The Moors are burning Weekend report.

Well, the big news of the week is that the moors are on fire – which is not great news. I suppose at least we are now experiencing proper Seasons instead of the general homogeneous semi-permanent rain/grimness that has been the hallmark of the last… ooooh… decade. Despite the heat and dryness there have been a few races going on, with some superb performances throughout the field. Thanks so much to Simon Toole, Phil Swan, Nick Ham, Matt Crompton and Alan Byrne for sending in bits and pieces this week. This probably wouldn’t get done if it wasn’t for you lot sending info in…

Morecombe Half

Simon Toole was across in Morcombe enjoying the seaside and sandcastle making. Inbetween his epic castle building and sand sculpting he somehow found time to run the half marathon as well. Although the course is pretty pan flat, the heat probably made its fair share of problems, so he did rather well to run a PB of 35 seconds, finishing in 1:46:05. Quite a considerable effort considering the weather conditions.

Up the Nab

From Phillys Swan

Up the nabUp the Nab was an English junior inter counties championship race this year as well as a counter in the junior FRA series so teams and clubs had come from as far as Northern Ireland to race on Glossop‘s blistering hot hills.  With six races ranging from U9s to Seniors there was a lot happening and organiser Des did well to stop things getting too out of hand. Caitlin Swan came about half way through an extremely fast field in the U13s and has learnt not to wait until the starter says “go” if everyone else is legging it off. In the Seniors, in a field of only about 30 runners Phil Swan quickly lost sight of a speedy Caitlin Rice who was in turn chasing Simon Bailey. Phil came in about 12th and reports that by far the best bit was the hosepipe cool off at the end.  Caitlin Swan said it was the two ice creams that did it for her.

Alderly Edge 10k

Alderly ohmy eyes

Oh My Eyes!

A number of GDHers were across at Alderly Edge 10k this weekend. I believe it’s the one that goes along/around the bypass, so the views must have been exquisite, the tarmac was probably melting and the people in expensive cars were probably wondering why one earth there were so many pedestrians around, and how they could possibly run for that long with out visiting Waitrose. As it was,  Alan Byrne sent me some info in that he finished in 53:26, and from the photos I can see that Jon Haggart, Steve Page, Jo Brack and Charmayne Brierley were also in attendance, ensuring that photos were taken in regulation Glossopdale pose with correct placement of medals.

Great Bakewell Pudding Race

From Matt Crompton – Hello Tim, just a quick write up from the Great Bakewell Pudding


A very chuffed Paul Skuse ignoring the race organiser telling him to please stop posing for cameras.

Race. Three Harriers braved the heat for what was less of a fell race and more of a trail race. The route took runners out of Bakewell up to the wooded ridge above the town, and back down through farm tracks and and riverside pastures, and finally a cooling river crossing. Performance of the day was from Paul Skuse who scooped both the prize for 3rd place man and first to the top of the hill. GDH results – not sure of times other than my own, sorry. I think Nick Ham got photos of the results board.

He did indeed, and also sent over a report as well along with times and correct placings.
3 Paul “I don’t do ultras no more” Skuse 43:54
34 Matt “the man with the golden” Crompton 52.01
58 Nick “no ultras? I’ll just have to race multiple times” Ham. 58:12

Debdale 5k

Malc Brown is still out and about doing the local Debdale 5ks. No idea how he got on, PB or not PB, it doesn’t really matter – he’s out there getting it done

Whaley Waltz


Nick Ham was indeed multiple racing this weekend, and was over in Whaley watching a stop-start but enjoyable carnival parade, but that wasn’t all – oh no! The race involved more walking up to Windgather Rocks than was apparently decent in the burning heat, and it was the breeze that enabled Nick to keep on going. Without that he’d have been a puddle on the floor.
After the turnaround on the brown parchment that was once grass, the run back down to the finish commenced. It wasn’t long before the welcome breeze forced a detour over the edge of the hill in pursuit of Nicks runaway cap. Maximum use of the river plunge was made to cool down bit before he squelched up to the finish line in 58:21, which was 1 whole second inside 2012’s PW. Chuffed? Nick? Only slightly…..!

Saunders Mountain Marathon

Tom Young was off out over the hills in the Lake District for the Saunders Mountain Marathon. He was in the solo score class. As is classic for Tom, he has no idea how well he did, but had a great time apart from the cramp on day one. We’re thinking he was somewhere in the middle of the pack results wise.


At Glossop, Phil Swan is making up ground towards the 70% age grade with another PB. He must be solar powered, or something. Ian Crutchley was also out on the PB hunt this week, along with increasingly speedy Simon Toole and serial speed merchant Caitlin Swan. The hard ground making for good times over in Marple juniors as well with Josie Swan cracking out a new PB with 23.33, breaking 24m on the course for the first time.
Consolidated results are here.

Other Stuff

A few people were out on tops this weekend, away from the fires, and had a decent camp/bivi in the midst of no-where. Always nice. Thanks to Mark Harrison for the pics.
Coming up this week we have, well, the Dufton Weekend away next weekend, so there might be something to say about that, I’d imagine.
There is a new fell-running-esque podcast from the guys at Kong which has Rhys F-R on it as guest, which is a pretty interesting listen, if you are so inclined.
Also, just so you know, entries for the Hodgeson Brothers Mountain Relay is opening this week. I will put in a Glossopdale entry, and will be looking for people who want to run it. It is a 4 leg relay, you run in pairs, and it is very much an offroad/fell relay. If you want more info, have a click here.
…. And congratulations to Jeroen who is now a fully qualified UKA Endurance running coach.

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