog today so here goes.

Today some mad English men and women went running in the midday sun!. Even sheep had the intelligence to seek shady shelter while we hammered round the dustiest Kinder Trog route ever.

Ben Tetler was on form, finished 4th overall and 1st V40, time was 2:04. Craig Leith was 18th and first V50 in 2:22.  (just ahead of a tall Pennine vest in 21st place). Heather (the Ghost) Jansevska finished in 94th place in a good time of 2:54. Ian Oates was 110th  in 3:02 .   John (no blood injuries this week) Stephenson was 119th in 3:10. About 160 ran.


Park run

From Els swan – Hi Tim, I hope you are enjoying the glorious weather. Quick update for the parkrun section of this week’s GDH report – Phil and Caitlin both got PBs at Glossop yesterday with runs of 20.33 and 22.06 respectively. Phil is getting tantalisingly close to the much sought after 70% age grade, just 0.49% to find! Ian Crutchley also found some speed from somewhere – probably he knows that his kids are catching up with him – and he recorded a PB at Glossop too… only for young gun Ben Crutchley to have a storming run at Marple junior parkrun this morning with a new PB of 8:31. Watch out Ian. Simon Toole is continuing his upward trajectory with *yet another* Glossop PB this week, nice one you lot.

Consolidated report here.  

Long Distance

Kasia Osipowicz has spent the last 27-8 hours enjoying the delights of the Paddy Buckley round. The route takes in some of the finest peaks in Snowdonia and is a challenge for anyone who wants to have a go. I don’t have exact times etc yet, but when I left her at the end of leg 3 she was moving well and looking forward to another few hours on the hill with friends from Glossopdale and beyond. A superb effort, and surely a day that will live long in her mind. Fantastic work!


Zoe and Kasia atop Snowdon





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